Resume Service Tips: 5 Questions You Need To Ask At An Interview

We all know that an interview provides a hiring manager or hiring team with an opportunity to ask you a bunch of questions, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions about the job and the company culture. Our resume service experts have compiled a short list of questions you might consider asking during your next interview.

1. Ask The Hiring Manager About Their Own Experience

It can be interesting to hear why the hiring manager or hiring team enjoys working at the company. Be sure to ask them what they enjoy most about working at the company, and perhaps ask them how long they have worked at the company. If they have been there for many years and show a great deal of enthusiasm about the company, this can be a good indicator that the company is well-managed with a great team of co-workers.

2. Ask About Expectations
Typically, a boss wants you to dive right in after you are hired, but it can be good to know specifically what your bosses expects during your first few weeks at the company. To better understand these expectations, be sure to ask a hiring manager to list three things a new employee should accomplish within the first month at the company.

3. Ask About A Typical Work Week
Asking a question about what a person typically can expect to encounter during the week can provide you with insight about the company culture. You can learn when most people arrive at work and leave for the day, as well as learning about meetings and what needs to be accomplished by the end of the day or the end of the week. You also can learn about any work that might occur outside of typical business hours. Knowing what to expect and being able to fill those expectations makes it easier for you to transition into a new job.

4. Ask About Start Dates
While you shouldn’t expect a hiring manger to snatch you up on the spot, it can be wise to ask about the hiring timeframe. Simply ask when they hope to have the position filled and what the approximate start date of the position might be. At many companies, it can take several weeks to interview candidates and then make a decision so it’s a good idea to have a picture of the timeframe. After you leave the interview, it is smart to send the hiring manager a short thank-you note regarding the interview, indicating that you are happy to answer any further questions.

5. Ask About Concerns
Don’t be afraid to hear about the negatives that you may or may not possess. You can simply ask if the hiring manager has any concerns or questions regarding your qualifications. This provides you with the opportunity to address any concerns the hiring manager might have, and it can provide you with valuable feedback that can make future job interviews more successful.

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