5 Secrets To Better Resume Writing

Your resume is the first impression you present to a potential employer, and if it’s not up to scratch, this document might find its way to the bottom of a dusty rejection pile. To ensure that your resume writing stands out from the rest, consider following this helpful advice from professional resume writers.

1. Focus On Content Over Style

While a sparkly, hip-looking resume packed with cool fonts and design elements might seem captivating, the way your resume looks means nothing if the content is weak. A hiring manger might appreciate your design skills, but if you don’t have the actual skills needed for a specific job, your resume probably will be pushed to the side. When resume writing, your focus should always be to create a document that quickly shows a potential employer that you possess the skills needed for the job.

2. Quantify, Quantify, Quantify

A hiring manager typically spends about minute and sometimes less time looking over each resume they receive. Your resume needs to quickly show concrete skills and accomplishments. Therefore, if you write, “tasked with managing company human resources team” this makes less of an impact than “Managed 20-Person Human Resources Department.” This allows the manager to see how many employees you managed. Whenever possible, show the scope and size of the projects so that the hiring manager can see what you have been able to accomplish. If you “were tasked with improving customer retention,” switch that to “Designed customer retention program, increased customer retention by 35%.”

3. Be Active

People use passive verbs all of the time, particularly in casual conversation. Passive verbs lack finesse and the waste precious words on your resume, so find active verbs as these strongly state your accomplishments and qualifications. For instance, don’t say you “were responsible for training new employees” Instead, you should write “Trained 75 new employees.” This switches to an active verb and quantifies the number of employees you trained. Use strong words such as supervised, integrated, developed, managed, directed, designed and increased.

4. Review Your Resume

If you are writing your own resume, rather than hiring professional resume writers, it is essential to review this document carefully before sending it out. Do not rely on the spelling and grammar checker on your word processing program to complete this task. Too often, this system doesn’t discover all of the errors. Not only do you need to review the resume, give it to several other people to read over carefully.

While professional resume writers, particularly those Top 5 Resume Writers recommends, usually do not make careless spelling and grammar errors, it is still wise to look over these resumes as well. Pay attention to your contact information. A resume writer will have no idea if your email address and phone numbers are correct, so double and triple check this contact information.

5. Let A Professional Handle The Task

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we have already completed the hard work for you. We have found the best resume writers available on the internet, and we strongly encourage you to use our suggestions and allow professional resume writers to create, or at least edit, your resume.

You can always customize this resume when applying for a slightly different type of job, but if you use a top-quality resume writing service, at least you will have the confidence in knowing that you have a dynamic and error-free document.

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