Resume Writing Group: 5 Reasons Why It Tops Our List

At Top 5 Resume Writers, our goal is to sift through the myriad of resume writing companies on the internet and find the best options. We’ve picked Resume Writing Group as our top resume company, and here’s a look at how we chose this company and why we believe they offer consumers the best value.

Our Resume Review Process
To select the top resume services, we studied resumes from many top resume writing sites. In addition to Resume Writing Group, we looked at Resumes Planet, Resume My Career, Top Resume and many more.

Obviously, we couldn’t identify ourselves as a resume review website, so we went incognito and simply ordered a resume for a “mystery shopper.” We provided each company with the same information about this mystery person and then sat back and waited for the results, which were quite surprising. Resume Writing Group was the clear winner, and this is why:

1. Resume Writing Group Produced An Error-Free Resume
We studied resumes from dozens of sites and were shocked to see that several of these companies, not just one or two, sent us back resumes with careless errors. Typically, avoiding errors is one of the main reasons why people spend money on professional resume writing services in the first place so it was a bit disappointing to see blatant spelling and grammar errors on a so-called professionally written resume.

Our Resume Writing Group resume was flawless, and, according to their website, each resume is edited by the writer and a second professional resume editor. Resume Writing Group wasn’t the only company that produced an error-free resume, but this definitely set them apart from the companies that did produce resumes with typos and errors such as mixing up words like “there” and “their.”

2. Resume Writing Group Had Great Customer Service
Of all the many resume sites we reviewed, the writers from Resume Writing Group were the only ones that took the time to make contact with us and ask further questions. They didn’t simply take all of our information at face value, rather they wanted to dig a little deeper and gain a greater understanding our mystery shopper’s qualifications and career goals. This really set them apart as a resume writing service that truly cared about getting results for their client.

3. Resume Writing Group Quantified Skills
When writing a resume, it’s crucial that you provide a hiring manager with clear examples of your skills. Simply stating that you were a manager or suggesting that you are a good leader is vague and not enough.

Resume Writing Group didn’t just list a bunch of skills; they included examples to quantify those skills. For instance, they would simply state that a person managed a company’s sales team. Instead, they would write, “Managed 25-person sales team & attained a 30% increase in sales revenue each year.” This helps the hiring manager understand how many people you can manage and that your management skills yield results.

4. Resume Writing Group Used Dynamic Language & Keywords
The Resume Writing Group didn’t use passive language such as “was tasked with” or “was an integral part of a sales team.” They used dynamic active words such as managed, spearheaded, created, developed, collaborated and designed.

As the only company that took the time to contact us, they also took a look at some of the job postings where are mystery client planned to apply. This gave them a solid idea of the types of keywords that hiring managers and applicant-tracking software would need to see in order to move the client toward the interview stage.

5. An Easy-To-Read Design
While you’ve probably seen some funky and cool resume designs on places such as Pinterest, a basic simple design typically is your best option in most cases. This is especially true if you are submitting a resume electronically that will be scanned by applicant-tracking software.

A unique design with odd margins and graphic elements cannot be read easily by a software program, so it’s always best to save your hip design for the resume you hand in to someone personally. Resume Writing Group’s design was straightforward and well-organized and, if you wanted to, you could always play around with a fun design but still use the great content they provide.

While we found several good resume writing companies, Resume Writing Group truly stood out from the pack and we are confident recommend their services. They also provide additional services, such as cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile writing, which can be a huge help as you start marketing yourself for a great new job.

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