Resume Service Tips: 5 Questions You Need To Ask At An Interview

We all know that an interview provides a hiring manager or hiring team with an opportunity to ask you a bunch of questions, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions about the job and the company culture. Our resume service experts have compiled a short list of questions you might consider asking during your next interview.

1. Ask The Hiring Manager About Their Own Experience

It can be interesting to hear why the hiring manager or hiring team enjoys working at the company. Be sure to ask them what they enjoy most about working at the company, and perhaps ask them how long they have worked at the company. If they have been there for many years and show a great deal of enthusiasm about the company, this can be a good indicator that the company is well-managed with a great team of co-workers.

2. Ask About Expectations
Typically, a boss wants you to dive right in after you are hired, but it can be good to know specifically what your bosses expects during your first few weeks at the company. To better understand these expectations, be sure to ask a hiring manager to list three things a new employee should accomplish within the first month at the company.

3. Ask About A Typical Work Week
Asking a question about what a person typically can expect to encounter during the week can provide you with insight about the company culture. You can learn when most people arrive at work and leave for the day, as well as learning about meetings and what needs to be accomplished by the end of the day or the end of the week. You also can learn about any work that might occur outside of typical business hours. Knowing what to expect and being able to fill those expectations makes it easier for you to transition into a new job.

4. Ask About Start Dates
While you shouldn’t expect a hiring manger to snatch you up on the spot, it can be wise to ask about the hiring timeframe. Simply ask when they hope to have the position filled and what the approximate start date of the position might be. At many companies, it can take several weeks to interview candidates and then make a decision so it’s a good idea to have a picture of the timeframe. After you leave the interview, it is smart to send the hiring manager a short thank-you note regarding the interview, indicating that you are happy to answer any further questions.

5. Ask About Concerns
Don’t be afraid to hear about the negatives that you may or may not possess. You can simply ask if the hiring manager has any concerns or questions regarding your qualifications. This provides you with the opportunity to address any concerns the hiring manager might have, and it can provide you with valuable feedback that can make future job interviews more successful.

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6 Surprising Facts From A Professional Resume Writing Service

If you are changing careers, entering the workforce or simply searching for a new job, you might think that your qualifications are enough to get you hired. Unfortunately, while you might be the perfect fit for a particular job, professional resume writing service experts know that aside from being a personable, hard-working and well-trained potential employee, there are a few crucial facts you need to consider.

1. It’s All Who You Know
Your contact list is one of your most valuable tools, so don’t be afraid to ask these contacts for help. If you know someone at a company where you are applying, ask that person to put in a good word for you. Even if they work in a different department, they still might be able to casually mention you and sing your praises.

In addition to your other qualifications, this added recommendation can really set you apart from the pack. A personal recommendation is one of your most powerful job hunting tools, and if the hiring manager hears from a fellow co-worker that you are a good fit for the company, this carries a great deal of weight.

2. There Are Many “Hidden” Job Opportunities
Once again, think about your contact list. While many jobs are posted online, many other jobs will not be posted. If you have a friend, family member, acquaintance or former classmate working at a company that interests you, ask them about possible job opportunities. Even if your contacts don’t have an opening in their company, they might know someone at another firm that is hiring, and through networking, you might be able to gain an interview or at least a chance to send in your resume.

3. Quality Is More Important Than Qualifications
While you might have a good amount of experience and plenty of training and qualifications for a specific job, this is not the only factor a hiring manager considers. In fact, a hiring manager’s goal is to find the most qualified person that will fit well into the company culture. You might be slightly less qualified than another candidate, but if you seem like you will fit better into the corporate structure, you might be the better choice.

4. Your Social Media Prescience Counts
Many professional resume writing service providers offer social media reviews. During this review, they study your online profile and provide recommendations to help you appear as professional as possible. If you don’t think employers aren’t looking at your Facebook page, your Twitter posts and other online postings, think again. If you look irresponsible and unprofessional online, this can make the difference between a hiring manager selecting you for a job or another candidate. About 90% of hiring managers and recruiters will take a glance at your social media profile before they hire you.

