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ResumesPlanet: Is It The “Write” Fit For You?

The internet is ablaze with resume writing sites such as ResumesPlanet.com or 1-On-1Resumes.com, but while they all claim to be the best or one of the top resume sites, how can you really tell. At Top5ResumeWriters.com, we spend our days looking at professional resumes and identifying which companies provide the best and most consistent results. Unfortunately, after reviewing a plethora of so-called professional resumes, we were surprised by some of the issues we uncovered, including the following.

1. Careless Errors
It probably would surprises you to learn that a “professional” resume writer would make a spelling mistake or a grammar error, but sadly, we found quite a few samples that contained one or more of these types of errors. These errors can kill your chances of gaining an interview, and it’s frustrating to note that some of the “top” resume writing sites make these mistakes.

2. A Dull Format
Spending too much time on a trendy resume design usually is a mistake as it places the emphasis more on the look of the resume than the content; a really basic resume also doesn’t attract attention. A resume should look clean, polished and professional with just a bit of flair. We found several resume writing sites that produced resumes with acceptable content, but it just wasn’t attractive to the eye.

3. Dull Writing
The whole point of hiring a professional resume writer, such as ResumePlanets.com, ResumeWritingGroup.com or another site, is that one assumes that the resulting resume will be dynamic and truly highlight your skills and accomplishments. Too often, we saw professional resumes that simply listed the skills, education and work experience without providing any other information or if they did, it lacked the finesse one would expect from a professional writer. Resumes need to contain the dynamic keywords that attract the attention of hiring managers as well as applicant-tracking software, and, sadly, few professional services managed to achieve this goal.

4. Great Website, Sub-Par Resumes
We found quite a few companies with fantastic and informative websites. They looked trendy and flashy, but while the resume site looked great, the resumes we received definitely didn’t inspire us. In fact, some of the best-looking websites produced the worst resumes. This is definitely a case when you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; or rather you shouldn’t judge a resume writing service by its website.

We believe that if you are paying for a professional resume, the result should be as close to perfect as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about careless mistakes or a writing style that will put hiring managers to sleep rather than motivating them to call you in for an interview.

Before you select ResumesPlanet or another site, take a look at our comparison list. We’ve placed Resume Writing Group at the top of our list for several reasons. Not only did this firm produce an exceptional, error-free and stylish resume, this was the only company that actually contacted us to ask questions prior to writing the resume. The results speak for themselves – a job-winning and flawless resume that will entice hiring managers.