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5 Cover Letter Tips From Resume Writing Experts

Unless a job posting specifically states that you should not send a cover letter with your resume, it can be smart to include this extra information. A cover letter provides you with an opportunity to expand upon your resume and share a bit of your personality and passion. Before you sit down and write, consider our list of cover letter tips from resume writing experts.

1. Grab Their Attention
Please don’t start your letting by stating, “I am interesting in obtaining a job position at your company . . .” Or, “I am writing to you regarding the job opening at your company . . .” If you are sending a resume and cover letter to a hiring manager, it’s already pretty obvious that you are looking for a job. The resume writing experts know that your opening paragraph should express enthusiasm and express why you’ve chosen to send your resume to that particular company.

For instance, perhaps you were inspired by a newspaper article you read about the company’s goals. On the other hand, you might want to start off the letter with a brief story from your past that led you to your career. Another option might be to start by expressing a strong belief you have about the industry, particularly if that belief is similar to the mission statement of the company.

2. Personalize Each Letter
Resume writing experts, such as our top-ranked resume companies, usually provide cover letter writing services. This can be an excellent option, and you can simply alter this well-written letter and customize it for each hiring manager. Be sure to search for the name and job title of the person in charge of hiring, and adjust the letter so that the skills your possess match the skills listed in the job posting.

3. Stick With A Single Page
Typically, a short but sweet cover letter is best. Hiring managers don’t have a ton of time, and they certainly don’t want have to sift through a multi-page cover letter. In fact, resume writing experts say most hiring managers only spend about a minute reading through a cover letter. Stick with a short format of three or four paragraphs at the most. Begin a paragraph introducing yourself, spend some time describing why your hard and soft skills make you a strong candidate, and end with a request for an interview.

4. Expand Upon Your Resume, But Don’t Repeat It
Don’t waste precious cover letter space by relisting what your resume already states. The cover letter allows you to expand upon your skills and provide a clear example of your strengths. Rather than stating, “I have spent the last five years working at Smith Advertising Agency,” instead focus on what you actually did during the years, as the hiring manager can see the name of the company and the years you spent there clearly stated on your resume.

5. Keep The Design Consistent
While a resume format differs from a professional letter format, keep the general style the same. Keep the margins the same size and use the same typefaces and fonts you used for your resume. This is a small detail, and while a hiring manager might not notice that the style between your cover letter and resume are similar, they probably will notice if the style differs drastically. Keep it similar, with a clean, easy-to-read design and the hiring manager will focus on the content rather that design issues.

Writing a cover letter can be extremely difficult, but you don’t have to do it yourself. Let the resume writing experts handle job. We’ve reviewed dozens of resume writing companies, and rated Resume Writing Group as our top pick. They consistently produced excellent resumes, and we highly recommend that you consider using their team of professional writers for your cover letter, as well.