5. Your Job Interview Skills Are Crucial
We all get nervous at an interview, and hiring managers understand that you might be a bit anxious. However, most hiring managers will tell you that even if an interview lasts 30 minutes, it only takes two or three minutes to size you up and decide whether or not you are a good fit for a job. Your first impressions are crucial, so be sure to look professional, act professional and practice, practice, practice your interview skills. Don’t forget to also research the companies where you interview, this allows you to provide more thoughtful answers that truly speak to the company goals and mission.

6. Your Resume Only Gets A Quick Glance
If a hiring manager only spends about 10 seconds glancing at each resume they see, your resume better very quickly set you apart from other candidates for the job. In addition, if you resume contains any careless errors, you can pretty much kiss your chances of employment goodbye.

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5 Secrets To Better Resume Writing

Your resume is the first impression you present to a potential employer, and if it’s not up to scratch, this document might find its way to the bottom of a dusty rejection pile. To ensure that your resume writing stands out from the rest, consider following this helpful advice from professional resume writers.

1. Focus On Content Over Style

While a sparkly, hip-looking resume packed with cool fonts and design elements might seem captivating, the way your resume looks means nothing if the content is weak. A hiring manger might appreciate your design skills, but if you don’t have the actual skills needed for a specific job, your resume probably will be pushed to the side. When resume writing, your focus should always be to create a document that quickly shows a potential employer that you possess the skills needed for the job.

2. Quantify, Quantify, Quantify

A hiring manager typically spends about minute and sometimes less time looking over each resume they receive. Your resume needs to quickly show concrete skills and accomplishments. Therefore, if you write, “tasked with managing company human resources team” this makes less of an impact than “Managed 20-Person Human Resources Department.” This allows the manager to see how many employees you managed. Whenever possible, show the scope and size of the projects so that the hiring manager can see what you have been able to accomplish. If you “were tasked with improving customer retention,” switch that to “Designed customer retention program, increased customer retention by 35%.”

3. Be Active

People use passive verbs all of the time, particularly in casual conversation. Passive verbs lack finesse and the waste precious words on your resume, so find active verbs as these strongly state your accomplishments and qualifications. For instance, don’t say you “were responsible for training new employees” Instead, you should write “Trained 75 new employees.” This switches to an active verb and quantifies the number of employees you trained. Use strong words such as supervised, integrated, developed, managed, directed, designed and increased.

4. Review Your Resume

If you are writing your own resume, rather than hiring professional resume writers, it is essential to review this document carefully before sending it out. Do not rely on the spelling and grammar checker on your word processing program to complete this task. Too often, this system doesn’t discover all of the errors. Not only do you need to review the resume, give it to several other people to read over carefully.

While professional resume writers, particularly those Top 5 Resume Writers recommends, usually do not make careless spelling and grammar errors, it is still wise to look over these resumes as well. Pay attention to your contact information. A resume writer will have no idea if your email address and phone numbers are correct, so double and triple check this contact information.

5. Let A Professional Handle The Task

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we have already completed the hard work for you. We have found the best resume writers available on the internet, and we strongly encourage you to use our suggestions and allow professional resume writers to create, or at least edit, your resume.

You can always customize this resume when applying for a slightly different type of job, but if you use a top-quality resume writing service, at least you will have the confidence in knowing that you have a dynamic and error-free document.

7 Crucial Job Search Tips From Resume Writers

While embarking on a new career or taking on a new job is an exciting prospect, the actual search for this job might fill you with a sense of trepidation. Just as with any other task, however, setting a goal and making a plan will make job-hunting far easier. If you aren’t sure how to begin, consider following these tips from resume writers.

1. Prepare Your Paperwork

When applying for jobs, you need a spectacular resume and an eye-catching cover letter. Even if you are an entry-level prospect, you probably have education and skills that will be valuable to many prospective employers. Creating a resume and cover letter isn’t easy, which is why we do what we do. We know how difficult it can be to create these documents, so we spend our days reviewing resume writing websites and presenting you with the best resume writers available. Once your resume is complete, be sure always to have extra copies of your resume available, as you never know when you might bump into a potential employer. Likewise, bring additional copies with you during interviews in case you are asked for a copy.

