Resume Writer Tips: Preparing For Different Types Of Interviews

Once a professional resume writer has created your top-notch resume and cover letter, you are sure to score an interview. There are several different types of interviews that you might encounter, and for each type you might wish to employ a slightly different strategy.

The Panel Interview

The panel interview is one of the most common types of interviews so resume writers definitely recommend that you be prepared for this type of interview. During a panel interview, the applicant typically sits in a chair with three or four people sitting across from them at a table. While this can be intimidating, the purpose of this type of interview is to allow several different types of employees to gauge each applicant’s ability to fit well within the corporate structure. For instance, the panel might include a member of the human resource staff, a few members of the management team and perhaps even a long-term employee.

When you are facing a panel interview, you probably will be asked questions from each member of the panel and the team will take notes throughout. It’s often difficult to know where to look during these interviews. One tip a resume writer might recommend is to be sure to look directly at the person asking the question. As you begin to answer the question, you can shift your focus to include other members of the panel as well. At the end of the interview, thank each person individually and ask for a business card. This will provide you with contact information for thank you notes, a service which a professional resume writer can provide for you.

One-On-One Interviews

The one-on-one interview is another common approach and typically this will be led by the person for whom you will be working. Obviously, this person’s main goal will be to see if you are a good fit for the company and because this person will be your direct supervisor it gives you some good insight into what type of work atmosphere you might be entering. Resume writer experts recommend that you be prepared to make eye contact throughout the interview, show enthusiasm and be ready to answer questions such as “why are you right for this job?”

The Lunch Interview

This is a less common type of interview, and usually this is the type of interview that might be set up for a second interview. Once a hiring team or a manager has narrowed down their list to a select few candidates, they might schedule this type of interview. Often, you can expect to eat lunch with the hiring manager as well as one or two other employees, who will want to ask you further questions about your qualifications and visions. This is a great time for you to ask questions about the company and job for which you are applying. Any resume writer will tell you that this interview is not about the food so be sure to order something that is easy to eat as well as inexpensive and take small bites, so that you always will be ready to answer a question.

The Group Interview

A group interview is a type of interview when many candidates for a job all come to the interview at the same time. There might first be a short presentation about the job or jobs available and then individual candidates might be interviewed or you might be interviewed together. You might even be given a task to complete as a group. Often these types of interviews are set up for positions where people will often be working together as a team or for high-stress, fast-paced work environments.

The trick to nailing the group interview is to make yourself memorable. Introduce yourselves to other job candidates and be friendly. While you are all competing for the same job, you also might have to work as a team to complete some sort of assignment so it’s wise to break the ice and be friendly. This is also a good time to show off your leadership skills, but resume writer experts caution that you walk the fine line between being a leader and just being bossy. The hiring team will make note if you do a good job working with others, show enthusiasm for the process and listen as well as you lead.

The Phone Interview

An interview by phone might be requested if you do not live close enough for an in-person interview and it also might be a sort of initial interview where the manager is trying to ascertain whether or not you are qualified for the job before scheduling a formal in-person interview.

While a resume writer can provide you with a great resume, only you can nail this type of job interview. It might be tempting to just hang out at home in sweats and put your feet up, but this interview is just a serious as the in-person variety. Get dressed, find a quiet room for the interview and be prepared. Sit up straight and answer questions in a formal manner just as you would during an in-person interview. Be sure to listen carefully to the person speaking and answer questions thoughtfully.

The interview process is daunting for everyone, whether you are fresh out of college or someone with 10 years of experience. A resume writer service not only can help you score the interview by creating a great resume, many of them also provide interview coaching and career coaching services where you can polish up your interviewing skills. Preparation is imperative, a person who has practiced and done some research about the company and the job, will always be more relaxed and ready to answer tough questions. Take a look at our recommendations for the best resume writer services and take advantage of the many job hunting services these companies offer.

The Reality Of Resumes: Facts & Tips From A Resume Writing Service

Did you know that the average recruiter spends less than 10 seconds looking at each resume he or she receives? In addition, only about one out of every five job applicants actually gets called in for an interview. These facts might seem depressing, but what they really show is how crucial it is to have an amazing resume.

We always recommend that you hire a top-notch resume writing service to create your resume, but if you plan on doing it yourself, there are a few facts and tips that will help you create a resume that attracts attention.

