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Companies That Write Resumes & 5 Red Flags To Consider

If you are searching for companies that write resumes, you obviously want to choose the best possible option. After all, not only are you paying for their services, these writers can make or break your chances of gaining an interview and, ultimately, a great new job. While you look over various resume websites, be sure to be on the lookout for the following signs that indicate a service is not worth your time or money.

1. No Resume Samples Are Provided
Most companies that write resumes will include a few samples of their work, and it’s important that you take a look at each sample to verify that they are able to write a well-organized resume without any errors. However, if the company in question neither posts samples of their resumes nor will they provide you with samples upon request, this definitely is a red flag. If their writing is great, why would they hesitate to show it off?

2. The Samples Are Less Than Inspiring
Of course, a company might provide you with samples, but they could be examples of lackluster or dull resumes. A great resume is not just free from errors; it’s also dynamic and easy-to-read and sells the idea of you to a hiring manager. Great resumes also are filled with important keywords, the type of keywords that hiring managers look for as they skim your resume. Your resume also should be more than a quick listing of your skills; it should showcase how your skills benefitted your employers. If the samples don’t seem to fit these criteria, it’s best to consider finding other companies that write resumes instead.

3. The Website Contains Errors
As you are reading through the information on a resume writing company’s website, if you notice a bunch of careless errors, this can be a red flag. Companies usually hire third-party web designers to create their websites, and these website designers might have created both the written content as well as the design. So, while it might not be a true indicator of the quality of the resume you might purchase, it’s still looks sloppy.

If the owners of the resume company haven’t even proofread their own website, what does this say to you? To us, it seems like this is a company that doesn’t really pay attention to the details, and sometimes the smallest issues can cost you job interviews. As you peruse companies that write resumes, skip over the ones that make obvious spelling and grammar errors.

4. The Sparse Website
A great resume site should have great content. It might not showcase the best design in the world, but it should offer plenty of information about the available services. Often a great resume site also will provide you with a bunch of helpful blog articles or job-hunting tips. With so many writers on staff, companies that write resumes should have no trouble adding relevant content to their websites. The website also should list the company’s membership in various resume writing associations, such as PARWCC (Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches).

5. They Don’t Offer Any Guarantees
It has been said that there are no guarantees in life, but this isn’t necessarily true about all of the products and services we buy. Companies that write resumes shouldn’t hesitate to stand by their work and offer up some type of guarantee. At the very least, they should guarantee that the resume will be error-free or they will refund your money or fix the resume, etc.

In fact, our top pick among companies that write resumes, offers a very unique guarantee. ResumeWritingGroup.com guarantees that if you use their resume and follow their advice, but aren’t employed in 45 days or less, they will refund your resume payment and give you an extra $100. That definitely is a signal that this company is confident about its team of resume writers.