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ResumeWritingGroup.com: What You Need To Know

At Top 5 Resume Writers, our job is pretty simple. We act as “mystery shoppers,” purchasing resumes from companies all over the internet. We review these documents carefully, to determine which websites produce consistently amazing resumes. Our top pick, for some time now, is ResumeWritingGroup.com, and here are a few reasons why they have settled in to the top spot.

1. Error-Free Resumes
You might be surprised at how often we buy resumes from “professional” resume companies, and they contain an abundance of errors. We aren’t just talking about one single error once in a great while. Many of these companies consistently churn out resumes with errors and typos, and that’s just not acceptable. If you are paying for a professional resume, you should expect that it will be 100% free from errors. With ResumeWritingGroup.com, every resume we’ve purchased has been error free every time.

2. Clean & Polished Resumes
A resume should have a consistent style throughout, as this makes it easier for hiring managers to read. If you use too many typefaces or use them inconsistently, this looks confusing and makes the eye wander. If you use bullet points to highlight your skills, but use dashes to highlight your work experience, this looks sloppy and inconsistent. When it comes to resume design, a clean and polished look with a consistent style is always your best bet, and ResumeWritingGroup.com delivered in this area, as well.

3. Dynamic Writing
A resume is a sales tool. Essentially, when you submit a resume you are selling the concept of yourself to a potential employer. If your resume doesn’t showcase why you are a fantastic employee and show tangible evidence of your abilities, then it’s not really doing its job. We found dozens of resume writing companies that produced error-free resumes, but they also lacked that “je ne sais quoi,” that sets a great resume apart from an average resume. This is one area where ResumeWritingGroup.com really set itself apart from the competition.

4. Customer Service
We found that many resume companies had you email your information and a couple of days later; they would return your resume. That was pretty much all of the contact you would have with your resume writer. ResumeWritingGroup.com, on the other hand, consistently contact us (the faux client) to ask questions and gain more details about our work experience and skills, and this exchange of information helped them produce truly stellar resumes.

5. A Great Website
We put this one last, because, as the saying goes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. We saw some great, trendy websites with fantastic designs that produced mediocre resumes (or worse). ResumeWritingGroup.com didn’t have the flashiest website, but it was attractive and well-organized. More importantly, this website was crammed with helpful and easy-to-read information. There were clear descriptions of all of the company’s products and services, and it was easy to purchase your resume and easy to find contact information.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, our goal is to find the best possible resume services, and ResumeWritingGroup.com ranks at the top of our list. We are confident that if you use their resume services, you won’t have to worry whether or not you have purchased a great resume. Their resumes consistently rank among the best the resume writing world has to offer. Furthermore, they use only full-time, experienced resume writers capable of writing resumes for many industries and many job levels. No matter what type of resume you might need, we are confident about recommending Resume Writing Group.