Resume writing service experts know that there is no one-size-fits-all resume nor is there a one-size-fits-all employee. If you are seeking a specific job position, you need to make sure that your resume is tailored specifically for that job or industry. While great employees may possess many similar skills across industries, your resume needs to show that you understand what types of skills are needed within an industry.

For instance, the skills needed for a job as a financial planner are not identical to the skills of a fund manager, even though they both work in similar fields. The skills of a paralegal and a legal secretary will have similarities, but these are not identical jobs. The staff at a resume writing service understands that each job is unique so they create resumes that truly speak to the job opening.

It might surprise you to learn that about half of all resumes contain lies. Perhaps someone states that they finished college but actually did not. Another common lie is listing skills you don’t possess. Surprisingly, many people even make up the names of fake companies or out-of-business companies and list it under work experience. The last you think you want is to have a prospective employer catch you in a lie, so all resume writing service specialists will tell you, honesty is the best policy. It’s easier to be upfront about a problem, then to be forced to explain later why you lied about it.

The design of your resume either can attract attention or detract from your skills and qualifications. While a resume that is too busy with multiple fonts and colors might convey that you are a bit too whimsical and not a serious potential employee, a drab resume probably will end up in the rejection pile. A good resume is crisp, clean and functional with a consistent style throughout. At a resume writing service, for example, the staff might stick with just two fonts and will boldface specific categories and add bullets to help highlight your skills or achievements.

People often include information that is irrelevant and then fail to include pertinent information when writing their own resume. The writers at a resume writing service will have a better idea of what to include and what to leave out. Hiring managers are looking for people with problem solving and leadership skills, as well as strong communication skills, both written and oral. Evidence of this definitely should show up on your resume, and these skills are more important than your personal information. Hiring managers don’t have time to read about your hobbies and background, they need to quickly ascertain if you have the skills needed for the position, so stick with the education, experience and skills you possess.

Hiring a resume writing service is one of the smartest things you can do prior to beginning a job search. At Top 5 Resume Writers, we can point you in the direction of the best resume writing service to ensure that your resume is head and shoulders above the rest.

Our top resume writing service choices also provide additional services such as crafting dynamic cover letters and providing career coaching so that you are as prepared as possible for the job hunt.

4 Huge Resume Writing Mistakes

Resume writing can be overwhelming. After all, this one or two-page document can make or break your chances of employment. When you start the resume writing process, be sure to avoid these 4 huge resume writing mistakes.

1. The Killer Errors

You might think a spelling error is the worst type of error you could make on a resume. It certainly will not boost your chances of scoring a job interview if you have a spelling error on your resume, but one single error might not kill all of your chances. Obviously, if your resume is riddled with errors, you aren’t going to look attractive to prospective employers.

However, beyond the obvious spelling errors, failing to double check your contact information truly can be job killer. Even if the rest of your resume writing is flawless, listing an email address or phone number incorrectly makes it kind of tough for a hiring manager to get in touch with you. Likewise, if you provide incorrect contact info for your references, this also can kill your chances of being hired.

2. Being Honest Is Key

You might think that a white lie or two won’t really hurt anyone, but it certainly can make it impossible for you to get a job. When you are resume writing, don’t falsify information. Don’t list skills you don’t have and don’t lie about your educational background.

Rather than lie, simply craft your resume writing so that it showcases your strengths and be prepared to discuss problematic issues in an interview. For instance, if you have a gap in employment, rather than trying to fudge the dates for which you worked for certain companies, just be honest about the gap during an interview. If you spent a year climbing mountains in Tibet or took a year off to write the great American novel, you may as well come clean. Perhaps you can present the hiring team with a few concrete skills you learned during this gap that improve your ability to be a great employee.

3. A Messy Resume

By messy, we don’t mean that your recipe is stained with ketchup or dribbled with soy latte, we mean that the design isn’t clean, sharp and focused. The best resumes are those that are easy to read and feature a clean design. When resume writing, stick with just one or two basic fonts and don’t add any pictures or decorative touches.

In addition, when resume writing, keep your verbiage simple and to the point. Don’t write large, complex paragraphs about your work experience and qualifications. Stick with dynamic, active sentences that quickly showcase your skills. A hiring manager might have to sift through a pile of 100 or more resumes. This person doesn’t have time to read your three page extravaganza about every life experience you’ve had. Try to keep it to one page, if possible.

