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The Best Resume Services & How To Find Them

If you need a resume and want to hire a professional resume writer, there’s no reason not to hire the best resume service available. After all, your resume provides hiring managers with their first impression of you and a low-quality resume makes a terrible impression. But how do you find these amazing resume writers? The best resume services tend to have the following characteristics in common.

1. The Best Resume Services Provide A Guarantee
When a company or writer is willing to stand by their work and offer you a guarantee, this can be a good indication that the resume you purchase will be a good quality resume. Be sure to read the guarantee carefully, as there may be conditions attached to the guarantee. The best resume services, however, typically will offer to return your money if the resume has an error and sometimes they will even offer a refund if you are not hired within a set amount of time. If the work is not guaranteed, move on to another company.

2. Only Professional Resume Writers Are Used
Technically anyone can write a resume, but that doesn’t mean the results will be stellar. Resume writing is not like any other type of writing and it’s a bit of an art form, so don’t hire a service unless they only employ full-time professional resume writers. These shouldn’t just be freelancers trying to make a fast buck; these should be professionals with years of experience writing resumes for people in many different lines of work. The best resume services will employ writers capable of understanding what hiring managers need in many different fields from IT to nursing to education to accounting to public relations and much, much more.

Additionally, don’t select a service unless multiple people will be reviewing your resume. In addition to having the resume writer review his or her work, at least one additional editor should take a look at the resume before it has been passed on to you. As a side note, you might be tempted to select a cheaper resume service over a service that charges a bit more. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Spending a few extra dollars on a top-quality resume is always money well spent. There are plenty of great ways to save money, but purchasing a cut-rate resume is not one of them.

3. Quality Resume Services Provide Samples
A good resume service will provide you with examples of their previous work, if you request it. A great resume service will do that and post several samples of their work on their website. Don’t hire anyone unless they provide samples, and spend some time looking over those samples to see if these resumes are truly high-quality documents or just satisfactory. You need something that will set you apart from the other candidates for job. So be sure to look for resume samples that include dynamic keywords, active verbs, consistent style and, of course, no errors.

4. Additional Services Are Available
The best resume services don’t just help their clients with resume writing, they provide many helpful services. These typically include cover letter writing, which can be extremely difficult to write, as well as creating professional biographies, building LinkedIn profiles, writing thank you notes, career coaching, social media analysis and more. Once you find a great resume writing service, consider using as many of their professional services as possible. These services can be your ticket to success and earning a great new job.

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