5 Helpful Zoom Interview Tips

So, here you are. It’s 2020 and job interviews are all online. While we might be fine talking to friends and family virtually, meeting with a hiring manager is another story altogether. If Zoom interviews are coming up in your future, don’t despair, just follow our list of Zoom interview tips and you’ll be sure to impress even the most persnickety of interviewers.


1. Find A Quiet Place

When it comes to Zoom interviews, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing a location that is noisy or crowded. While you probably already know that a coffeehouse or other public spot is a bad option, you also don’t want to choose a spot in your home that could be affected by noise.


Not only could you become distracted by outside noise, roommates or family members, but it can also be distracting for the hiring manager, as well. Choose a quiet location, preferably in a room where you can lock the door and ensure that no one can waltz in during the interview. Obviously, not everyone has an actual office room in their home, so consider using a bedroom. It can be a good idea to put a sign up on the bedroom door stating that you are in an interview and need quiet.


Be sure to close window coverings, so that there’s no glare or light from outside coming in and no distractions from passersby or animals, etc. Closing drapes or curtains also can muffle the noise level somewhat, so if a trash truck passes by or someone is yelling outside, this won’t be as noticeable.


Be sure to tell your roommates about the interview or your family members. If you have children, it can be a smart idea to have your significant other or a babysitter take them to the park or out for a walk, so keep the noise level low.


2. Create A Stunning Backdrop

Ok, it doesn’t have to be completely stunning, but the backdrop is important. Once you’ve found a great quiet spot in your home for the interview, take stock of what will be seen on the screen. If the room is messy, clean it up. If there are distracting posters or personal items on the screen, remove them.


You want the backdrop to be tidy and free of distractions so that the hiring manager focuses on you and not on your collection of giant beer steins. A blank wall or a wall with a simple piece of artwork might be fine. You could even add a plant to sort of create a nice ambiance. Cleaning up the area and removing clutter also benefits you, as well. A neat, tidy space is relaxing and helps you focus on the interview and not on the mess in the room.


One great thing about Zoom interviews as opposed to some other platforms is that Zoom allows users to change their backdrop. You will need to be sitting in front of a blank wall painted a solid color, however. If you don’t have a blank wall, you could set up a green screen behind you so that you can access this feature.


3. Avoid Technical Issues

Before you log on for Zoom interviews, you will want to ensure that you have a solid internet connection. You also need to make sure that your computer works well for a Zoom interview, a Facetime interview or with whatever virtual meeting program that is being used. To check this, contact a friend via the virtual system and test it out. You don’t want any last-minute surprises.


Additionally, sit down in front of the computer, look into the camera and check the lighting in your room. If it’s too dim, you might need to add some lighting. Just make sure that you don’t have too much lighting from behind you, as this tends to create odd shadows on your face. When you test the Zoom connection with your friend, ask this person to see if the lighting looks good as well as the backdrop in general and check to make sure that you are easy to hear.


4. Dress The Part

These days, it can be tempting to wear sweats and pajamas all day long. However, this is always a bad idea when you are in a virtual meeting, but especially for Zoom interviews. Whether a job interview is online or in-person, professional attire is a requirement.


Not only does professional attire and a neat appearance impress the hiring manager, but it also helps you feel more professional. Don’t just log on to Zoom with bedhead and a ragged t-shirt. If you look professional, you will feel professional, and the hiring manager will know that you are taking the interview seriously.


4. Practice Your Interview Skills

This isn’t just one of our Zoom interview tips, this is a tip we suggest for anyone who will be going to job interviews. Practicing the answers to typical interview questions can help reduce your anxiety during the actual interview. With Zoom interviews, you could practice with that friend we talked about earlier, you know, the one that checked your sound and lighting and gave constructive criticism about your backdrop.


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