4. Including The Wrong Information

There are many items that should be included during the resume writing process. This includes your educational background, your work experience, any pertinent additional training and your general qualifications. In some cases, an objective statement describing your goals also is needed.

The items you should omit during resume writing include your age (employers can’t even ask how old you are anyway), your religion, your marital status, how many kids you have, your hobbies and your interests. Hiring managers typically cannot ask many of these questions in the interview, and the answers really shouldn’t affect your job performance. Companies are simply looking for well-trained, hard-working innovative employees with a positive attitude.

Resume writing is a difficult skill, which is why we always encourage people to hire a professional to craft your resume. We have listed several resume writing services that consistently produce high-quality, dynamic resumes. Take a look at our reviews and then get started on your path to a great career.

New Employee Tips From A Professional Resume Writing Service

After a professional resume writing service has created an amazing resume and you performed exquisitely during job interviews and got the job, the next big hurdle is getting through the first few weeks at a new job. While these first few days and weeks can be a bit daunting, the following tips might ease your anxiety.

1. Show Some Enthusiasm

While people probably will be turned off if you greet everyone with a hug and, in a booming voice, express how happy you are to be “part of the team,” neither will they be impressed with someone who just shrugs and nods when introduced to others. To make a good first impression, one tip from a professional resume writing service would be to greet co-workers with a friendly smile and an, “it’s nice to meet you.” Also, add their name to this last sentence, as in “it’s nice to meet you, Sarah.” This helps you remind all of the many names you have to learn during those first few weeks.

While you don’t have to immediately become best friends with all of your co-workers, it is a good idea to show some interest in them as human beings. After all, you will be spending eight hours each day (at least) with these people, so it’s good to find something of interest about each co-worker. However, one professional resume writing service tip to never forget: Steer clear of office politics. Don’t gossip and don’t get involved in gossip. If someone starts bashing the boss or a co-worker, just plead ignorance and casually extricate yourself from the conversation.

2. Ask Questions, But Limit The Number

If you don’t know something, don’t pretend that you do. However, as a professional resume writing service employee can attest, don’t continue to ask the same questions over and over again. To ensure that you don’t keep asking the same questions, take notes while a person answers your question. That way, you can simply look back at your notes if needed. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification before getting down to business. If there is something you don’t understand about the directions that were given, say so. But, again, take notes, so that you don’t have to keep asking.

3. Be A Dependable Employee

The best way to say thank you to a new employer is to be a good employee. This means you show up on time and ready to work. Complete assignments in a timely fashion and double check your work. If you do finish your tasks and see that another co-worker could use help with a task, ask if you can assist. Likewise, if you finish up, ask your boss if there is something else you could tackle. As professional resume writing service experts, we know that it’s always a good idea to show that you are helpful and willing to help others.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, our job is to match you with the very best professional resume writing services available. While you might save a few bucks by hiring an inexpensive resume writing service, it’s worth every penny to choose the best possible resume writers. Take a look at our recommendations, as we have a few choices that truly stand out from the pack.

Professional Resume Writers Share What Sets Top Employees Apart From The Rest

There are many different types of employees, but the best employees are those that not only do their job, they work in such a way that they are truly assets to any company. Professional resume writers will tell you that these are the types of employees that hiring managers seek. To help transform you into the ideal employee, here are a few helpful tips.

1. Reliability Is Important

Professional resume writers can pen for you an amazing resume that includes your work experience, accomplishments and lists your references. Hopefully, these references will be able to attest to your reliability. This means more than just showing up for work on time although that certainly is important. What a boss really wants to see is an employee that one can count on, a person who finishes tasks quickly and does them well. Great employees arrive to work on time, stay focused and accomplish what they say they will accomplish.

2. Enthusiasm Is Contagious

While an overly enthusiastic employee can be a tad bit annoying, there’s almost nothing worse than a grumbling, complaining employee. These negative co-workers bring down the tone of the whole office. Likewise, an employee with a positive attitude that comes to work each day ready to do their best has a positive effect on the whole office in general. Professional resume writers can tell you that during the interview process, a positive personality is a must. You will garner a better reception than someone who has a more critical personality. You don’t have to be a bubbly, social butterfly to be positive and that might not be your personality, but showing a bit of passion for your work makes you a valuable asset.

