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6 Surprising Facts From A Professional Resume Writing Service

If you are changing careers, entering the workforce or simply searching for a new job, you might think that your qualifications are enough to get you hired. Unfortunately, while you might be the perfect fit for a particular job, professional resume writing service experts know that aside from being a personable, hard-working and well-trained potential employee, there are a few crucial facts you need to consider.

1. It’s All Who You Know
Your contact list is one of your most valuable tools, so don’t be afraid to ask these contacts for help. If you know someone at a company where you are applying, ask that person to put in a good word for you. Even if they work in a different department, they still might be able to casually mention you and sing your praises.

In addition to your other qualifications, this added recommendation can really set you apart from the pack. A personal recommendation is one of your most powerful job hunting tools, and if the hiring manager hears from a fellow co-worker that you are a good fit for the company, this carries a great deal of weight.

2. There Are Many “Hidden” Job Opportunities
Once again, think about your contact list. While many jobs are posted online, many other jobs will not be posted. If you have a friend, family member, acquaintance or former classmate working at a company that interests you, ask them about possible job opportunities. Even if your contacts don’t have an opening in their company, they might know someone at another firm that is hiring, and through networking, you might be able to gain an interview or at least a chance to send in your resume.

3. Quality Is More Important Than Qualifications
While you might have a good amount of experience and plenty of training and qualifications for a specific job, this is not the only factor a hiring manager considers. In fact, a hiring manager’s goal is to find the most qualified person that will fit well into the company culture. You might be slightly less qualified than another candidate, but if you seem like you will fit better into the corporate structure, you might be the better choice.

4. Your Social Media Prescience Counts
Many professional resume writing service providers offer social media reviews. During this review, they study your online profile and provide recommendations to help you appear as professional as possible. If you don’t think employers aren’t looking at your Facebook page, your Twitter posts and other online postings, think again. If you look irresponsible and unprofessional online, this can make the difference between a hiring manager selecting you for a job or another candidate. About 90% of hiring managers and recruiters will take a glance at your social media profile before they hire you.

5. Your Job Interview Skills Are Crucial
We all get nervous at an interview, and hiring managers understand that you might be a bit anxious. However, most hiring managers will tell you that even if an interview lasts 30 minutes, it only takes two or three minutes to size you up and decide whether or not you are a good fit for a job. Your first impressions are crucial, so be sure to look professional, act professional and practice, practice, practice your interview skills. Don’t forget to also research the companies where you interview, this allows you to provide more thoughtful answers that truly speak to the company goals and mission.

6. Your Resume Only Gets A Quick Glance
If a hiring manager only spends about 10 seconds glancing at each resume they see, your resume better very quickly set you apart from other candidates for the job. In addition, if you resume contains any careless errors, you can pretty much kiss your chances of employment goodbye.

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New Employee Tips From A Professional Resume Writing Service

After a professional resume writing service has created an amazing resume and you performed exquisitely during job interviews and got the job, the next big hurdle is getting through the first few weeks at a new job. While these first few days and weeks can be a bit daunting, the following tips might ease your anxiety.

1. Show Some Enthusiasm

While people probably will be turned off if you greet everyone with a hug and, in a booming voice, express how happy you are to be “part of the team,” neither will they be impressed with someone who just shrugs and nods when introduced to others. To make a good first impression, one tip from a professional resume writing service would be to greet co-workers with a friendly smile and an, “it’s nice to meet you.” Also, add their name to this last sentence, as in “it’s nice to meet you, Sarah.” This helps you remind all of the many names you have to learn during those first few weeks.

While you don’t have to immediately become best friends with all of your co-workers, it is a good idea to show some interest in them as human beings. After all, you will be spending eight hours each day (at least) with these people, so it’s good to find something of interest about each co-worker. However, one professional resume writing service tip to never forget: Steer clear of office politics. Don’t gossip and don’t get involved in gossip. If someone starts bashing the boss or a co-worker, just plead ignorance and casually extricate yourself from the conversation.

2. Ask Questions, But Limit The Number

If you don’t know something, don’t pretend that you do. However, as a professional resume writing service employee can attest, don’t continue to ask the same questions over and over again. To ensure that you don’t keep asking the same questions, take notes while a person answers your question. That way, you can simply look back at your notes if needed. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification before getting down to business. If there is something you don’t understand about the directions that were given, say so. But, again, take notes, so that you don’t have to keep asking.

3. Be A Dependable Employee

The best way to say thank you to a new employer is to be a good employee. This means you show up on time and ready to work. Complete assignments in a timely fashion and double check your work. If you do finish your tasks and see that another co-worker could use help with a task, ask if you can assist. Likewise, if you finish up, ask your boss if there is something else you could tackle. As professional resume writing service experts, we know that it’s always a good idea to show that you are helpful and willing to help others.

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