Resume Writing Tips

Fundamental Tips For Writing A Great Resume

The Internet is awash with hundreds of resume writing tips. It is our experience that the following are some of the most relevant...and essential:  1) Support all of your experience claims with actual examples, 2) Use bulleted points to show not just what you did but also to show what you learned on previous jobs that will help future employers, 3) Use your cover letter to briefly summarize/highlight your strengths and develop greater employer interest in scanning your resume to support your cover letter's claims, 4) Use powerful keywords AND illustrate points with numbers/sales figures, etc, 5) Use intriguing titles: For example, instead of 'Bookkeeper,' you might put 'Management of A/R, A/P, & Financial Recordkeeping. Doing so may even inspire an interview and in-person, verbal requests for more clarification (i..e a "foot-in-the-door"), 6) If there are gaps in your employment history, significant career changes, or very little experience to show, then consider using a functional resume format instead of a chronological resume format.

Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Site

Remember: The purpose of a resume is to help you score job interviews... NOT to be hired. It is usually the purpose of an interview to determine whether or not you'll actually get the job.  Most resume writing companies pledge to revise your resume if you do not get interviews from the document they produce on your behalf. Some will simply revise it until you are satisfied regardless of whether the resume they create results in interviews or not. A couple of sites actually go so far as to guarantee jobs (ResumeWritingGroup.Com and TheResumeWritingExperts.Com, for example, offer to refund your money, rewrite your resume, AND pay out some additional cash if you're not hired within ___ days).  These job guarantee sites seem to contradict the notion that resumes are supposed to land you interviews and not to land you jobs however, our own experience with ResumeWritingGroup and ResumeWritingExperts was superior to the other sites we tested and so, it can be assumed that these sites are simply "playing the numbers" and entrusting that by doing a top-notch job, a strong percentage of their clients will get job interviews and thus, hired by employers. It's reasonable to assume that "job guarantee" sites budget a certain amount to give a way in refunds each year---as a cost of doing business (sort of like insurance companies!). However, most of them do have strict terms of compliance for being refunded on the basis of a "no job claim." Many of these terms appear to be prudent to protect the companies from false claims however, these same terms have given them a 'bad rap' from clients upset that they could not get refunds when they weren't hired after __ days. That aside, the bottom line is that the resume writing sites who DO offer these guarantees clearly produce better work than those who do not (as is evidenced by the resumes posted on this website) and so, the validity of the "guarantee" is irrelevant. Your top priority should be to select the company who will do the best work and give you the greatest chance of success. In our opinion, your best bet is ResumeWritingGroup and we're sure after you look at the resume THEY produced for us and compare it with what the other sites produced for'll agree!

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