2. Change Your Email Address

One easy first step along your journey to employment is simply to set up a professional email address. Your email should simply read as your name, such as TomSmith@gmail rather than something like LoveHarleys@yahoo or CookingFanatic09@hotmail. It costs nothing to create a professional work email address, but it can cost you a job if your email address looks silly and immature.

3. Create A LinkedIn Profile

Many recruiters will head directly to LinkedIn as they look to fill various positions, so there is really no excuse for skipping this step. LinkedIn is free, which makes it an affordable as well as a powerful tool.

However, it is important to note that you need to do more than just fill out the basic information. Include a high-quality picture and an eye-catching headline. Be sure to update your information from time to time, staying current with what’s going on with you and your industry. LinkedIn also provides areas where you can upload photos and videos that display your work, and this is a great opportunity to highlight what you can do.

4. Build Your Brand & Adjust Your Image

We don’t mean that you need to develop and market a product. Rather, you need to think about yourself as a product and improve your “brand” image. LinkedIn is one part of this equation, but this is just one corner of the social media world. It is important that you take some time to review what you shout out to the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. It is also important that you view it from the perspective of a potential employer. If your posts look inappropriate, irresponsible or offensive, why would anyone want to hire you?

On several of the resume websites we have reviewed, the resume writers offer services beyond resume and cover letter writing. Several offer social media analysis, and this can be an excellent option allowing you to see exactly what potential employers can see. This also provides you with the opportunity to clean up your social media presence, so that you appear to your best advantage.

5. Improve Your Look

Get a flattering haircut and invest in some business attire. When you look professional, you will feel more professional and this can go a long way toward lessening your anxiety during interviews. If money is tight, don’t be shy about hitting up the second-hand stores. In general, you should stock up on at least two or three outfits. That way, if you receive a callback for additional interviews, you can wear something different than you did during the first interview.

6. Practice & Research

Actors don’t simply jump on stage and start a play without weeks of practice beforehand and you shouldn’t head into interviews without practicing your interviewing skills. You need to practice how you sit and how to make appropriate eye contact with the hiring team. You also need to research each company where you applying for work so that you walk into the room with a bit of background information about the company history, goals and services. This knowledge and practice will increase your confidence and simply make it easier for you to answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

7. Update Your Resume For Each Job

While professional resume writers can create the perfect resume and cover letter for you, it is important that you tweak these documents slightly each time you send them out. For instance, you will need to change the cover letter greeting so that it matches the name of the hiring manager. You also might need to change a few details so that your resume is customized for different job positions. For instance, you might alter the skills, training or certifications you possess based upon what is relevant for each individual job for which you apply.

5 Answers To Tricky Interview Questions From Our Resume Writers

Often, your past can come back to haunt you, and this is especially true when you are looking for work. For instance, if you have been fired from a job, have a work gap or perhaps spent time in jail, these issues might come up during the interview process. Being prepared to handle the challenges is more than half the battle. Our resume writers have a few tips that might help you answer these tricky questions with finesse.

1. Answering Questions About Time Spent In Jail

Often, an employer will ask whether or not you have been convicted of a crime. If you have been convicted, it is always best to be able to explain the situation. Rather than fret, be able to discuss some positive consequences about the arrest. Perhaps you were able to spend time in prison advancing your education or perhaps it brought about other positive changes in your life.

Your resume writers will not disclose that information on your resume, so it will be your job to bring up the situation and explain it. It is always best to be upfront and honest. Simply state that you served time in a jail or correctional facility for a specific crime and then quickly move on and address what you learned from the experience. Potential employers are more likely to hire you if you are honest about the situation than if you don’t disclose the information. Keep in mind that most convictions are public records, so it doesn’t take a lot of digging for a potential employer to discover the truth.

While employers can ask about convictions, employers in several states cannot ask about arrests that failed to lead to a conviction, such as California. However, it is legal in most states to inquire about arrests as well as convictions. When it comes to convictions that have been expunged or juvenile records, you typically do not have to disclose the information although with expungement there are some exceptions to the rule.

