Resume Services: What You Should Expect To Pay

We’ve all seen those ads for $29 resumes and $49 resumes, and sites such a Fiverr and others include plenty of people willing to provide you with a low-cost resume. Is this your best option? Truthfully, the end result counts far more than the resume service cost.

In general, a resume for less than $50 isn’t going to be worth the price you paid. We’ve all heard the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” and when it comes to resumes, this is partially true.

Cheap resumes definitely tend to be lower quality. The writers just cannot afford to really spend time focusing on strategy if they are churning out a bunch of cheap resumes. Those so-called “free” resume templates are another option people often consider, but these usually aren’t free. Typically, you get a “free trial” and have to give them your credit card information in order to get that free resume template.

This might be fine if you remember to cancel your trial in a couple of days. If you forget, the service probably will charge about $25 per month, every month, for their services. If you plan on using those services, it might be worth it, but if you don’t use them and forget to cancel, you will be blowing through money quickly.

In general, a reputable resume writing company will charge about $90-$100 for an entry level resume and maybe $125 for a person with several years of work experience. Special resumes such as resumes for those applying for high-level executive positions or those needing a military or federal resume might pay about $200 for the resume.

So, you should just pay more, right? Not so fast.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t actually write resumes and we won’t charge you a dime for our advice. Our goal is to simply let consumers know which resume services are the best ones out there. To discover which companies were best, we conducted a little experiment.

We created a mystery shopper and sent the same information to many different resume companies. We skipped the super cheap companies, because we already know that what they produce definitely isn’t worth the resume service cost. Instead, we looked at some of the top-rated and top-ranked companies, all of whom charged about the same amount for each type of resume they sold.

Once we had the results, we gave them to a group of individuals that were in the position to make hiring decisions. These hiring managers and executives studied each of the resumes we received, rated them and ranked the top five.

Which resume service won? Well, we will get to that in a second.

The results surprised us. Most of the resumes we received weren’t amazing. In fact, many of them contained typos. If you spend $100 or more on a resume, at the very least you expect it to be error-free, and quite a few of them had more than one error.

Many of the resumes also just rehashed the information we provided, and there was no real attempt at strategy. Another surprising fact: Our review team all chose the same company as their top pick – Resume Writing Group.

Resume Writing Group was priced competitively ($89 to $199 depending on resume type), and the resume was error-free. This also was the only service that contacted our mystery shopper to ask some more questions and dig a little deeper, and the results were clear. The resume was well-organized and well-written, and the writer definitely took some time to think about strategy.

In general, a great resume is error-free, of course, but it’s not just a list of skills and experiences. A great resume quantifies your skills, and truly provides a hiring manager with a good idea of what you can accomplish. Resume Writing Group’s resume definitely expressed the mystery shopper’s tangible abilities and this was one of the main reasons why our review team chose them as the top pick.

We also liked Resume Writing Group’s unique guarantee. Their website states that if you follow their advice and use their resume, but you are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund the cost of your resume and provide you with an additional $100. Obviously, they are confident in their writers’ abilities, and willing to stand by their work.

Their website also included some very helpful advice and articles, and not just about resumes. They provided job search strategies that definitely can help you get hired as quickly as possible, and get hired at a company where you actually will be happy to work. For Resume Writing Group, it’s not just about finding any job; it’s about finding the best job for you.

We hope we’ve addressed your concerns about resume service costs. In the end, the quality of the resume is the most important consideration, and we feel confident recommending Resume Writing Group.

Find The Best Professional Resume Writers Now

Possessing a job-winning resume is crucial, but there are literally thousands of professional resume writers out there promising you the moon and the stars. Resume writing isn’t cheap, so how do you pick the best service? At Top 5 Resume Writers, we make it easy.

The Experiment
While many resume websites provide one or two samples of their resumes, they obviously pick and choose what they display on their website. So while it’s nice to see an example, it’s not always the best indicator that you’ve chosen great professional resume writers.

We decided the best way to discover the best writers would be to purchase actual websites from some of the so-called top-rated resume services on the internet. We chose all types of resume companies, from pricier options with slick websites to those advertising “cheap” resumes for just $49 to $69.

For this experiment, we created a “mystery shopper,” and provided the exact same information about this person to each of the resume sites from which we purchased resumes.

As Top 5 Resume Writers is owned by a company in the resume writing industry, we felt that for truly “non-biased” results, it was crucial that we choose a blind panel to review the results. The people chosen for this panel are those who have been or currently are in the positon to make hiring decisions at various companies.

