Compare Resume Writing Services: What’s The Best Option?

When you compare resume writing services, your best option isn’t just a company that can provide you with a job-winning resume. The best resume writing companies offer an assortment of services to help make finding a job much easier. Taking advantage of these services will improve your chances of not only getting a job, but also finding the perfect job for you.

Resume Writing & Cover Letter Services
When you compare resume writing services, you will find that most of these companies provide both resume writing and cover letter writing services. Our top-rated pick,, not only provided us with a high-quality resume, their cover letter writing was strong, as well. Writing a cover letter can be even more challenging than resume writing, so we strongly recommend that you take advantage of both services. Unless a job description specifically states that you should not submit a cover letter, it is a good idea to send one in along with your resume. This cover letter can expand upon your qualifications and the type of employee you will be.

LinkedIn Profiles
LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that you absolutely need to be using. The first step is to build your profile and many resume writing services can provide with a new profile or update the profile you already have. LinkedIn is free, and recruiters use this service all of the time to find suitable job candidates, and it allows you to build contacts. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.

Career Coaching
Have you sent out dozens of resumes, but never receive calls for an interview? Or, have you undergone several interviews without receiving a job offer? While you might need to upgrade your resume and cover letter, perhaps your personal skills could use a bit of a polish. Compare resume writing services and you will find that some of the best offer career coaching services. For these career coaching sessions, you can talk one-on-one with a trained specialist to determine what’s truly holding you back from earning a great new job.

Job Hunting Services
Do you know where you should be applying for jobs? If you are having a hard time finding specific companies where you will be a great fit, job hunting services might be a good option. Compare resume writing services and consider selecting a company that offers this type of service. Resume Writing Group, for example, will study your qualifications and research 30 companies that would be likely to hire you if they had a job opening. They will provide you with email addresses for these companies, so that you can send in your resume.

How To Pick The Top Resume Writer
When you compare resume writing services, you will want to find a company that offers these aforementioned services, but which service has the highest quality? Look for companies that back their writing with a guarantee and services that provide samples of their resumes. At Top 5 Resume Writers, we’ve studied resumes from hundreds of resume writing companies, and have determined that and provided the highest quality resume services. Resume Writing Group edged out our #2 pick because their resumes were a bit more dynamic and concise, and they offered the best customer service.

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