2. Explaining Why You Were Fired

Honesty is always the best policy, so if you have been fired from a recent job, it’s best to be upfront. When asked about being fired, you should answer the question in the most positive manner possible. Being objective about your perspective and your boss’s perspective is a good strategy.

For instance, if there was a personality clash between you and your boss, address that issue and then state what you took away from the experience. If you were let go because you lacked a specific skill, you could describe some tangible ways that you are planning on improving this skill. Maybe you will take some classes, attend a seminar or read books about the issue. As resume writing experts, we know that it is crucial that you are as honest as possible whether it’s on a resume or during a job interview. After all, it just takes a quick phone call to discover how your former boss views the situation.

3. Explaining Significant Gaps In Work History

Resume writers often create resumes for people who have employment gaps, so we know that it is not at all uncommon for a person to have experienced a period of time when they weren’t employed. In some cases, such as a gap of just a month or two, your resume writing can showcase the years during which you were employed at a specific job rather than the month and year.

However, if you have a significant gap of six months or longer, it is best to be honest about the gap. Perhaps you stopped working in order to go back to school and further your education. Perhaps you took time off to care for children or an aging parent. Perhaps you even took a year off to travel or volunteer with a charity organization. Rather than look at the gap as a shortfall, simply focus on the benefits you received. Every experience teaches us something, so describe that in a tangible way during the interview.

4. Addressing Drug & Alcohol Issues

If you have spent time in rehab and are now in recovery, you might be wondering if this needs to be disclosed during a job interview. Technically, you are under no obligation to disclose this information, and employers are prohibited, by the Americans with Disabilities Act, from discriminating against people with addiction issues, provided that they are no longer using drugs or alcohol.

However, sometimes there are other issues that show up on your resume or in your past that make this disclosure unavoidable. For instance, if you were arrested or convicted for a drug or alcohol-related offense, this might need to be disclosed, even if you opted for drug treatment instead of jail time. Likewise, if you have a long employment gap at some point due to drug or alcohol use, you might need to be forthright and simply discuss your previous struggles while focusing on your strengths. Many people will admire your hard work in recovery rather than simply judging you because of the addiction.

If you are in recovery, especially if you are only a few weeks or months out of rehab, be sure that you are prepared for the challenges of the job hunt and new employment. Interviews and starting a new job can be very stressful, so make sure you have a good support system in place. It also helps to get a good night’s rest and eat healthy foods to keep your body as healthy as possible.

5. Impending Pregnancy

While there are few things in life more precious than impending parenthood, it does make the job hunt a tad more difficult. Technically, prospective employers cannot ask you if you are pregnant or ask if you intend to become pregnant. Likewise, it is also illegal to deny employment based on pregnancy. However, if there are many candidates for the job, the hiring manager could simply select another candidate, and it could be extremely challenging to prove you were passed over because of the pregnancy.

If you are very obviously pregnant, it’s best to address the issue and perhaps describe some of the ways in which you’ve prepared to balance your parenting obligations and work obligations. If you already have children, you can simply discuss how your plans have been successful in the past. It is important to note that family leave and medical leave benefits typically do not apply to employees who have been with the company for less than a year.

No matter what type of tough question you might face, practicing your answers will boost your confidence. Hiring a top resume writing firm and focusing on your resume writing and interview skills can make it easier to overcome these obstacles and present an impressive package to a potential employer.

Resume Writing Services Tips: 7 Ways To Become A Happier Employee

We spend so much of our time at work, so it just makes sense that we want to be as happy as possible during our workdays. However, to a certain extent, happiness is a choice that we make each day. If you are struggling a bit with your positive attitude, our resume writing services team has come up with a few tips that will help you become a happier employee.

1. Select The Right Job For You

Too often, we focus on simply getting the job and not enough on the actual workplace experience that follows. While gaining employment obviously is important, it is also important to find a job where you will be doing work that you enjoy and in an environment that you enjoy.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we review resume writing sites and have noted that some of the best resume writing services offer career coaching in addition to their writing tasks. A session with a career counselor can be a great way to identify your strengths as a potential employee and narrow down a list of specific jobs where you would excel. Of course, this also provides you with an opportunity to brush up on your interview skills, so opting for this career coaching service can be an excellent idea.

