Resume Writers Near Me: Do You Need A Local Writer?

When it comes to internet searches, tacking on the phrase “near me” is common enough. For instance, you might want to find a “doctor near me” or a “plumber near me,” but surprisingly, many people also search for “resume writers near me.” But does it matter if your resume writer is local? In general, with resumes, quality is more important than geography, so let’s take a look at what you really need from a resume writer.

1. Resume Writers Need To Provide Flawless Work
Whether your writer lives in your hometown, in Miami or Los Angeles, they need to be able to deliver flawless, error-free work. A local writer won’t necessarily be a better bet than a writer you find through a professional resume writing service. Rather than focus on a local search, you should focus on finding a resume writer that stands behind their work.

It can be difficult to find freelance resume writers that provide a solid guarantee. They simply don’t generate the revenue needed to be able to refund the cost of your resume if they make a couple of errors or create a lackluster resume that might be error-free but doesn’t inspire hiring managers to call you in for an interview.

2. Resume Writers Need To Understand Your Industry
Even if you find “resume writers near me” after an internet search, this doesn’t make them a perfect match. You need a resume writer that understands what hiring managers and recruiters in your specific industry want to see on that resume. There’s going to be a vast difference between a nurse resume or a pharmacist resume or a paralegal resume, and your resume writer should understand that.

It’s important to find resume services that employ professional, full-time writers with experience writing for many industries. This ensures that you have a resume that’s a good match for your industry. A generic, cookie-cutter type of resume is not going to inspire a hiring manager to call you in for an interview. Hiring managers review hundreds of resumes for a job posting, and yours needs to stand out.

3. Resume Writers Must Convey Your Best Qualities
Resume writing can be tricky. For instance, in the short “Career Objective” section at the top of many resumes, the writer must promote someone without making them sound arrogant and also quickly explain why how that person can benefit the hiring manager’s company.

It’s not easy to nail all of this in just one or two sentences, but an experienced professional resume writer should be able to accomplish this task. Unless your local resume writer can show you many examples of their work to prove that they can craft resumes that truly make the job candidates stand out, it can be better to opt for a professional resume service that stands by their work with a strong guarantee and also provides quality samples of their work.

4. Resume Writers Must Quantify Your Skills
A great resume writer doesn’t simply list hard and soft skills on a resume, a great resume writer expresses how your skills have benefitted previous employers. Hard skills are skills necessary to complete a job, such as understanding how to use certain software programs or types of equipment. Soft skills are a bit more subtle and include factors such as your people skills, teamwork skills and leadership abilities.

In order to create a resume that showcases these soft skills, a resume writer needs to quantify these skills by showing examples of what you can accomplish. It’s not enough to list your job tasks as such:
∙ Managed sales team
∙ Created sales brochures
∙ Coordinated company events

This provides only the basic information but says nothing about your abilities. A resume expert would take a better approach, such as:
∙ Managed 15-person sales team, increased profits by more than 30% each year
∙ Created sales & marketing materials, increasing customer acquisition by 50%
∙ Coordinated company promotional events for 500+ guests

In this second approach, we provide some better examples. For instance, we talk about how many people you managed and whether or not your team achieved success. When you can show a hiring manager how your skills helped a company, you are more likely to be called in for an interview than if you simply list responsibilities with no explanation.

The Reality Behind Resume Writers “Near Me”
We all hear the phrase “shop local” all the time, but while it’s great to support local businesses, just because you search for “resume writers near me” doesn’t necessarily mean you will find the best writers. In fact, if you do an internet search, you probably won’t find many people in your area that advertise resume writing services.

There are two reasons for that. First, an independent resume writer probably won’t have the funds to hire someone to help them promote their business on Google, Bing or other search engines. Second, most independent writers sell their goods on sites such as Fiverr or UpWork rather than spend money advertising locally. It’s best to search for quality professional resume writing services, no matter where in the United States they might be located.

How To Find The Best Resume Writers
The real trick, of course, is finding the best possible resume writing service, but how do you do that? At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t actually write resumes. We simply searched for some of the highest-rated resume services on the internet and reviewed their work.

We saw that there are tons of resume services out there and all of them claimed to be the best resume writers. We chose several of the so-called “best” resume companies and conducted a little experiment. We created a “mystery client” and sent identical information to several resume services and hired them to create a resume.

Once we received these resumes, we gave them to an independent panel comprised of people who currently are or have been in the position to make hiring decisions. We wanted them to look for obvious signs of deficiency, such as spelling errors and grammar errors, but we also wanted them to discover if these resumes truly made our candidate shine. Did they present the client in such as way that a hiring manager would want to learn more and contact that person?

The results were very surprising. Many of these resume services returned resumes with errors, sometimes many errors. Several others were error-free but bland and the writer simply took the basic information we provided and presented us with a poorly worded and poorly designed document.

Our team of reviewers unanimously chose Resume Writing Group as their top pick. This company’s resume was error-free, of course, but what truly made this resume stand out from the rest was the content. This was one of the few resumes where the writer used strategic wordplay and didn’t simply rehash the info we sent. Additionally, Resume Writing Group was the only service that contacted our “mystery client” to ask some additional questions.

In the final analysis, Resume Writing Group offered competitive rates, the best customer service and, most importantly, they delivered the best resume. They also back their resumes with a unique guarantee and state that if you use their resume and follow their advice but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund the cost of your resume and pay you an additional $100.

Instead of trying to find those “resume writers near me” or attempting to figure out which online resume service is best, we highly recommend that you consider using Resume Writing Group. In addition to resumes, their website states they also can write cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, thank you notes and provide career coaching services.

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