We wanted real hiring managers to look over each resume as we felt this was the best way to gauge the overall quality of each resume. Certainly, we could judge the look of a resume and we could see if there were typos, etc., but to really dive deep and assess the quality, we wanted to go right to the people that make decisions about hiring.

The Review
Once we received all of our resumes, the blind panel reviewed each one carefully, judging it on a number of factors. This obviously included ensuring that there were no careless errors, such as spelling errors or grammar errors. The panel also looked to see that the information on the resume matched the information given to the resume writer.

Additionally, the panel looked at the format and the design of the resume, judging its readability. Furthermore, they paid particularly attention to the wording in each section. Was the language dynamic? Did the writer provide quantifiable examples of the person’s skills?

One element that we did judge ourselves was the level of customer service. Was the writer friendly? Was the resume easy to purchase? How long did it take to create the resume? Assessing these factors were all part of the equation.

The Results
To be honest, we really didn’t know what to expect when we started this experiment, and we were pretty surprised by the results. One troubling issue we found was that many of the so-called “professional” resume writers made careless errors. In fact, we saw not one, but several resumes that contained spelling errors that easily could have been caught by spellcheck.

Many of the resumes were given average ratings by our blind research panel, and the biggest surprise of all, was the fact that every member of our panel chose the same resume writing service as their top pick.

We figured there would be two or three top contenders, but the panel unanimously chose Resume Writing Group as its number one pick. In fact, the resume company owned by our own parent company only ranked as #2.

Resume Writing Group’s resume contained no typos or careless errors, which immediately put it at the front of the pack. The resume featured a crisp, easy-to-read design, but most importantly, the panel felt that there was a solid strategy in play with the writing. It wasn’t simply a writer rehashing the exact wording from the customer; the writer really put some thought into how to present the information.

For our part, we also noted that Resume Writing Group was the only company that actually contacted our “mystery shopper” to ask for additional information. This extra step definitely made a positive impact on the finished product.

We also were impressed by their competitive pricing and their unique guarantee. If you use their resume and follow their advice, but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund the cost of your resume and pay you an additional $100. We rarely find companies willing to refund the resume cost, let alone paying you an additional amount.

Our Top Pick
While any of our top three picks will provide you with a decent, error-free resume, if you want a job-winning, dynamic resume, we highly recommend that you opt for Resume Writing Group. Their team of full-time professional resume writers can provide you with any type of resume you might need, and their results speak for themselves.

5 Resume Trends You Need To Know

Just as workplaces evolve, resumes change with the times. Resume trends from 20 years ago just aren’t the same as resume trends in 2019. Before you start working on your resume, take a minute to look at our list of what you should include and exclude.

1. Show Some Results
Under the work experience section of your resume, it’s not enough to simply list your responsibilities. To state that you managed a sales team isn’t enough. You need to quantify it. Instead of stating that you “Managed company sales team,” alter this to state “Managed 17-person sales team, exceeded sales goals by 20% or more in 2017, 2018 & 2019.”

Adding the number of people you managed gives the hiring manager a clearer picture of your team and showcasing that the sales team exceeded its goals also showcases that your leadership was effective at motivating the team to excel.

Obviously, this is just an example for someone in sales, but people from every industry can quantify their skills. If you are an office manager, talk about how your skills improved efficiency and lowered supply costs. If you are a human resources specialist, you can speak about how you handled benefits for a set number of employees, and perhaps you found ways to reduce costs and increase benefits.

Anytime a hiring manager can see a clear example of how your work benefitted an employer you have an edge over someone who simply wrote a resume that listed their basic job tasks.

2. Your Resume Needs To Be ATS-Ready
Ten years ago, your resume was read by humans. These days, most resumes are run through Applicant-Tracking Software (ATS) and these programs filter out a variety of people that don’t really fit a specific job positon.

To get through the ATS hurdle, you need to ensure that your resume includes the same type of language and skills listed on the job description. Software doesn’t understand nuances in language, so use the same wording as the job listing. Also, send your document as a .docx file, ATS cannot read a .pdf.

When it comes to design, use a basic format for any resume you submit online as ATS doesn’t always understand odd margins and design elements. Use a basic font and skip the artistic fonts for these types of resume. If you are actually handing a physical resume to a hiring manager that might be a good time to turn in your flashy resume with an amazing design. Although, in general, a straightforward, well-organized resume is all you need, a flashy design isn’t crucial.

3. Don’t Include A Picture
We’ve seen all of the cleverly designed resumes on Pinterest that include a picture of the job applicant, but please resist the urge to include this item. American resumes should not have your picture on it nor should they include a variety of personal information, such as your age, marital status, the number of children you have, etc.