2. Research The Company

Before you send out resumes and go out on interviews, be sure to do some research about the companies where you apply. Learn a little bit about company history and culture as well as the goals of the company. If the philosophy and goals seem to match your own, this might be a good fit.

3. Listen During Your Interviews

During an interview, our tendency is simply to spill out answers to questions while just trying to seem composed and professional. However, there is usually a period of time during an interview where you will be invited to ask questions. Craft some thoughtful questions that will allow you to understand the company and the job position. Be sure to listen thoughtfully to the answers that you are given, as the hiring manager is supplying you with important information. Take notes when the hiring manager is answering the questions as these will be a good reference for you after the interview. If you opt for career counseling from your resume writing services, then you can discuss some good ideas for questions during that time.

4. Make A Good First Impression

Once you have landed the job, your first goal will be to acclimate into the workplace flow as seamlessly as possible. During these first few weeks, you will truly be setting the tone regarding your personality and work habits. Dress professionally, keep your work area organized, take notes whenever you are taught something new and make it a point to learn the names of your co-workers. Not only will your co-workers appreciate your effort, you will feel more confident, and it will be easier for you to assimilate into the workplace.

5. Socialize, But Avoid Office Politics

Socializing with co-workers is an important part of any workplace, so don’t be shy about striking up a friendly conversation with your fellow workers. Consider heading out to lunch occasionally with your co-workers or attending an after-work event. You will be a happier employee if you get to know your co-workers and learn about them on a more human level than just as another cog in the company machine.

On the flip side, sometimes socializing ends up being nothing more than a gossip session. Gossiping about fellow co-workers or your superiors is always a bad idea. Be sure to avoid office politics as much as possible, especially in your first few months at a new job when you really don’t have a handle on how the office functions. Besides, the gossipy co-worker tends to be dysfunctional, usually complaining about work issues or co-workers. This can dampen your morale, so if you want to stay positive, hang around the positive co-worker and don’t let the gossips drag you down.

6. Create Opportunities Out Of Problems

Problems are just a part of life, so when a work problem comes along, rather than see the negative side of it, view it as a challenge. For instance, perhaps your department has gone over budget. Rather than focusing on the negative, challenge yourself to find creative ways to cut costs while still maintaining quality. The ability to adapt and improvise when challenges occur is one of the best skills a worker can possess, and you definitely will be happier once you successfully navigate through a problem and come up with a good solution.

7. Make Time For Gratitude

Every job has its negative aspects, and that is just reality. However, you certainly don’t have to dwell on the negative aspects. You can choose to be grateful and focus on the positive. Every day before you step into the office, focus your mind on a positive thought. For instance, maybe you are grateful that you have nice co-workers or maybe you are grateful for a good salary. When it comes to the negatives, look for positive ways to deal with the negative aspects of the job. In some cases, you can’t change the negative aspects of a job, so learn to go with the flow and accept that which you cannot change.

While we can’t help you with your happiness factor, we can point you in the direction of fantastic resume writing services. Our top-ranked resume writers can create a dynamic, personalized resume that grabs attention and helps you gain interviews. When you have a great resume and excellent interviewing skills, you are much more likely to be able to find a quality job where you will be happy.

How To Select Professional Resume Services

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we search the web carefully to find the highest quality resume writers. Through the years, we’ve discovered a few key differences between the best resume writers and those that offer typical, run-of-the-mill resume services. If you are hunting around for professional resume services, here are a few tips that will point you in the right direction.

1. Look For Variety & Experience

When searching for professional resume services, select a service that employs only full-time resume writers with a great deal of experience. It’s important to find a service that is capable of crafting many different types of resumes for a wide range of industries. After all, a resume for someone seeking a job in health care will look quite different from a resume for someone who wants an IT position.

A good resume writer can create a resume that is specific for the job position at hand, and they know which keywords and buzz words will attract the attention of hiring managers. These writers also can create entry-level resumes as well as resumes for those with more experience and even those applying for management-level positions.

