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6 LinkedIn Tips From The Best Resume Writer Service

Aside from having a killer resume, using LinkedIn can be one of the most valuable tools in your job-hunting arsenal. However, many people either haven’t signed up or they haven’t really utilized this social media site. To help you create the best possible profile, we compiled some tips from the best resume writer service.

1. Create A Great Headline
One of the great things about LinkedIn is that you can create a fabulous page that attracts attention from recruiters. Even if you aren’t actively looking for work, a great new opportunity might come to you, if you play your LinkedIn cards right, so to speak. The first step is to create a headline that will leave recruiters wanting to know more.

A run-of-the-mill LinkedIn headline might just state your basic job description, but it really helps to add as much information as possible and include certain keywords that attract recruiters and hiring managers. For instance, if you simply put IT Specialist, this doesn’t really say much. You might say instead – IT Management Specialist, Apple, Cisco, Linux & Microsoft Certified. This provides a bit more tangible information about your skills.

2. Add A Fabulous Photo
While you don’t include a photo with your resume, our top-ranked, best resume writer service recommends that you upload a high-quality, professional image onto your LinkedIn page. Dress in professional attire for this shot, don’t just select a picture from your last trip to Cabo or a picture where your hair is a mess and your clothes are wrinkled. On the flip side, while you want to take a formal portrait, be sure to smile so that you look friendly and accessible. Make sure your image takes up about 60% of the frame, as well.

3. Build Your Network
Once you’ve filled in all of the sections of the LinkedIn profile and uploaded your amazing photo, now it’s time to start linking with others. Start with co-workers, friends and family. When you make a new business acquaintance, add them to your LinkedIn network.

4. Change Your URL
When you sign up for LinkedIn, it will assign you with a random LinkedIn URL. It is best to go into your profile and edit this URL so that it reads www.linkedin.com/in/Your-Name. This is just easier for people to remember than a series of numbers and letters. To edit this, just go to your profile page and click on the link that says “Edit public profile & URL.”

5. Add Your Resume
One you’ve hired the best resume writer service to create a fantastic resume, be sure to show it off on LinkedIn. All you have to do is go to your profile and click on the pencil icon at the right top of your profile, just under your profile picture. Once you are in profile editing screen, scroll down to the end of page to where it says Media. Click on Upload and add your resume. You also can use this feature to uploaded videos and presentations that you have created, which is always a great idea.

6. Stay Involved
A LinkedIn profile is powerful if you use it to its best advantage. Update your page frequently, adding contacts and interesting news articles and videos. Consider joining some of the groups related to your industry or interests. If you’ve changed your appearance, be sure to upload a great new photo, and, of course, update your profile when you get a new job or perhaps add to your educational experience.

If you are a bit worried about building your LinkedIn profile, consider contacting our pick for the best resume writer service. Resume Writing Group not only can create a great resume and an eye-catching cover letter, they also can create a customized LinkedIn profile just for you. Using all three of these services definitely can increase your likelihood of gaining a fantastic new job.