4 Employment Tips From Resume Services Experts

In the past, a person either went to college or trade school and then entered a profession. Often people would stay with the same company for decades before retiring or perhaps just change jobs once or twice in their lifetime. The job market today is far different than it was even 10 years ago, and finding the ideal job can be tough.

If you are fresh out of college or are fairly new to the job market, it can be tough to navigate the treacherous waters of employment. As resume services experts, we can offer you several tips that can make easier for you get a job and maintain a steady income.

1. Eliminate Employment Gaps

It’s not unusual to have a small gap or two on a resume. For instance, some people will stop working in an office setting in order to raise a family. Others might decide to take a year to travel or volunteer in a charity organization. Sometimes you will experience a short gap between leaving one job and finding a new job. There are many reasons for gaps that potential employers understand, but large gaps without a valid explanation can be troublesome.

If you are fresh out of college and having trouble finding work in your chosen field, consider taking another type of job to generate income or to keep that gap filled. It might be a job waiting on tables or perhaps working at a shop or even working for a food bank or some type of volunteer position. Your desire to be employed and working shows that you have a good work ethic and that you take yourself seriously. In addition, your current employer or supervisor, even if that person is not in your chosen field, can at least attest to the fact that you work hard, arrive on time and work well with others. Additionally, every work experience can benefit you in some way. You will learn how to handle different types of co-workers or manage many different tasks at the same time. All of this will make you a better employee in general.

2. Consider Multiple Sources Of Income

These days, there are plenty of websites out there where you can hire out your services. Freelancing is a great way to earn some extra cash and even build up your resume. There are freelance jobs out there for website designers, personal chefs, gardeners, writers, sales personnel, video production, photo editors, photographers, programmers, data entry and virtually anything else you could imagine.

If you have a talent or skill that someone might need, freelancing those skills can be a great secondary source of income. Obviously you want to give your main employer your best work and concentration, but opting for side work can help pay off student loans or help you save money for the future. Also, if your main source of employment is terminated, having freelance jobs can ensure that you have at least some money coming in. Another perk with freelancing is that if you are swamped with work at your day job, you can always stop freelancing for a bit and then pick it up later when things slow down.

3. Practice & Prepare For Your Interviews

No matter what type of job you seek, being prepared and polished for interviews is essential. Invest in a few conservative business outfits that fit well and look great. This will help you look professional and you will feel professional as well, which will boost your confidence.

Beyond looking the part, resume services experts also recommend that you prepare for each interview by studying the company and how it works. Carefully read over information on the company website and maybe do an internet search or two regarding the company and its management team and philosophy. Knowing a bit about a company can help you better craft your answers and help you explain how you fit into the company vision.

As resume services experts, we also know that it is important to practice answers to typical interview questions. Practice everything from your answers to how you shake hands and even your posture during the interview. No one wants to hire someone who dresses sloppily, slouches in their chair and can’t make eye contact with the hiring team. Likewise, if you come off as too enthusiastic or too talkative, this also can be troublesome. Many resume services providers offer job coaching and interview coaching packages, and it can be wise to take advantage of these services.

4. Craft A Great Cover Letter & Resume

Your cover letter and resume are the first impression a hiring manager receives. If your resume has errors or doesn’t adequately state your qualifications for a job, it makes a lousy first impression. Likewise, if your resume is full of meaningless clichés or is too long, these also can turn off the hiring team. Hiring resume services professionals can guarantee that you have a fantastic resume and cover letter that will attract attention.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, our goal is to help you find the best resume services available on the web. We’ve studied many resume sites and have selected the services that truly stand out from the competition. We also want you to stand out from the competition, so take at look at our recommendations and consider using one of our top picks for your resume and cover letter.

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