2. Guarantees Are Essential
It’s been said that you get what you pay for, so while you might find a service that costs just $50 for a “professional” resume, is the work guaranteed to be free of errors as well as effectively written? Very few professional resume services actually guarantee their work, so finding one that does is always a smart idea. Usually, when a company provides a guarantee, they do so because they have high confidence in the value of their product.

We recommend that you select a professional resume services company that provides you with a guarantee that their work will be 100% error-free or you will get your money back. Even if you spend a little bit more for these services, ensuring that you don’t end up with a resume with basic errors and mistakes is worth the extra cost.

3. Customer Service Counts

Often, we see professional resume writers that simply take your information and then generate a basic, lackluster resume. This is something you could have done for yourself. A really competent resume writer will take the time to discuss your needs and discuss the jobs for which you are applying. Generally speaking, you should expect to be able to contact your resume writer either by email, live chat or by phone to discuss your resume.

4. Extra Options Are Helpful

While some professional resume services only provide resume writers, others offer an assortment of extra services. These services can include the writing of cover letters and thank-you notes, as well as writing letters of recommendation, helping you create a LinkedIn profile and even career coaching. All of these services can help make it easier for you to get a job, and it’s nice to be able to use the same professional writing service for all of these tasks to ensure quality and continuity.

4. Check Out Our Website

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t provide you with professional resume services, we focus entirely on reviewing various resume services and letting you know which ones we’ve found to be the best options. These are resume writing services that guarantee their work and consistently produce error-free, dynamic resumes that set you apart from the competition. Before you select a resume writer, check out our recommendations. We actually hired various resume writing services to create real resumes for us so that we could see for ourselves which services are up to par and which ones you should avoid.

Your resume makes a first impression for a potential employer, and in today’s competitive work environment, you simply can’t afford to turn in a sub-par resume. Take a look at our recommendations and you are sure to end up with a resume that will lead to job interviews and ultimately, the job of your dreams.

The Job Interview: 4 Unique Tips From Professional Resume Writers

You’ve spent several years in school, training for a job in your chosen industry. While you might be prepared to do the actual work required for this job, it’s also important that you be well prepared to actually get the job itself. If the idea of interviewing seems daunting, the following tips from professional resume writers might ease your fears.

1. Get Off To A Great Start

The average hiring manager spends less than one minute glancing at each resume he or she receives. This means that in order to even get an interview, your resume must stand out from the rest. This is one of the best reasons to hire professional resume writers.

Your professional resume writers will create a resume that is tailored specifically for the job at hand, including the types of dynamic keywords that attract attention. A pro can highlight the skills you have that a potential boss seeks. Remember that a resume is never about what you want. A resume is a document that showcases what your skills can bring to the company, and a professional resume writer can design the resume hiring managers want to see as well as a fantastic cover letter.

2. Pack Your Bags

Ok, well pack just one bag. Invest in some type of professional briefcase or bag and fill it up with everything you will need for your interview. This includes copies of your resume and a list of references as well as pens and a pad of paper. You can use this paper to jot down notes from the meeting. Bring a list of questions to ask a potential employer, as well.

Often, during an interview, you will have a chance to ask questions, and it’s wise to have some questions prepared. Ask about a typical work day or work week or ask about company performance expectations. Inquire what three skills will be the most important for a new employee to possess. You also can ask your interviewers how long they have worked with the company and the reasons why they enjoy the work environment.

3. Dress To The Nines

While you certainly aren’t expected to wear formalwear, you should look very professional. Even if you are interviewing for a company where employees work in casual clothing, wear professional work attire for the interview. Make sure the clothing fits properly and looks good. If you look professional, this will help you feel professional, as well.

4. Practice Your Answers

During most interviews, the hiring manager or hiring team will tend to ask the same sort of questions. These tend to include discussing your strengths and weaknesses, providing some basic details about yourself and so on. Practicing the answers to these questions will make you feel more comfortable during each interview.

Professional resume writers know that practice is essential, therefore, many resume writing services also provide interview and career coaching. This can be a great service to consider, especially if you are fresh out of college or trade school and you have little interviewing experience. You also can ask friends or family to help you practice your answers as well as how to sit and how to converse professionally with a hiring team.