3. Be Ambitious

While you may not dream of becoming the CEO, everyone has career goals. Yours may not be to climb the corporate ladder but to simply be the best employee you can be. This includes wanting to learn new skills or learn about new technology. Likewise, an ambitious person sets goals for themselves in both their work life and personal life. Professional resume writers know that prospective employees often are asked about their goals during interviews. When you can list (enthusiastically) your plans for the future and how you hope to achieve these goals, hiring teams will be impressed with these objectives and see you as someone who wants to grow and learn.

4. Working Well With Others

While we aren’t all extroverts and nor should we be, learning to deal with co-workers and bosses is part of life. Those who successfully navigate the social side of the workplace are typically more successful than those that either shy away from conflict or create conflict. If a conflict arises, rather than getting into a heated argument, calmly and rationally explain your point of view. Be sure to spend a minute or two trying to figure out your boss or co-workers point of view as well. Don’t waste time with gossip or office politics and never talk about co-workers or your boss behind their back. Human beings are complicated, but professional resume writers know that employees who work well with many different types of people are the best employees to have.

5. Confidence Tempered With Humility

You’ve worked, you’ve trained, you’ve learned and you can do your job. Even if you are fresh out of school and new to the workforce, be confident about your abilities. Sure, you might not know how to do everything at first, but you can and will learn what to do. On the flip side, showing too much confidence can come off as arrogant and cocky. There’s nothing wrong with confidence, but humility is also an asset. Professional resume writers can attest to the fact that hiring teams want employees that believe in themselves and are confident enough to take risks, yet humble and grounded.

If you are getting ready to change jobs or need a job and are searching for the best professional resume writers, Top 5 Resume Writers can help. We study resumes from many of the best resume writing services and can point you to the top professionals in this field. A great resume can be just what you need to score an interview for the job of your dreams, and professional resume writers truly can create a resume that stands out from the pack.

Additional Options From Resume Writing Services

While it might be obvious that professional resume services can create a resume for you, many of these companies also provide many other helpful services. Here are just a few extras that might be a good option for job seekers to consider.

1. Cover Letter Writing

This can be an excellent addition to your resume, and most resume writing services can provide you with this service. A cover letter can be as difficult to write as a resume and using a professional is often a strong option. Not all hiring teams expect a cover letter, but for those that do, a resume writing service can help make yours stand out from the rest.

2. Thank You Notes

After the big interview, it is wise to send a thank you note to the hiring manager or hiring team to show your appreciation for calling you in for an interview. Many people forget this extra step, and it can be a good way to remind the hiring team about your interview and your unique qualifications. Again, these can be tricky to write, so you might consider using resume writing services for this task.

3. Interview & Career Coaching

A great resume is an important first step in the job hunting process, but you also need to be able to nail the interview. Interviewing, much like writing, isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to many of us. It’s easy to become tongue-tied or nervous during an interview, but preparing in advance can really lessen your anxiety. Many professional resume services also provide either interview coaching or general career coaching to help make this part of the hiring process a bit easier.

For interview coaching or preparation, a professional resume services firm might offer a telephone session with one of their career coaches and perhaps a guide to interviewing strategies and techniques. If you are at the beginning of the job hunting process, some firms also can help you with general career coaching. This includes assessing your skills, goals, training and education to come up with career options that are best suited to you.

4. Posting Your Resume

While you probably planned to submit your resume via mail, email or in person, an additional service to consider might be allowing the company that provides professional resume services to post your new resume online. Internet resume posting makes it easy to really get your resume out there on the web via a variety of platforms such as social media and on various employment websites as well uploading to companies where you wish to apply for employment.

5. Professional Biographies

You will find that many companies post professional bios of their officers or key employees, and while this might not yet be you, a professional bio is a handy thing to possess. Professional resume services might include the creation of a bio that you can post to sites such as LinkedIn or for use on other websites or your own website or blog. In some cases, you can include your professional bio along with your resume to give you a bit of an edge over the competition.

6. Analyzing Your Social Media Presence

While a few people have managed to avoid the lure of social media and stay fairly anonymous, most of us have some presence either on the internet in general or on social media. As a side offering, some professional resume services will take a thorough look at how you appear online. They can take a look at your Twitter or Facebook or Instagram posts and do Google searches and more to see if there are trouble spots out there that might make you look less valuable to a potential employer. Whether you like it or not, employers do use your social media to gauge whether or not you would make a good employee. If your posts come off as immature or inappropriate, this can keep you from getting a job.