While in some countries, a photo on a resume is commonplace, it’s not expected on an American resume, and American employers can’t ask questions about your age, personal life, religion and so forth, so don’t provide this information on your resume or during interviews.

4. Do Include Some Personality
While you shouldn’t provide a picture or talk about your spouse or lack thereof on a resume, you can create a section for Hobbies & Interests. When it comes to resume trends in 2019, employers definitely want to get an idea of your personality and whether or not you will be a good fit with the company culture.

Your outside interests also can shed light on what kind of employee you might be. For instance, if you love running marathons, this shows that you are goal-oriented and able to complete challenging projects. If you love taking gourmet cooking classes or language classes, this shows an employer that you enjoy growing as a person and aren’t afraid to take on a new challenge.

In general, steer clear of listing hobbies and interests that might be controversial. What you do with your free time is your business, but anything political or religious probably shouldn’t be included or anything that might be considered odd. We aren’t judging, but a hiring manager just might be. Additionally, leave off dull hobbies such as reading and going to movies. Yawn.

Hobbies such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, blogging, photography, video production or you’re participating in a Chess club or Scrabble league are good options that might showcase your creativity and sense of adventure.

Keep in mind that while a hobbies section is one of the more interesting resume trends, it should never be included over other more important information. If you are having trouble keeping your resume down to a single page, this is one section that you can remove easily. It’s more important for hiring managers to understand your skills than your hobbies.

5. Omit The Objective & References
In the past, most resumes included a section at the top about your career objectives. When it comes to resume trends, this section really isn’t trending like it was in the past, so if you are pressed for space, this can be a good part to take out. If you do have an objective make sure that it doesn’t sound pushy or obvious.

Hiring managers know you want a great job with a great salary and amazing benefits, but your objective should be more in tune with what the company needs for a specific job position. Remember, the resume serves as an opportunity to sell the idea of you to a hiring manager. You can talk about benefits and salaries later down the line.

Additionally, omit the old standard line, “references available upon request.” Obviously, this should be the case, and if a hiring manager wants your references, they’ll ask you to provide a list. It’s irrelevant to place this on a resume and it takes up a line of space that could be better spent on your skills.

But, It’s Not Just About Your Resume . . .
In the years before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites, hiring managers really only had your resume and references to go on when making decisions about who to hire. Now, they can just do a quick internet search and social media search to find out a bit more about your personality and habits.

You might feel this is an invasion of privacy, but when you put yourself out there for the world to see via social media, you can hardly expect that a hiring manager won’t at least take a look. If your social media is fraught with immature images and posts, it’s likely that this will cost you more than a few job opportunities.

Why would a company want to hire someone who constantly posts inappropriate pictures or perhaps hate-filled rants or airs their dirty laundry about family arguments online? If you seem immature and indiscreet, an employer will be wary of calling you in for an interview, let alone hiring you. Tighten your security settings, don’t allow others to tag you and be mindful of what you post. Great social media posts can be very powerful, so use it to your advantage if you choose to stay public.

Resume writing, especially when trying to keep up with the latest resume trends, can be a daunting task, so if you want a bit of help with your resume, we can help you find the best professional resume writers. At Top 5 Resume Writers, we conducted a blind panel study to discover which resume companies were truly the best.

Our panel unanimously chose Resume Writing Group as their top pick. Their resume was flawless and they offered top-notch customer service and their work was guaranteed. All of our top three picks produced a decent resume, but as all three are priced about the same, why not use our top pick? Forget about resumes and resume trends and let the pros handle the work, leaving you free to work on polishing those interview skills.

Professional Resume Writers: Elevate Your Job Search

We all want to “get hired,” but rather than simply gaining employment, it’s also crucial to find a job that you actually enjoy. This takes some time and research, and not only can professional resume writers create a great resume for you, but they also can provide advice that helps you find the best possible job options for you.

Obviously, if you need a resume, professional writers can help. But many people don’t know that some of the top resume writing services, such as Resume Writing Group, also provide career coaching services and place a large amount of helpful information on their website. Here’s some solid advice we’ve found from some of the best resume writing sites.

1. Think About What You Want
Some people dream about working for a huge corporation, while others prefer a smaller business where they can really create relationships with clients and co-workers, still others prefer something else entirely, such as working part of the time from home.

Think about the company location, as well. What will your commute be like? Are you willing to relocate? What is the area around the office like? Obviously, items such as salary, benefits and vacation time are important factors, as well, but it’s smart to think about what type of company and company culture you would prefer.

2. Research Companies Before You Send A Resume
Too often, people simply send out tons of resumes without any strategy behind it. Don’t send a resume to a company unless you’ve done some research about the company. You need to know basic information, such as location and number of employees, but also it’s crucial to learn a bit about the company’s mission statement, their services and, again, the company culture.