5. The Professional Follow-Up

While you don’t want to be a pest, sending a thank you note is always a good idea after an interview. Professional resume writers also can craft these notes which basically thank a hiring manager for his or her time. These notes showcase your professionalism as well as showing common courtesy. You also can add information or clarify information that you might have neglected to bring up during the interview.

If you need a resume, we highly recommend hiring professional resume writers. At Top 5 Resume Writers, our job is to help you find the best possible resume writers. Take a look at our suggestions, and then head to the top websites and check out their resume services.

Must-Have Items For Your First Professional Resume

We aren’t born knowing how to write a professional resume and, frankly, this essential skill typically isn’t taught in either high school or college. Unfortunately, this document is the first impression you make on a potential employer so it truly needs to be flawless. If you are heading into the job market and crafting your first resume, here are a few items that you absolutely should include.

1. Contact Information

Sure, this one seems obvious. You need to put your name, a phone number and an email address on your resume and everyone knows that. However, we’ve seen many resumes that include incorrect or inappropriate contact information on them. Be sure, first of all, to triple-check that you put the correct phone number and email address.

If you want your professional resume to look professional, take a quick look at your email address. It should be something like johnsmith@gmail or lynnrogers7@yahoo. If it looks like cutegirl101@hotmail or fratboy007@aol then you look more like a kooky college kid than a professional adult entering the workforce. Email addresses are free, so spend three minutes signing up for an email address just for business purposes and make it look like a professional email.

2. Educational Background

If you have been in the workforce for several years, you need only list your college information. However, if this is your first professional resume and you are fresh out of college or trade school, it is alright to list your high school graduation date. Employers can’t really inquire about your age, but this provides them with some information about your level of experience. Don’t worry too much about being young and inexperienced. If it’s an entry-level post, most of the candidates will have had limited professional work experience and hiring teams understand this fact.

To expound upon your qualifications, consider adding relevant coursework or perhaps a minor that relates to the field in which you are applying on your professional resume. For instance, maybe you are applying for a job that does a great deal of business in other countries. If you have a minor in Spanish, Mandarin or another language, this could be beneficial to list. Likewise if you are applying for a job in engineering and you have a degree in engineering with a minor in surveying, list that information.

3. Relevant Work Experience & Training

If you are young, you probably have limited work experience but have still held a few part-time jobs. This experience is valuable, so place it on your professional resume. Likewise, if you have volunteer experience perhaps with a youth group, at a homeless shelter or on a political campaign, this can be good information to add. Skip the under-the-table jobs such as lawn mowing or baby-sitting. It’s great that you did those jobs, but they don’t belong on a professional resume.

For those who are in college now and have a few more years until graduation, it is wise to start building up your resume. Take on a part-time job or volunteer for a cause near and dear to your heart. This will help you gain experience and some good references and perhaps future business contacts. If possible, inquire about internships that fit within the field of employment that interests you. Whether paid or unpaid, internships truly can be worth their weight in gold. They provide you with tangible work experience and provide you with a true glimpse at your future job.

When it comes to skills and training, be sure to list relevant computer programs and other training and certifications you might possess. For instance, if you are applying for a post as a graphic designer, list any relevant design and photo editing software in which you are proficient.

4. References

As a young person, you won’t have the type of references that can speak to your ability to accomplish tasks in your chosen field. You probably delivered pizzas, waited tables, manned a cash register or maybe stocked grocery shelves. However, your former employers can speak about your attitude regarding work, your professionalism, your punctuality and how you handled co-workers and customers. This is highly valuable information, so be sure to put references on your professional resume that will sing your praises. Just be sure that the contact information you provide for each reference is correct.

If you have a reference from a work experience that was unpleasant or from a boss unlikely to give you a shining review, don’t add that person as a reference. Hiring teams understand that you might have had a dud of a boss or been stuck in a difficult working environment, but you should be prepared to explain why you left that person off the list if asked. Simply give a brief unemotional description of the situation and, if possible, put a positive spin on it, describing what you gained from this difficult experience.

