7 Crucial Job Search Tips From Resume Writers

While embarking on a new career or taking on a new job is an exciting prospect, the actual search for this job might fill you with a sense of trepidation. Just as with any other task, however, setting a goal and making a plan will make job-hunting far easier. If you aren’t sure how to begin, consider following these tips from resume writers.

1. Prepare Your Paperwork

When applying for jobs, you need a spectacular resume and an eye-catching cover letter. Even if you are an entry-level prospect, you probably have education and skills that will be valuable to many prospective employers. Creating a resume and cover letter isn’t easy, which is why we do what we do. We know how difficult it can be to create these documents, so we spend our days reviewing resume writing websites and presenting you with the best resume writers available. Once your resume is complete, be sure always to have extra copies of your resume available, as you never know when you might bump into a potential employer. Likewise, bring additional copies with you during interviews in case you are asked for a copy.

2. Change Your Email Address

One easy first step along your journey to employment is simply to set up a professional email address. Your email should simply read as your name, such as TomSmith@gmail rather than something like LoveHarleys@yahoo or CookingFanatic09@hotmail. It costs nothing to create a professional work email address, but it can cost you a job if your email address looks silly and immature.

3. Create A LinkedIn Profile

Many recruiters will head directly to LinkedIn as they look to fill various positions, so there is really no excuse for skipping this step. LinkedIn is free, which makes it an affordable as well as a powerful tool.

However, it is important to note that you need to do more than just fill out the basic information. Include a high-quality picture and an eye-catching headline. Be sure to update your information from time to time, staying current with what’s going on with you and your industry. LinkedIn also provides areas where you can upload photos and videos that display your work, and this is a great opportunity to highlight what you can do.

4. Build Your Brand & Adjust Your Image

We don’t mean that you need to develop and market a product. Rather, you need to think about yourself as a product and improve your “brand” image. LinkedIn is one part of this equation, but this is just one corner of the social media world. It is important that you take some time to review what you shout out to the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. It is also important that you view it from the perspective of a potential employer. If your posts look inappropriate, irresponsible or offensive, why would anyone want to hire you?

On several of the resume websites we have reviewed, the resume writers offer services beyond resume and cover letter writing. Several offer social media analysis, and this can be an excellent option allowing you to see exactly what potential employers can see. This also provides you with the opportunity to clean up your social media presence, so that you appear to your best advantage.

5. Improve Your Look

Get a flattering haircut and invest in some business attire. When you look professional, you will feel more professional and this can go a long way toward lessening your anxiety during interviews. If money is tight, don’t be shy about hitting up the second-hand stores. In general, you should stock up on at least two or three outfits. That way, if you receive a callback for additional interviews, you can wear something different than you did during the first interview.

6. Practice & Research

Actors don’t simply jump on stage and start a play without weeks of practice beforehand and you shouldn’t head into interviews without practicing your interviewing skills. You need to practice how you sit and how to make appropriate eye contact with the hiring team. You also need to research each company where you applying for work so that you walk into the room with a bit of background information about the company history, goals and services. This knowledge and practice will increase your confidence and simply make it easier for you to answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

7. Update Your Resume For Each Job

While professional resume writers can create the perfect resume and cover letter for you, it is important that you tweak these documents slightly each time you send them out. For instance, you will need to change the cover letter greeting so that it matches the name of the hiring manager. You also might need to change a few details so that your resume is customized for different job positions. For instance, you might alter the skills, training or certifications you possess based upon what is relevant for each individual job for which you apply.

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