The Top 10 Resume Writing Services: How To Select A Writer

There are hundreds of resume writing websites, and if you want to find the top 10 resume writing services, you need to look for certain characteristics. We’ve found that the best resume websites tend to offer the following items.

1. Professional & Full-Time Employees
Because you don’t actually meet a resume writer face to face, it’s easy for resume writing companies to simply hire a bunch of freelancers rather than constructing a team of professional, highly-qualified resume experts. Writing a resume is a highly specialized type of technical writing, so you need to select a site that promises that all of their resumes are written by professional, full-time resume writers. If possible, also look for resume websites that are members of a resume organization, such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC).

2. Actual Human Contact
When you order a resume with most writing websites, you simply email your information and a copy of your current resume (if you have one). Then the writer completes their task and sends you a final copy. This might be fine, but it can be beneficial for the writer to actually contact you via email and ask some pertinent questions, really delving into your work history and qualifications. Sadly, even among the top 10 resume writing services, we found only one site that contacted us to ask questions.

3. A Myriad of Services
A great resume service offers a bit more beyond resumes, truly providing you with all you need to prepare for a successful job search. For instance, many of the top 10 resume writing services offer additional services such as cover letter writing and career coaching and perhaps LinkedIn profile writing.

4. A Written Guarantee
Some of the websites we’ve seen, will state that they are one of the top 10 resume writing services – guaranteed. However, they might state this fact, but they won’t actually guarantee their services, they just kind of make a vague statement about how you are guaranteed to love their services. Be sure that the resume site you select, offers a tangible guarantee. For instance, a site might guarantee that you are hired within a set amount of time or they will re-do your resume for free or perhaps they promise you a refund if you spot any error on your resume. If a company won’t stand by its work, it is wise to search for another site.

5. Resume Samples
While viewing resume samples might not guarantee that your resume will be amazing, a website that won’t even show you a sample of their work is sketchy and should be avoided. Most resume sites will provide you with samples, either on their website or by request, but definitely be wary of a site that doesn’t provide multiple samples of their finished products.

If you are still uncertain how to pick one of the top 10 resume writing services, we can help. We’ve reviewed resumes from hundreds of websites and come up with a short list of quality options. In fact, our top pick,, was able to fulfill all of the qualifications listed in this article. We highly recommend using their website and taking advantage of some of their other helpful services.

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