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The Truth About Resume Guarantees

It’s been said that there are no guarantees in life, but we certainly see plenty of resume writing companies offering guaranteed resumes for sale. But are these guarantees all they are cracked up to be? Is this the best way to determine which resume company to use? Let’s break it down.

1. Resumes Should Be Guaranteed
If a resume writing company doesn’t stand by their work, this is a bad sign. In fact, if we might be so bold, we firmly believe that you should never buy a resume unless the company offers some sort of resume guarantee.

Typically, a lack of a guarantee indicates that this website is probably just churning out subpar resumes written by part-timers with little to no experience with resume writing. You definitely don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a resume sweatshop. You deserve a quality resume that will attract the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter.

2. You Must Read The Guarantee
While guaranteed resumes tend to be a good thing, it is crucial that you read the fine print of the guarantee. Sometimes it can be tricky to find the actual text that explains the guarantee.

Some companies will place it in their Q &A section, while others might actually have a tab that links to a guarantee page. A few companies hide their guarantee so that it can be very difficult for customers to find.

For instance, one several websites, we had to scroll to the bottom of the homepage, click on the site map and then search for guarantees or terms. Then we were able to find the actual guarantee.

3. Resume Guarantees Range In Scope
In some cases, a resume service simply will offer to revise your resume if you don’t get any interviews within a set period of time, usually between 30 to 60 days. Some companies will give you your money back, provided you adhere to a long list of rules and regulations.

For instance, perhaps if you are not hired in 60 days or you receive no interviews, they will refund the cost of the resume. Of course, be prepared to show proof as to where you sent resumes as well as providing a receipt for services from the resume company.

Which type of guaranteed resume is best? While sometimes people hire resume writers to simply provide them with an updated resume just in case a recruiter should call or a job opportunity should pop up unexpectedly, most resume customers are in the process of finding a job.

If the ultimate goal is to use that resume to help you get hired, perhaps the resume guarantee should speak to that. Perhaps it’s best to find a resume guarantee that states if you are not hired within a set period of time, the resume company will revise your resume at no charge or refund your money.

4. There Are Other Factors To Consider
While offering guaranteed resumes is positive, it’s not the only way to gauge the quality of a resume company. For instance, take a look at the samples provided on the website and if there aren’t any samples, ask for some. If the company won’t provide them, it’s probably not a great resume service.

Take a look at the prices the company charges for a resume. In general, if you find a cheap $29 resume, you’ll end up with a resume that isn’t worth $29 or perhaps it’s not even worth the cost of the paper on which it was printed.

Typically, an entry level resume will cost you about $80 and professional and upper-level management resumes will cost between $100 and $200 dollars. Government and federal resumes also can be around the $200 mark.

Also, be wary of services that promise you a resume in 24 hours or less. Often, you’ll end up with a less-than-awesome resume that just rehashes the information you provided. The writer really won’t take the time to think about a solid resume strategy, and that’s crucial if you truly want a resume that attracts attention.

Of course, occasionally time is of the essence. Rush services are available from many reputable resume companies, but you will pay an extra fee for this quick turnaround.

Additionally, see if you can find information about the resume writers. Many companies simply hire part-time stringers to write resumes and these individuals often don’t have experience with resume writing. Resume writing is different than many other types of writing, and it’s crucial that you use a company with full-time professional writers.

Our favorite service, Resume Writing Group, even has a page with short bios for each of the writers discussing their years of experience as well as their specific areas of expertise. After all, a resume for a nurse will look vastly different than a resume for an engineer or a bartender or a teacher.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t actually write resumes. Our goal has been to find the best possible resume writing companies out there. With so many choices available, it can be tough for consumers to find the best option.

Our top pick, Resume Writing Group does offer guaranteed resumes and their resume guarantee is unique. If you use their resume and follow their advice, but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund your resume and give you an additional $100.

We took a moment to look at this “advice” and determine just what it entailed. We were surprised to find that it was an extremely helpful guide covering several pages. The advice provided not only will help you find the best places to send your resume, it also included tips to market yourself successfully.

Even if you don’t use Resume Writing Group’s guaranteed resumes (although we highly recommend it), definitely take some time to review their career advice section. There’s some valuable stuff in there, and if you are serious about your career, their advice truly can help you make the most of your job search.