The Best-Rated Resume Writing Services: Who Tops The List?

If you are going to invest your hard-earned money and purchase a professionally crafted resume, you don’t want to waste time with a sub-par resume company. So, which are the best-rated resume writing services? We’ve studied resumes from multiple companies and have chosen Resume Writing Group as our top pick. Here’s a look at what sets there resume apart, and a look at some of their additional services.

Flawless & Dynamic Resumes
We found that many companies, even those claiming to be among the “best-rated” resume writing services, produced resumes with multiple typos! This was surprising, especially when you consider that avoiding careless errors tends to be one of the main reasons why people opt to use a professional resume writer.

Resume Writing Group truly is among the best-rated resume writing services because they not only produced an error-free resume, the writing also was stellar, filled with dynamic keywords that attract the attention of hiring managers. Their team also includes only full-time, professional writers with extensive experience in many industries. They understand that the resume for a teacher will be different than a resume for a doctor or IT specialist, and tailor each resume for the job description and industry.

Cover Letter Writing
While a resume is a fairly straightforward document listing skills, work history and education, the cover letter provides a hiring manager with a glimpse of your personality. Cover letters can be one of the trickiest documents to create as you want to make a good impression without sounding arrogant, but you also don’t want to come off as desperate and insecure. Resume Writing Group offers this service, and we highly recommend that you use it, along with their resume writing services.

LinkedIn Profiles
While it takes just minutes to create a standard LinkedIn profile, a bland profile won’t attract attention. If you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out, consider using Resume Writing Group’s LinkedIn profile writing services. If you aren’t using LinkedIn currently, set up your account as soon as possible. This is a powerful networking tool and many recruiters use it to find potential job candidates. Be sure to link up with friends, families and co-workers to build your network and consider updating your page frequently to include links to interesting articles and videos within your industry. Even if you opt to write your own profile, do some research about how to maximize your use of this networking site.

Keyword-Targeted Resumes
You need a resume that will appeal to hiring managers, but you also need a resume to fit within the parameters of applicant-tracking software. The best-rated resume writing services understand how to create both types of resumes. Resume Writing Group can provide you with a keyword-targeted online resume so that you can send out an e-version of your resume whenever it’s needed.

Thank You Letters
Following up after an interview is crucial, and if you aren’t quite sure what to say in that follow up email, consider having a professional resume writer create a thank you note that you can send out to hiring managers. Obviously, once you receive your letter from the resume company, you will want to update it and tailor it to each specific hiring manager and interview.

Job-Hunting Services
Once you have a great resume, where should you send it? You might have one or two ideas, but there are many companies out there where you might be a good fit. Resume Writing Group offers a Job Hunter service and their team will research 30 companies that fit your resume and provide you with contact information for each one. These companies will be organized within a targeted industry as well as a targeted zip code, and not just 30 random firms from around the world.

If you aren’t sure if Resume Writing Group will be your best option, take a look at our list of the best-rated resume writing services. We explain in detail why we chose this company over the others, and we strongly encourage you to use Resume Writing Group for your resume as well as taking advantage of some of their other related services.

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