How To Find The Best Executive Resume Writing Service

While an entry-level resume is short and sweet, executive resumes are a different ball of wax altogether. Executive resume writing takes a bit more skill and finesse, which is why you need to find an experienced, top-rated executive resume writing service for this project, and we can help.


At Top 5 Resume Writers, we know that finding great executive resume writing services can be tricky. There are literally dozens of companies out there promising that their writers are the best. So, what’s the best way to figure out which companies truly provide the best services?


We wanted to find the answer to this question ourselves, so we purchased resumes from many of the most popular resume writing companies. We create a fake bio for a mystery client and sent the same information to each company, and then we compared the results side-by-side.


We also presented all of these resumes to an independent group of current and former hiring managers to let them have a look and provide their feedback. After all, these are the people in charge of hiring people and looking over resumes, they would be the best judge of what makes a resume great.


The results of our little study were kind of surprising. For one thing, many companies sent us back resumes with not just one but several careless errors. In some cases, the writing quality was fine otherwise, but add in a couple of spelling errors and the resume is a dud.


Our team of experts was asked to find the best-written and most-compelling executive resume, and they unanimously chose Resume Writing Group as their top pick. This was a bit of blow given that they ranked The Resume Writing Experts as number two, and they are owned by the same parent company as us, but, nevertheless, Resume Writing Group was easily the favorite of all of our hiring manager judges.


Their resume was error-free, naturally, but what truly set the resume apart was that the resume writer concentrated on using strategic wordplay and that grabbed our attention. This also was the only executive resume writing service that contacted the “mystery client” directly to obtain more information and learn a bit more about the client.


If you need an executive-level resume, we highly recommend any of our top three picks, but as all are priced about the same, it just makes sense to use the top pick, Resume Writing Group. They also back their resume with a unique guarantee. If you use their resume and follow their advice, but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund the cost of your resume and pay you an additional $100.


Should You Write Your Own Resume?

You certainly can create your own resume, but we don’t recommend it for two compelling reasons:


1. Errors Are Easy To Make

Even the world’s best writer and grammarian makes an occasional mistake and just one careless mistake can cost you a great job opportunity. The executive resume writers at Resume Writing Group will edit your resume, and they also pass it along to another resume expert for a second edit. If you do write your resume, ensure that at least one other person (particularly a person with strong writing skills) looks over the document. A basic run through spellcheck just isn’t enough.


2. You Aren’t A Resume Expert

If you are at the executive level, you are an expert in your field, but it’s doubtful that you’d be reading this article if your expertise was in resume writing. Professional resume writers understand the nuances of resume writing, and they know what hiring managers at all levels want to see and what they don’t want to see. Sometimes, it’s just best to delegate or outsource a task, especially if you can find someone who handles that task on a daily basis with a high rate of success.


How Much Does An Executive Resume Writing Service Cost?

You’ll often see cheap resumes for $29, $39 or $49 advertised on the internet, but these tend to be mediocre entry-level resumes. In general, an entry-level resume for a person with little to no experience should cost around $85 to $100.


Prices go up from there, and you should expect to pay a bit more for a professional resume and, for a senior or high-level executive resume, it’s not uncommon to pay more than $200 for this service. Executive resume writing is more complicated than simply creating a resume for a person fresh out of college.


An executive resume writing service also usually provides services such as cover letter writing and a LinkedIn profile writing service. These add-ons can help you create a more well-rounded approach to your job hunt. Recruiters often use LinkedIn to headhunt talent, and a great LinkedIn profile can help set you apart from others. We highly recommend that you take advantage of all of the elements of LinkedIn and continuously update your profile with interesting articles, videos and perhaps your own blog articles or links to lectures or speeches you might have presented.


Even if you aren’t actively looking for work, it’s smart to have an update resume and perhaps even a cover letter ready to go at all times. You never know when an opportunity will arise and many executive positions are never posted, so it’s best to be prepared when a recruiter or an associate reaches out to discuss a potential job offer.


If you need an executive resume writing service, we highly recommend Resume Writing Group. They also can provide you with LinkedIn profile writing and cover letter writing. Using a professional resume writer can be one of the best ways to ensure that your resume is a step beyond the competition.

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