How To Select Professional Resume Services

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we search the web carefully to find the highest quality resume writers. Through the years, we’ve discovered a few key differences between the best resume writers and those that offer typical, run-of-the-mill resume services. If you are hunting around for professional resume services, here are a few tips that will point you in the right direction.

1. Look For Variety & Experience

When searching for professional resume services, select a service that employs only full-time resume writers with a great deal of experience. It’s important to find a service that is capable of crafting many different types of resumes for a wide range of industries. After all, a resume for someone seeking a job in health care will look quite different from a resume for someone who wants an IT position.

A good resume writer can create a resume that is specific for the job position at hand, and they know which keywords and buzz words will attract the attention of hiring managers. These writers also can create entry-level resumes as well as resumes for those with more experience and even those applying for management-level positions.

2. Guarantees Are Essential
It’s been said that you get what you pay for, so while you might find a service that costs just $50 for a “professional” resume, is the work guaranteed to be free of errors as well as effectively written? Very few professional resume services actually guarantee their work, so finding one that does is always a smart idea. Usually, when a company provides a guarantee, they do so because they have high confidence in the value of their product.

We recommend that you select a professional resume services company that provides you with a guarantee that their work will be 100% error-free or you will get your money back. Even if you spend a little bit more for these services, ensuring that you don’t end up with a resume with basic errors and mistakes is worth the extra cost.

3. Customer Service Counts

Often, we see professional resume writers that simply take your information and then generate a basic, lackluster resume. This is something you could have done for yourself. A really competent resume writer will take the time to discuss your needs and discuss the jobs for which you are applying. Generally speaking, you should expect to be able to contact your resume writer either by email, live chat or by phone to discuss your resume.

4. Extra Options Are Helpful

While some professional resume services only provide resume writers, others offer an assortment of extra services. These services can include the writing of cover letters and thank-you notes, as well as writing letters of recommendation, helping you create a LinkedIn profile and even career coaching. All of these services can help make it easier for you to get a job, and it’s nice to be able to use the same professional writing service for all of these tasks to ensure quality and continuity.

4. Check Out Our Website

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t provide you with professional resume services, we focus entirely on reviewing various resume services and letting you know which ones we’ve found to be the best options. These are resume writing services that guarantee their work and consistently produce error-free, dynamic resumes that set you apart from the competition. Before you select a resume writer, check out our recommendations. We actually hired various resume writing services to create real resumes for us so that we could see for ourselves which services are up to par and which ones you should avoid.

Your resume makes a first impression for a potential employer, and in today’s competitive work environment, you simply can’t afford to turn in a sub-par resume. Take a look at our recommendations and you are sure to end up with a resume that will lead to job interviews and ultimately, the job of your dreams.

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