The Job Interview: 4 Unique Tips From Professional Resume Writers

You’ve spent several years in school, training for a job in your chosen industry. While you might be prepared to do the actual work required for this job, it’s also important that you be well prepared to actually get the job itself. If the idea of interviewing seems daunting, the following tips from professional resume writers might ease your fears.

1. Get Off To A Great Start

The average hiring manager spends less than one minute glancing at each resume he or she receives. This means that in order to even get an interview, your resume must stand out from the rest. This is one of the best reasons to hire professional resume writers.

Your professional resume writers will create a resume that is tailored specifically for the job at hand, including the types of dynamic keywords that attract attention. A pro can highlight the skills you have that a potential boss seeks. Remember that a resume is never about what you want. A resume is a document that showcases what your skills can bring to the company, and a professional resume writer can design the resume hiring managers want to see as well as a fantastic cover letter.

2. Pack Your Bags

Ok, well pack just one bag. Invest in some type of professional briefcase or bag and fill it up with everything you will need for your interview. This includes copies of your resume and a list of references as well as pens and a pad of paper. You can use this paper to jot down notes from the meeting. Bring a list of questions to ask a potential employer, as well.

Often, during an interview, you will have a chance to ask questions, and it’s wise to have some questions prepared. Ask about a typical work day or work week or ask about company performance expectations. Inquire what three skills will be the most important for a new employee to possess. You also can ask your interviewers how long they have worked with the company and the reasons why they enjoy the work environment.

3. Dress To The Nines

While you certainly aren’t expected to wear formalwear, you should look very professional. Even if you are interviewing for a company where employees work in casual clothing, wear professional work attire for the interview. Make sure the clothing fits properly and looks good. If you look professional, this will help you feel professional, as well.

4. Practice Your Answers

During most interviews, the hiring manager or hiring team will tend to ask the same sort of questions. These tend to include discussing your strengths and weaknesses, providing some basic details about yourself and so on. Practicing the answers to these questions will make you feel more comfortable during each interview.

Professional resume writers know that practice is essential, therefore, many resume writing services also provide interview and career coaching. This can be a great service to consider, especially if you are fresh out of college or trade school and you have little interviewing experience. You also can ask friends or family to help you practice your answers as well as how to sit and how to converse professionally with a hiring team.

5. The Professional Follow-Up

While you don’t want to be a pest, sending a thank you note is always a good idea after an interview. Professional resume writers also can craft these notes which basically thank a hiring manager for his or her time. These notes showcase your professionalism as well as showing common courtesy. You also can add information or clarify information that you might have neglected to bring up during the interview.

If you need a resume, we highly recommend hiring professional resume writers. At Top 5 Resume Writers, our job is to help you find the best possible resume writers. Take a look at our suggestions, and then head to the top websites and check out their resume services.

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