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5 Job-Winning Tips From Resume Builder Companies

Your dream awaits, but do you have what it takes to impress a hiring manager? If you aren’t feeling 100% confident, consider following this list of job-winning tips which we’ve compiled from experts at some of our top-rated resume builder companies.

1. Find A Perfect Match
Finding a great job can be a bit like finding our perfect mate. Search for jobs that match your skills as well as your personality. For instance, some people are more comfortable working at a large corporation while others prefer a smaller work setting. Some people want to take on leadership roles, while others work best as part of a team. You also need to ensure that you have the skills to be successful at a given job, otherwise you are unlikely to get past the interview stage.

Make a list of your skills, and this includes hard skills, such as your proficiency with specific software programs, language fluency, certifications you’ve obtained, experience in the industry, etc. You also need to consider your soft skills, which can be just as important. These include skills such as your work ethic, your ability to lead, your ability to work as a member of a team, your creativity and so on. Professional resume builder companies will study all of this information to create a resume that showcases tangible examples of both your soft and hard skills, creating a profile that demonstrates you to be a well-rounded potential employee.

If you are researching companies that are not in your immediate area, it is crucial that you learn all that you can about this geographic area. For instance, you need to study housing costs and understand the local transportation options, as well as the length of your commute. While a job might seem like a perfect fit, it might not be a great match if you spend two or three hours per day commuting into work simply because the housing market near your workplace is out of your price range. Naturally, you won’t be spending all of your time at work, so research the area to see if it is a good fit for your hobbies and interests.

2. Research Companies
Before you begin sending out resumes, start thinking about where you would like to apply for a job. Research companies in your area, as well as in other cities, if you are willing to make a move. Don’t send out a resume until you have researched the company carefully. You need to know if this is a place where you will feel comfortable. Does this company share your values and vision? If not, it might not be a good fit.

Additionally, you need to know some facts about a company before you step into an interview. Learning about the key players, the primary goals and the mission statement of a company, as well as understanding the services the company provides to clients will help you answer questions more effectively.

3. Update Your Professional Image
If your current workplace is fairly casual, your appearance might be a bit too laid back and need an upgrade. Professional attire and a new haircut can help transform your look for job interviews. Of course, it’s not just about the clothes, it’s also about how you present yourself to the world in general.

Most hiring managers will glance through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to study up on your social media presence. If your posts are inappropriate, this can cost you a great job. Some resume builder companies can provide you with a social media analysis and keeping your online presence as professional as possible is always a smart move, so consider using this add-on service when you purchase your resume.

Everyone, regardless of work experience, should consider practicing their interviewing skills. Even a seasoned professional could use a bit of practice, as it might have been many years since you’ve been the interviewee. Practice your answers to typical interview questions as well as your posture and eye contact, as this preparation will make you feel more confident and comfortable during interviews.

4. Network, Network, Network
They say it’s all about who you know, and to a certain extent, this is true. Networking can help you grow as a professional and create contacts that can help you find job openings that otherwise would be closed to you. A recommendation from a colleague can be a huge boost to your career.

Consider joining local business groups and create a LinkedIn account, if you haven’t already done so. LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, and many recruiters use this social media site to find job candidates. However, your LinkedIn profile needs to be top-notch and many professional resume builder companies can help you create a great LinkedIn profile. We highly recommend hiring a professional resume writer to create this profile for you.

5. Utilize The Services Of Resume Builder Companies
Obviously, writers from resume builder companies will suggest that you hire a professional to write your resume. However, hiring a pro doesn’t just benefit the resume writer, it also benefits you, as a potential employee. Resume writing is an art form, and most people simply don’t know how to create a dynamic, engaging resume that features the type of crucial information that hiring managers want to see.

The best resume builder companies typically charge $85 to $200 for their services, but if you use a great resume writer, it’s well worth the cost. Our top pick for resume builder companies even offers a unique guarantee. If you follow their advice and use the resume the create, but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund your resume cost and give you an additional $100. You truly have nothing to lose, and their quality, job-winning resumes will help you find and obtain a job where you can excel and advance your career.

Whether you are a recent grad and just starting out, a professional with several years of work experience or perhaps a senior-level executive, using professional resume builder companies just makes sense. Take a look at our top picks, and we highly encourage you to consider using our highest ranked site, Resume Writing Group, as their resumes truly stand out from the pack.