A professional resume contains a great deal of information but it should never run longer than a single page. This is especially true if you are seeking an entry-level job. You can expound upon your abilities and goals in your cover letter, but that also should be no longer than one page. Ensuring that you have the best information and have eliminated anything irrelevant can be difficult, which is why we recommend that you leave your resume writing to the professionals and select one of our top-rated resume writing services.

4 Employment Tips From Resume Services Experts

In the past, a person either went to college or trade school and then entered a profession. Often people would stay with the same company for decades before retiring or perhaps just change jobs once or twice in their lifetime. The job market today is far different than it was even 10 years ago, and finding the ideal job can be tough.

If you are fresh out of college or are fairly new to the job market, it can be tough to navigate the treacherous waters of employment. As resume services experts, we can offer you several tips that can make easier for you get a job and maintain a steady income.

1. Eliminate Employment Gaps

It’s not unusual to have a small gap or two on a resume. For instance, some people will stop working in an office setting in order to raise a family. Others might decide to take a year to travel or volunteer in a charity organization. Sometimes you will experience a short gap between leaving one job and finding a new job. There are many reasons for gaps that potential employers understand, but large gaps without a valid explanation can be troublesome.

If you are fresh out of college and having trouble finding work in your chosen field, consider taking another type of job to generate income or to keep that gap filled. It might be a job waiting on tables or perhaps working at a shop or even working for a food bank or some type of volunteer position. Your desire to be employed and working shows that you have a good work ethic and that you take yourself seriously. In addition, your current employer or supervisor, even if that person is not in your chosen field, can at least attest to the fact that you work hard, arrive on time and work well with others. Additionally, every work experience can benefit you in some way. You will learn how to handle different types of co-workers or manage many different tasks at the same time. All of this will make you a better employee in general.

2. Consider Multiple Sources Of Income

These days, there are plenty of websites out there where you can hire out your services. Freelancing is a great way to earn some extra cash and even build up your resume. There are freelance jobs out there for website designers, personal chefs, gardeners, writers, sales personnel, video production, photo editors, photographers, programmers, data entry and virtually anything else you could imagine.

If you have a talent or skill that someone might need, freelancing those skills can be a great secondary source of income. Obviously you want to give your main employer your best work and concentration, but opting for side work can help pay off student loans or help you save money for the future. Also, if your main source of employment is terminated, having freelance jobs can ensure that you have at least some money coming in. Another perk with freelancing is that if you are swamped with work at your day job, you can always stop freelancing for a bit and then pick it up later when things slow down.

3. Practice & Prepare For Your Interviews

No matter what type of job you seek, being prepared and polished for interviews is essential. Invest in a few conservative business outfits that fit well and look great. This will help you look professional and you will feel professional as well, which will boost your confidence.

Beyond looking the part, resume services experts also recommend that you prepare for each interview by studying the company and how it works. Carefully read over information on the company website and maybe do an internet search or two regarding the company and its management team and philosophy. Knowing a bit about a company can help you better craft your answers and help you explain how you fit into the company vision.

As resume services experts, we also know that it is important to practice answers to typical interview questions. Practice everything from your answers to how you shake hands and even your posture during the interview. No one wants to hire someone who dresses sloppily, slouches in their chair and can’t make eye contact with the hiring team. Likewise, if you come off as too enthusiastic or too talkative, this also can be troublesome. Many resume services providers offer job coaching and interview coaching packages, and it can be wise to take advantage of these services.

4. Craft A Great Cover Letter & Resume

Your cover letter and resume are the first impression a hiring manager receives. If your resume has errors or doesn’t adequately state your qualifications for a job, it makes a lousy first impression. Likewise, if your resume is full of meaningless clichés or is too long, these also can turn off the hiring team. Hiring resume services professionals can guarantee that you have a fantastic resume and cover letter that will attract attention.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, our goal is to help you find the best resume services available on the web. We’ve studied many resume sites and have selected the services that truly stand out from the competition. We also want you to stand out from the competition, so take at look at our recommendations and consider using one of our top picks for your resume and cover letter.