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What is Top 5 Resume Writers?

This is the only site where you can actually view resumes WRITTEN BY 5 DIFFERENT PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITING SERVICES FOR THE SAME PERSON ( was the winner of our independent study, hands-down!). It is because we were very familiar with the exaggerated claims many resume writing firms make, that we invested time & money into purchasing resume writing services from our own professional resume writers and others so we could post REAL results online and compare their work publicly following an independent study by an unbiased panel. Although the job candidate featured in the resume had some association with a resume site, those who reviewed and ranked the resumes were given NO incentive and had NO idea which resume was written by which company. We assigned each resume a simple number and reviewers ranked based on that number. Resume sites were judged based on their website usability, customer service, resume price, turnaround time, content, organization, presentation, etc; Though we listed the "Top 5 sites," only 2 of them are what we'd consider to be "GREAT."  The third is just "average" and the other two "Top 5" sites were subpar. We strive to continue gathering information periodically to educate consumers about the realities of professional resume writing sites. Click any of the 5 resume writing websites on the right to see the resume their writers created.

What Makes This Different From ALL Other Review Sites?

Other review sites provide (often biased) opinions of resume writing companies while offering no evidence to support their claims. Their credentials for review also seem shoddy at best. Top5ResumeWriters.Com is the FIRST SITE IN HISTORY TO have actually purchased, reviewed, and critiqued the REAL works of multiple resume writing companies and posted them online for consumers to see. On this site you will see the same person's resume written 5 different ways by the best 5 professional resume writers we found. Our only perfect, 5-star ranking, however, went to ResumeWritingGroup.Com

Even though this site is owned and sponsored by the Azoos network, the opinions presented are based on outside, third party review. No one was paid to review and those resumes from companies outside of our network were actually purchased, paid for --and presented precisely how the companies wrote them (obviously with the address changed etc;).  We asked each company/site for permission to post their resume for review prior to doing so--and those who declined are not mentioned here.

How Can I Tell People About MY Experience With A Resume Writing Site?

Use our "submit your review" link to tell us about your own experience with any particular resume writing sites. Please be sure to include copies of your original resume or any materials you submitted to their professional resume writers along with the final draft they returned to you. We will review it and consider it when we re-assess the industry's various resume writing websites. Note: By submitting your resume, you give us authorization to post it on Top5ResumeWriters.Com in any future rendition of our own site.

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