4 Job Hunting Tips From Professional Resume Writers

1. Be Prepared – great resume, good interview skills, clean online profile

The Boy Scouts were not kidding on this one. Being prepared is always the smartest course of action. Before you begin hunting for a new job, it is best to have all of your ducks in a row, so to speak. As professional resume writers, we can craft an amazing, dynamic resume and this is something you absolutely must have prior to the job search. You never know when someone might ask for your resume. Perhaps you’ll be at a social event and be chatting with someone who is a potential employer. If he or she asks for your resume, you should be able to email it to them directly.

Along the lines of being prepared, you also need to be prepared for interviews at the drop of a hat. This means you need to have a few professional outfits ready to go, and it means you need to practice your interview skills and be ready to answer questions. Online professional resume writers also sometimes offer interview preparation consultations, so consider taking advantage of this service and polishing your skills.

Before you head out and job hunt, be sure to clean up your online profile, as well. As professional resume writers, we know that interview skills and a great resume can only take you so far. If you have a silly email address or tons of inappropriate stuff on social media, this can cost you a great job. Create an email just for business purposes and tame yourself on social media. Google yourself and see what comes up. If it’s something you’d rather not have a prospective employer see, it might be wise to clean up your online presence prior to seeking a job.

2. Be Willing To Temp Or Freelance

The perfect job is not always available, and while you might have professional resume writers create your perfect resume and you might be prepared for the job hunt, be willing to take a temporary position if necessary. After all, at least a temp position will pay the bills while you search for a permanent job. In some cases, a temp position might even lead to a permanent job. Even if it doesn’t, chances are you will meet people within your field and expand your network. In addition, you might be able to pick up some new skills that will make you even more valuable to prospective employers.

Freelancing also might be an option is you have skills that are in demand. For a freelancer, it can be wise to create a website or blog that describes your skills and includes services you can provide as well as some testimonials if you have them. You might be able to build this into a solid career or keep freelancing after you find a permanent job to earn some extra cash.

3. Networking Can Help

As professional resume writers, we find that people are often unsure about how to network. Networking is all about making connections, and there are plenty of opportunities out there. For instance, consider using sites such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Meetup or BranchOut to help you with networking. In addition, consider your circle of friends or family. Perhaps you know someone who knows someone who works in the industry in which you seek employment. You might be able to arrange a meeting or attend a social event in which this person will be attending. It’s a good opportunity to just introduce yourself and very briefly describe your career goals.

4. Pay Attention To The Details & Listen

Too often, our team of professional resume writers encounters people who just don’t follow directions or truly listen during an interview. If a hiring manager asks for a cover letter and resume and wants these items to focus on specific information, give this person exactly what they want. If they don’t want a cover letter, don’t include one. If they ask for references when you submit the resume, include those. If they don’t ask for references, just bring them to the interview and be able to provide them if asked.

When you head to the interview, be sure to bring a few essentials including a few copies of your resume just in case they ask for an extra copy for some reason. Bring a pen and paper as well in case you need to take notes. Turn your phone off and wear your most professional attire. Beyond that, the single most important piece of advice we can give as professional resume writers is to listen to the person who is interviewing you.

Many times people are nervous or anxious during an interview and they don’t truly listen to the questions or comments from the hiring manager. Listen closely and provide thoughtful, concise answers to questions. When they ask you to tell them about yourself, stick to work-related characteristics and don’t provide your life story. It’s also wise to know a little bit about a company prior to an interview.

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