These are just a few of the extra services you might want to consider purchasing from professional resume services. Of course, scoring an amazing resume is probably at the top of your wish list so before you order a resume, take a look at our rankings. We have studied a wide variety of professional resume services and can lead you to the best resume writers on the web.

4 Reasons To Use Professional Resume Services

In many cases, your resume serves as the first impression you will make to a prospective employer. But even if you have had the chance to introduce yourself to the hiring team or hiring manager prior to handing them a resume, the quality of this document can make or break your chances at getting a job. Using professional resume services can be the best course of action to ensure that your resume is the best it can be.

1. Most People Aren’t Natural Writers

Let’s face it, not all of us our Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists and frankly, even a famous author might not know how to truly craft a resume that will attract attention. A professional resume writer understands how to use dynamic language to help your resume stand out from the pack. As resume services experts, they truly understand what prospective bosses want to see and can avoid writing too much or too little. They can highlight all the positives while minimizing any negatives you might have.

2. Many People Are Flustered By Grammar & Spelling

Even if you are the type of person who loves to correct the grammar of your friends and family on social media, it doesn’t follow that you are immune from making grammar errors or spelling mistakes. For a person whose expertise lies in non-writing skills, spelling and grammar rules can seem a bit mystifying. When you use professional resume services, you are guaranteed to receive a well-written resume free from careless errors, such as a spelling mistake. Resume services professionals also will keep the style of the resume consistent throughout the document.

3. Design Elements: A Little Goes A Long Way

Sometimes people try to get cute with their resume design, adding clever fonts or other style elements. Rarely does this entice employers who really just want a crisp, clean resume that describes succinctly who you are, your level of training, your skills and your work history. A resume services professional will create a resume that moves beyond a simple dull listing of your accomplishments without getting carried away with excessive design.

4. Other Resume Services May Be Offered

Some resume services companies offer more than resume writing services, and it can be wise to take advantage of them. Most companies will either craft a resume from scratch or help you revise, update and edit your resume, but a few also go a bit further to help you get that special job.

For instance, some resume services firms will write other items for you, including cover letters, thank you notes or even recommendation letters. Have you ever asked someone for a recommendation only to have them tell you to write it yourself and then they will look over it and sign? This happens all the time, and professional resume writers can craft recommendation letters that enhance what’s on your resume.

In addition, a few resume services companies also will help you with career coaching. This includes providing you with an assessment of your experience and education to help you decide which jobs probably would be the best fit for you. The resume services team also might be able to provide you with helpful interview tips or even personalized interview coaching.

Of course, prior to hiring someone to write a resume, it’s essential that you find top-notch resume services and that’s where we come in. At Top 5 Resume Writers, we have studied many resume services companies and have listed the best ones on our website. If you are going to be spending money on resume services, we believe you deserve to get your money’s worth. So before hiring a resume writer, check out our suggestions and select the best possible resume services company.

4 Job Hunting Tips From Professional Resume Writers

1. Be Prepared – great resume, good interview skills, clean online profile

The Boy Scouts were not kidding on this one. Being prepared is always the smartest course of action. Before you begin hunting for a new job, it is best to have all of your ducks in a row, so to speak. As professional resume writers, we can craft an amazing, dynamic resume and this is something you absolutely must have prior to the job search. You never know when someone might ask for your resume. Perhaps you’ll be at a social event and be chatting with someone who is a potential employer. If he or she asks for your resume, you should be able to email it to them directly.

Along the lines of being prepared, you also need to be prepared for interviews at the drop of a hat. This means you need to have a few professional outfits ready to go, and it means you need to practice your interview skills and be ready to answer questions. Online professional resume writers also sometimes offer interview preparation consultations, so consider taking advantage of this service and polishing your skills.

Before you head out and job hunt, be sure to clean up your online profile, as well. As professional resume writers, we know that interview skills and a great resume can only take you so far. If you have a silly email address or tons of inappropriate stuff on social media, this can cost you a great job. Create an email just for business purposes and tame yourself on social media. Google yourself and see what comes up. If it’s something you’d rather not have a prospective employer see, it might be wise to clean up your online presence prior to seeking a job.

