Top Ten Resume Writing Services Tips

The experience of hunting for a new job can be daunting to say the least, but if you follow our top ten resume writing service tips, the process can be much easier. We’ve collected these top ten resume writing services tips from some of the best professional resume writers in the business, and they’ve crafted thousands of successful resumes that attract the attention of hiring managers.

1. Hire A Professional
Number one on our list of top ten resume writing services tips is hiring a professional to create your resume and cover letter. Not only will a professional provide you with an error-free resume, they also know they type of language that attracts hiring managers. These managers only have a few seconds to skim each resume they receive, so yours needs to stand out and a stand-out resume is exactly what a professional can provide.

2. Double-Check Your Contact Information
While a professional resume writer can ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors or style errors on a resume, they can’t ensure that your contact information is correct. If you provide the wrong phone number or email address, it’s pretty tough for a hiring manager to contact you about an interview.

3. Practice Your Listening Skills
Often, people are so nervous during interviews (or busy formulating answers in their head) that they forget to simply stop and listen to what a hiring manager says. Bring along a notebook and jot down some key points that the hiring manager mentions during the interview. This information might help you formulate thoughtful questions or provide you with valuable information about job requirements, the company culture and other important details.

4. Know Who You Are Contacting
Many people will simply send out resumes to dozens of companies without really understanding the job position or the company. If you see a job posting that looks promising, read the post carefully and then learn a little bit about the company to ensure that this is the right fit for you. Job hunting is not just about scoring a job; it’s about finding the best employment fit for you.

5. Gain Some Knowledge
Along the same lines as the last tip, before you head out on an interview, study up on the company and, if possible, some of the key players in the organization. Understand the company goals and mission and think about how your skills can benefit the company. Think about how your strengths and experience complement these company goals or needs and highlight this information during the interview.

6. Design A Resume For Robots & Humans
These days, many companies use applicant tracking software to weed out potential employees from those that aren’t a good fit. This software will look for specific keywords and you need to make sure that these keywords are found in your resume. However, it’s a balance as you also want a resume that doesn’t simply look like a page of target keywords, as this will fail to impress a hiring manager and simply looks awkward. This is another reason why we recommend using professional resume writers as they can strike a balance between appealing to a human hiring manager and to the tracking software.

7. Change Up Your Resume
While a professional resume writer will provide you with a top-notch resume, you may need to tweak this document a bit when sending it out. While the original document might be perfect for some companies, you might need to add or omit some information for other companies. Tailor your resume to fit each job posting and company before you send it out.

8. Show Some Personality (But Not Too Much)
Imagine the following scenario. Two candidates interview for the same job. Both look and sound professional, answering questions with all the proper responses. One candidate is polite and ticks all the right boxes, but doesn’t really show any personality, while the other candidate has a bit more enthusiasm and vivacity. Hiring managers are definitely looking for people who have the qualifications they need, but they also are searching for people that fit well into the company culture and they are trying to gauge this during your interview. So, show some enthusiasm for the job and the company, but not too much. If you come off as too loud or obnoxious, this also sets the wrong tone.

9. Don’t Be Too Aggressive
There’s nothing from with showing initiative, in fact employers love to see people with creativity and enthusiasm. However, they don’t want someone who calls again and again after an interview. They also don’t want someone asking if they’ve got the job immediately after the interview. Nor do hiring managers want someone who walks into an interview and states, “this is why you need to hire me.” You want to come off as confident, but not pushy and arrogant.

10. Be Sure To Say Thank You
The final tidbit from our top ten resume writing services tips is to be sure to follow up and send a thank you note after the interview. Your note should be short, but thoughtful and perhaps could include any follow-up information you might have forgotten to mention during your interview. If you aren’t quite sure what to write, many professional resume writing services can write thank you notes for you, in addition to all of their other resume-related services.

Aside from offering you these top ten resume writing services tips, we also can recommend some of the top professional resume writers. Check out our list and select one of our top choices to ensure that you send out the highest quality resumes and cover letters.

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