Professional Resume Writers: Elevate Your Job Search

We all want to “get hired,” but rather than simply gaining employment, it’s also crucial to find a job that you actually enjoy. This takes some time and research, and not only can professional resume writers create a great resume for you, but they also can provide advice that helps you find the best possible job options for you.

Obviously, if you need a resume, professional writers can help. But many people don’t know that some of the top resume writing services, such as Resume Writing Group, also provide career coaching services and place a large amount of helpful information on their website. Here’s some solid advice we’ve found from some of the best resume writing sites.

1. Think About What You Want
Some people dream about working for a huge corporation, while others prefer a smaller business where they can really create relationships with clients and co-workers, still others prefer something else entirely, such as working part of the time from home.

Think about the company location, as well. What will your commute be like? Are you willing to relocate? What is the area around the office like? Obviously, items such as salary, benefits and vacation time are important factors, as well, but it’s smart to think about what type of company and company culture you would prefer.

2. Research Companies Before You Send A Resume
Too often, people simply send out tons of resumes without any strategy behind it. Don’t send a resume to a company unless you’ve done some research about the company. You need to know basic information, such as location and number of employees, but also it’s crucial to learn a bit about the company’s mission statement, their services and, again, the company culture.

Not only will this research help you narrow down your search to a list of companies where you probably will enjoy working, but also it will make the interview process easier. If you already know a little bit about the company, you can tailor your answers to what the hiring manager is looking for and you’ll be able to ask more intelligent questions, as well.

3. Personalize Each Resume & Cover Letter
When it comes to writing a resume, professional writers can create an error-free document that contains dynamic language and keywords that hiring managers want to see, but you still may need to personalize each resume a bit.

For instance, perhaps a job posting asks for candidates to possess a specific certification or skill that you have, but it’s not listed on your resume. You may need to add that information. Never send out a resume without thoroughly reading the job posting to ensure that your resume is a fairly close match to the job.

When it comes to cover letters, professional writers definitely can help with these, which can be tricky to write. Still, once you get that amazing cover letter back from your professional writer, it’s essential that you personalize it with the name of the hiring manager.

With a bit of research, you typically can find out who this person might be. Go to the company website and see if they have a page titled, “Work For Us,” or “Jobs” or something similar, this might include a name. If not, look through the list of employees to see if there is someone that seems like they might be in a position to make hiring decisions.

4. Think About Career Coaching
We all know that if you want a cover letter or resume, professional writers can help, but their career coaching services can be a great option, especially if you’ve been looking for work for some time and you aren’t getting any offers. It might not be a resume issue; it might be that you need some polish.

5 People That Might Benefit From Career Coaching
• People moving into a new industry (learn how the skills from your old career translate to your new career)
• People that lack confidence, but want to advance their career
• People who get interviews, but not job offers
• People who want to learn how to nail interviews, in general
• College students about to enter the job market

But, What About Resumes?
At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t write resumes, we actually review resume sites to find out which services truly produce stellar resumes and which resume writing sites to avoid. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find a service that’s worth the price.

So, we’ve done the research for you. We created a “mystery shopper,” and sent the same information for this mystery person to many of the supposedly top-rated professional resume services. Once we had the results, these were reviewed by an independent group of professionals that either are or have been in the position to make hiring decisions.

Each of these professionals chose Resume Writing Group as their top pick. Some of the competitors actually turned in resumes with one or more typos, but providing an error-free resume wasn’t the only thing that set Resume Writing Group apart from the competition.

Resume Writing Group also created a well-written, easy-to-read resume and the writer obviously put some strategic thought into how they would present the mystery shopper’s information. This writer also was the only one to contact the client to ask for further information, and the results definitely speak for themselves.

If you need a cover letter, career coaching or a resume, professional writers typically are your best bet. Take a look at our top three picks, and consider using our #1 pick, Resume Writing Group, to help you advance your career.

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