2. Be Willing To Temp Or Freelance

The perfect job is not always available, and while you might have professional resume writers create your perfect resume and you might be prepared for the job hunt, be willing to take a temporary position if necessary. After all, at least a temp position will pay the bills while you search for a permanent job. In some cases, a temp position might even lead to a permanent job. Even if it doesn’t, chances are you will meet people within your field and expand your network. In addition, you might be able to pick up some new skills that will make you even more valuable to prospective employers.

Freelancing also might be an option is you have skills that are in demand. For a freelancer, it can be wise to create a website or blog that describes your skills and includes services you can provide as well as some testimonials if you have them. You might be able to build this into a solid career or keep freelancing after you find a permanent job to earn some extra cash.

3. Networking Can Help

As professional resume writers, we find that people are often unsure about how to network. Networking is all about making connections, and there are plenty of opportunities out there. For instance, consider using sites such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Meetup or BranchOut to help you with networking. In addition, consider your circle of friends or family. Perhaps you know someone who knows someone who works in the industry in which you seek employment. You might be able to arrange a meeting or attend a social event in which this person will be attending. It’s a good opportunity to just introduce yourself and very briefly describe your career goals.

4. Pay Attention To The Details & Listen

Too often, our team of professional resume writers encounters people who just don’t follow directions or truly listen during an interview. If a hiring manager asks for a cover letter and resume and wants these items to focus on specific information, give this person exactly what they want. If they don’t want a cover letter, don’t include one. If they ask for references when you submit the resume, include those. If they don’t ask for references, just bring them to the interview and be able to provide them if asked.

When you head to the interview, be sure to bring a few essentials including a few copies of your resume just in case they ask for an extra copy for some reason. Bring a pen and paper as well in case you need to take notes. Turn your phone off and wear your most professional attire. Beyond that, the single most important piece of advice we can give as professional resume writers is to listen to the person who is interviewing you.

Many times people are nervous or anxious during an interview and they don’t truly listen to the questions or comments from the hiring manager. Listen closely and provide thoughtful, concise answers to questions. When they ask you to tell them about yourself, stick to work-related characteristics and don’t provide your life story. It’s also wise to know a little bit about a company prior to an interview.

Interview Tips From Resume Builder Experts

As expert resume builders, we know that a great resume will get you in the door, but a great interview can truly win you the big job that you seek. It’s natural to be nervous prior to an interview, but we have a few tips that might ease your anxiety and ensure that you make a great impression.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Being prepared helps you feel more relaxed, and this will help lessen your anxiety during an interview. In order to prepare, print out a list of typical interview questions (you can find these all over the internet) and practice answering them. Ask a friend or family member to act as the interviewer rather than just practicing on your own. Be sure to also practice your posture and how you sit as well. You don’t have to sit ramrod straight and still, but you should sit up confidently and not slouch.

Keep in mind when you are answering these generic practice questions, that you need to tailor your answers to the job for which you are applying. For instance, if you are asked to name your strengths, come up with a solid list of strengths that complement the job. Also, practice giving answers that are neither too brief nor too verbose. One-word answers aren’t inspiring and few employers have time to listen to your entire work and life history. A resume builder service can provide you with a great resume, and some also can even provide career coaching, which can help you prepare for interviews.

2. Know The Company

While using a resume builder service and practicing for the interview are important, it’s also always a good idea to do some corporate research prior to your interview. Learn a little bit about the organization in general. Study the corporate website and learn about the company goals and what seems important to management.

The amount of research that you need to do depends upon the type of job for which you are interviewing. For instance, if you are seeking a marketing position at a firm, take a look at some of the company’s previous campaigns, and take a look at what competitors’ have been doing as well as some industry trends. If the job is managerial or financial in nature, study the quarterly earnings and financials from the company so that you can speak to that during the interview.

3. Dress For Success

Dressing for success means different things for different jobs. But for any job interview, you want to look neat, clean and polished. Your clothes should be ironed and fit well. Your hair should be well-groomed. When you look your best, you will feel better about yourself and this helps keep you more relaxed during an interview.

For a formal business office, you will want to wear formal business attire. For a more casual job, you can dress down a bit more. However, don’t wear jeans, t-shirts or anything too colorful or brightly patterned. It is best to tone it down for a job interview. You want the interviewer to focus on you and not on what you are wearing. As resume builder experts, we know the importance of looking just as good as what is on your resume. Also, it can be good to bring in a briefcase or professional bag that contains copies of your resume, letters of recommendation and perhaps a portfolio of your work, as well as a pen and paper in case you need to jot anything down. However, don’t bring anything else, such as coffee or a water bottle, and be sure to turn your phone off.

