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5 Questions To Ask A Resume Company

If you’ve googled the word “resume,” it probably became quickly apparent that finding a professional resume company isn’t difficult. There are many companies out there, but while they can provide you with a resume, can they provide you with a document that truly attracts the attention of hiring managers? Before you select a service, ask a few important questions.

1. Do You Employ Full-Time Writers?
Too often, a resume company might rely on part-time stringers to create resumes for their clients. If you are going to be paying $100 or more for a resume, you should expect high quality services, but with part-timers you don’t really know if they have extensive resume writing experience.

Whether you send out an email and ask this question or look around the resume company’s website, you should be able to find out something about the writers. A great resume company might even put up bios for their writers, so that you can really learn about the people working on your resume project. If you don’t see any information about the writing staff, this probably isn’t the best resume company for you.

2. Can You Provide Samples Of Your Work?
Aside from reading reviews, taking a look at actual work samples can be a way to ensure that you’ve picked a solid resume company. If the company doesn’t post samples on their website, definitely ask for some. If they refuse, then you have your answer – this isn’t a top-quality resume writing service.

3. How Long Does The Process Take?
Typically when a resume company promises you the moon, such as same-day or overnight services or very low pricing, you should be wary. A good resume company should take between two to four days to create your resume and charge about $100 or more for the service, depending on the complexity of the resume.

For instance, an entry-level resume might only take two days or three at most, while writing a resume for someone applying for a high-level executive position might take a bit longer. Of course, many resume companies do offer rush services for an additional fee, so if you truly need a resume in 24 hours or less, this can be accomplished.

As a side note, entry-level resumes typically cost $80 to $90 from reputable companies, while professional resumes tend to be a bit more than $100 and executive resumes can go as high as $200 or more. Be wary of the $40 resume, as it may not provide the quality you need to attract the attention of hiring managers.

4. Will My Resume Be Edited?
We truly believe that every professionally written resume should be reviewed by more than one person before it is submitted to the client. While the resume writer will edit their work, try to find a resume company that ensures that a second professional editor will be looking over the document.

Even the best writer can make a mistake now and then, and having another set of eyes look over your resume can ensure that your resume is error-free. However, it is still a good idea for you, as the job hunter, to review the contact information on your resume. A resume writer won’t really know if your phone number or email address is correct, so double-check this information yourself.

5. Do You Offer A Guarantee?
If a company doesn’t stand by their work, this is a pretty good indication that their work might not be good enough to stand behind. Ask the resume company if they have a written guarantee, and then study that written guarantee to make sure you understand all of the fine print.

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4 Resume Company Insider Secrets

When crafting a resume, it is essential that you create a document that will appeal to a hiring manager. But what does a hiring manager look at and what do these professionals want to see? That’s the big question, and as resume company professionals, we’ve learned a thing or two about what recruiters want. Before you send out a resume, take a look at our inside look into the mind of hiring managers and recruitment professionals.

1. Grab Their Attention
Did you know that the average hiring manager only spends about 10 seconds scanning each resume? In that short amount of time, you must grab the attention of this professional and encourage them to take a second look. This is one of the biggest benefits of using a professional resume company to create your resume. Professional resume writers know how to create resumes that captivate the reader and persuade them to read the document more thoroughly.

2. Know What Omit
As a hiring manager skims over each resume, there are a few items that immediately attract negative attention and will ensure that your resume doesn’t make it past the skimming over stage. For instance, if you include a photograph, more than 80% of hiring managers will toss out the resume. So, while you do want to put a photo on your LinkedIn profile, it’s something that you almost always should omit on a resume. If your email address appears unprofessional, this is another issue that will cause your resume to end up in the trash pile. If you don’t already have a professional email, be sure to create one immediately. Your personal email should never be used for business-related correspondence.

When it comes to work experience, be sure to list your jobs chronologically, beginning with your most current job. If you are fresh out of college, you can list part-time jobs you’ve held in the recent past, but if you are a professional with a few years of work experience, this info is not relevant. You also want to exclude your age and personal information such as marital status, etc. This is not relevant, and hiring managers typically are not allowed to even ask about these personal issues.

3. Know What To Include
If you were to poll hiring managers and recruiters, they would tell you that there are a few universal skills that they wish to see highlighted on your resume. These skills include your ability to communicate, both on paper as well as verbally, leadership skills, analytical skills, planning and strategic thinking skills and your ability to work as part of a team. Hiring managers want to see flexible employees that can work independently and can collaborate with others. Be sure that your resume demonstrates that you possess these top skills.

Obviously, there are many technical skills that you will need to possess in order to accomplish your various job-related tasks, but these universal skills are helpful in any industry. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a teaching position, an IT position, an engineering job or something else. Leadership, communication, analytical thinking and collaboration always will be appreciated. Be sure to quantify these characteristics with real-life examples.

4. Errors Are Resume Killers
If your resume features even just one misspelled word, you can rest assured that your document will end up in the trash pile. Grammar, syntax and style errors also make your resume appear sloppy and unprofessional. Likewise, if you include incorrect email addresses or phone numbers, you make it impossible for a hiring manager to contact you or any references you might have listed.

Hiring a professional resume company can ensure that your resume is stellar and error-free, but it is imperative that you personally check all phone numbers and emails. After all, a resume writer might be able to provide you with an amazing resume, but they won’t know if phone numbers, email addresses or website URLs are correct, so be sure to proof these items yourself.

Rather than your valuable time searching for the best resume companies, take a look at our short list of top resume writers. Choose one of our top picks and, not only will you be able to score a killer resume, you also can take advantage of some other services these resume companies provide. This includes cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing and even career coaching.