Professional Resume Writers Share What Sets Top Employees Apart From The Rest

There are many different types of employees, but the best employees are those that not only do their job, they work in such a way that they are truly assets to any company. Professional resume writers will tell you that these are the types of employees that hiring managers seek. To help transform you into the ideal employee, here are a few helpful tips.

1. Reliability Is Important

Professional resume writers can pen for you an amazing resume that includes your work experience, accomplishments and lists your references. Hopefully, these references will be able to attest to your reliability. This means more than just showing up for work on time although that certainly is important. What a boss really wants to see is an employee that one can count on, a person who finishes tasks quickly and does them well. Great employees arrive to work on time, stay focused and accomplish what they say they will accomplish.

2. Enthusiasm Is Contagious

While an overly enthusiastic employee can be a tad bit annoying, there’s almost nothing worse than a grumbling, complaining employee. These negative co-workers bring down the tone of the whole office. Likewise, an employee with a positive attitude that comes to work each day ready to do their best has a positive effect on the whole office in general. Professional resume writers can tell you that during the interview process, a positive personality is a must. You will garner a better reception than someone who has a more critical personality. You don’t have to be a bubbly, social butterfly to be positive and that might not be your personality, but showing a bit of passion for your work makes you a valuable asset.

3. Be Ambitious

While you may not dream of becoming the CEO, everyone has career goals. Yours may not be to climb the corporate ladder but to simply be the best employee you can be. This includes wanting to learn new skills or learn about new technology. Likewise, an ambitious person sets goals for themselves in both their work life and personal life. Professional resume writers know that prospective employees often are asked about their goals during interviews. When you can list (enthusiastically) your plans for the future and how you hope to achieve these goals, hiring teams will be impressed with these objectives and see you as someone who wants to grow and learn.

4. Working Well With Others

While we aren’t all extroverts and nor should we be, learning to deal with co-workers and bosses is part of life. Those who successfully navigate the social side of the workplace are typically more successful than those that either shy away from conflict or create conflict. If a conflict arises, rather than getting into a heated argument, calmly and rationally explain your point of view. Be sure to spend a minute or two trying to figure out your boss or co-workers point of view as well. Don’t waste time with gossip or office politics and never talk about co-workers or your boss behind their back. Human beings are complicated, but professional resume writers know that employees who work well with many different types of people are the best employees to have.

5. Confidence Tempered With Humility

You’ve worked, you’ve trained, you’ve learned and you can do your job. Even if you are fresh out of school and new to the workforce, be confident about your abilities. Sure, you might not know how to do everything at first, but you can and will learn what to do. On the flip side, showing too much confidence can come off as arrogant and cocky. There’s nothing wrong with confidence, but humility is also an asset. Professional resume writers can attest to the fact that hiring teams want employees that believe in themselves and are confident enough to take risks, yet humble and grounded.

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