4. Don’t Be Late

Ok, this one probably seems obvious, but it’s as crucial as not having errors on your resume. Being late basically just gives the impression that you aren’t reliable. Leave very early for a job interview to accommodate for traffic issues. Even if you end up killing time in a local coffee shop, at least you know that you won’t be late. In addition, keep in mind that “on time” really means about five or six minutes early. It’s really not necessary to arrive more than 10 minutes ahead of schedule, but provide a few extra minutes so that you can check in and get situated prior to the interview.

These are just a few tips that we, as resume builders, have found helpful for our clients seeking a variety of different jobs. Perhaps the best advice we can give is to be as prepared and professional as possible. We highly recommend that you hire a professional resume writing service to create your cover letter and resume. This will ensure that you have a dynamic, error-free resume tailored to the specific job that you want. Take a look at our resume writing recommendations and then select the best possible writing service.

5 Things You Won’t See On A Professional Resume

In most cases, your professional resume provides a potential employer with a first impression of your skills and capabilities. As the saying goes, you will never get another chance to make this first impression and if your resume has problems, you are unlikely to be chosen for the job. Before you submit it, take a careful look at your professional resume and see if you’ve made any of the following mistakes.

1. Careless Mistakes

This is an obvious one, but it’s always worth repeating. When writing a professional resume, it hardly looks professional if there are spelling and/or grammar errors. Aside from simply running your resume through the typical word processing spelling and grammar check, be sure to have at least two other people look it over carefully.

Another careless mistake that might not seem obvious at first but could cost you a job is to misprint telephone numbers and email addresses. After all, if a potential employer cannot contact you or a reference, your resume could end up in the circular file doomed to oblivion. Also, set up a professional email just for business purposes with a professional, simple address, not the quirky fun email address you use for friends and family.

2. Inconsistent Style

Professional resume writers and professional writers in general understand that there should be a consistent style throughout any written work. For instance, if you decide to boldface the name of one of your education institutions, be sure to boldface all of the other names as well. Make sure everything has a consistent margin style, as well. This gives your resume a tidy, polished look, and hiring teams are more likely to notice the actual content rather than the glaring style inconsistencies.

3. Cookie-Cutter Style

Often, people are nervous about writing resumes, so they simply grab a template off the internet or from a word-processing program and copy it. A hiring manager can spot these types of resumes from a mile away, and they typically get tossed into the “no” pile. Basically, by using this type of resume, you are telling employers that you either don’t really care enough to craft a decent resume or you aren’t creative enough to figure out how to design an original, engaging resume.

4. A Dull Or Vague Objective

There are few things that kill an otherwise solid resume faster than a dull objective. Don’t be blah, sell yourself a little. A blah, vague objective might sound like this: “Dedicated, hard-working professional accountant seeking mid-level position with growth opportunities.” That’s not exactly inspiring. Instead, tailor the objective to the specific job for which you are applying and then quickly state your experience and goals. For instance: “CPA with 5 years of experience looking to apply high-level financial analysis and organizational skills to help clients maintain and improve their accounting systems.”

In many cases, it isn’t necessary to include a resume objective at all. This is especially true if your objective speaks only about what you hope to get out of the job experience. Employers generally do want employees to be happy, but they are more concerned with how you will promote the company’s success. If your objective fails to quickly describe how you and your skills can benefit the company, then it fails as an objective statement, and it might simply be best to omit an objective statement entirely.

5. A List Of Skills Rather Than Job Experience

It’s just fantastic if you are a great organizer and good with people and hard-working. It’s also great if you have experience with software or programs that are needed for a specific job. Listing your skills can be very important, but employers really want to look at your job history. Employers want to see that you successfully have applied your skills in a work setting.

Obviously, when you are just starting out after graduating college or trade school, your work history will be fairly sparse and your knowledge of different software or programs can be of more importance, but it is still important to list job experience. When you are seeking entry-level positions, employers understand that your work experience may be limited. What might be more important is your work ethic. Perhaps you just have a few part-time positions on your resume that you held during college. That can be just fine if your references are very enthusiastic about your skills, work habits and attitude.

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