The Reality Of Resumes: Facts & Tips From A Resume Writing Service

Did you know that the average recruiter spends less than 10 seconds looking at each resume he or she receives? In addition, only about one out of every five job applicants actually gets called in for an interview. These facts might seem depressing, but what they really show is how crucial it is to have an amazing resume.

We always recommend that you hire a top-notch resume writing service to create your resume, but if you plan on doing it yourself, there are a few facts and tips that will help you create a resume that attracts attention.

Resume writing service experts know that there is no one-size-fits-all resume nor is there a one-size-fits-all employee. If you are seeking a specific job position, you need to make sure that your resume is tailored specifically for that job or industry. While great employees may possess many similar skills across industries, your resume needs to show that you understand what types of skills are needed within an industry.

For instance, the skills needed for a job as a financial planner are not identical to the skills of a fund manager, even though they both work in similar fields. The skills of a paralegal and a legal secretary will have similarities, but these are not identical jobs. The staff at a resume writing service understands that each job is unique so they create resumes that truly speak to the job opening.

It might surprise you to learn that about half of all resumes contain lies. Perhaps someone states that they finished college but actually did not. Another common lie is listing skills you don’t possess. Surprisingly, many people even make up the names of fake companies or out-of-business companies and list it under work experience. The last you think you want is to have a prospective employer catch you in a lie, so all resume writing service specialists will tell you, honesty is the best policy. It’s easier to be upfront about a problem, then to be forced to explain later why you lied about it.

The design of your resume either can attract attention or detract from your skills and qualifications. While a resume that is too busy with multiple fonts and colors might convey that you are a bit too whimsical and not a serious potential employee, a drab resume probably will end up in the rejection pile. A good resume is crisp, clean and functional with a consistent style throughout. At a resume writing service, for example, the staff might stick with just two fonts and will boldface specific categories and add bullets to help highlight your skills or achievements.

People often include information that is irrelevant and then fail to include pertinent information when writing their own resume. The writers at a resume writing service will have a better idea of what to include and what to leave out. Hiring managers are looking for people with problem solving and leadership skills, as well as strong communication skills, both written and oral. Evidence of this definitely should show up on your resume, and these skills are more important than your personal information. Hiring managers don’t have time to read about your hobbies and background, they need to quickly ascertain if you have the skills needed for the position, so stick with the education, experience and skills you possess.

Hiring a resume writing service is one of the smartest things you can do prior to beginning a job search. At Top 5 Resume Writers, we can point you in the direction of the best resume writing service to ensure that your resume is head and shoulders above the rest.

Our top resume writing service choices also provide additional services such as crafting dynamic cover letters and providing career coaching so that you are as prepared as possible for the job hunt.

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