Not only will this research help you narrow down your search to a list of companies where you probably will enjoy working, but also it will make the interview process easier. If you already know a little bit about the company, you can tailor your answers to what the hiring manager is looking for and you’ll be able to ask more intelligent questions, as well.

3. Personalize Each Resume & Cover Letter
When it comes to writing a resume, professional writers can create an error-free document that contains dynamic language and keywords that hiring managers want to see, but you still may need to personalize each resume a bit.

For instance, perhaps a job posting asks for candidates to possess a specific certification or skill that you have, but it’s not listed on your resume. You may need to add that information. Never send out a resume without thoroughly reading the job posting to ensure that your resume is a fairly close match to the job.

When it comes to cover letters, professional writers definitely can help with these, which can be tricky to write. Still, once you get that amazing cover letter back from your professional writer, it’s essential that you personalize it with the name of the hiring manager.

With a bit of research, you typically can find out who this person might be. Go to the company website and see if they have a page titled, “Work For Us,” or “Jobs” or something similar, this might include a name. If not, look through the list of employees to see if there is someone that seems like they might be in a position to make hiring decisions.

4. Think About Career Coaching
We all know that if you want a cover letter or resume, professional writers can help, but their career coaching services can be a great option, especially if you’ve been looking for work for some time and you aren’t getting any offers. It might not be a resume issue; it might be that you need some polish.

5 People That Might Benefit From Career Coaching
• People moving into a new industry (learn how the skills from your old career translate to your new career)
• People that lack confidence, but want to advance their career
• People who get interviews, but not job offers
• People who want to learn how to nail interviews, in general
• College students about to enter the job market

But, What About Resumes?
At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t write resumes, we actually review resume sites to find out which services truly produce stellar resumes and which resume writing sites to avoid. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find a service that’s worth the price.

So, we’ve done the research for you. We created a “mystery shopper,” and sent the same information for this mystery person to many of the supposedly top-rated professional resume services. Once we had the results, these were reviewed by an independent group of professionals that either are or have been in the position to make hiring decisions.

Each of these professionals chose Resume Writing Group as their top pick. Some of the competitors actually turned in resumes with one or more typos, but providing an error-free resume wasn’t the only thing that set Resume Writing Group apart from the competition.

Resume Writing Group also created a well-written, easy-to-read resume and the writer obviously put some strategic thought into how they would present the mystery shopper’s information. This writer also was the only one to contact the client to ask for further information, and the results definitely speak for themselves.

If you need a cover letter, career coaching or a resume, professional writers typically are your best bet. Take a look at our top three picks, and consider using our #1 pick, Resume Writing Group, to help you advance your career.

Resume Writing Services: How Much Should It Cost?

We’ve all seen those free resume templates on the internet as well as discount resume writers, promising a stellar resume for just $19.95. Of course, you also might have seen resumes that cost $150 or more. How much should resume writing services cost? Here’s a general idea of what to expect.

Free Templates Are Rarely Free
Generally, those so-called free resume template services and resume builder services will allow you to enter a bunch of personal information and just as you get to the end of the process and are ready to see your finished product, they hit you with the catch.

Typically, free resume builders will ask you to give your credit card information and sign up for a “free trial,” in order to see and print the resume you have built. This free trial might last one week or even 10 days, but after that, they will charge your credit card a set amount each month as part of their subscription service.

This can be fine if you remember to cancel the trial subscription in time, but if not, you could be charged $20, $25 or more every month. It also can be tricky to figure out exactly how to cancel this trial. Additionally, we find that these resume builders aren’t all that easy to use and it can be tough to edit the resume and make changes without messing up the formatting.

Furthermore, a professional resume writer should edit and read over their work, which greatly lowers the chance that your resume will feature grammar or spelling errors. Resume writers also understand how to appeal to hiring managers, and that’s a huge reason why you probably should go with a pro instead of just imputing information into a resume template.

Cheap Resume? You’ll Get What You Pay For
If you buy a diamond ring for a dime, chances are you’ve just bought a ring not worth a dime, or so the saying goes. If you spend just $20 on a resume, it’s not likely that the writer will be spending a great deal of time crafting your resume. They will simply type up your information, do a quick spellcheck and hand it off. Frankly, you could do that much by yourself, so why even bother paying $20 or $25?

Entry-Level Resumes Are The Most Affordable
When it comes to resume writing services, the cost is often determined by your level of employment experience and you’ll see a range of costs on each resume writing website. Typically, a good quality entry-level resume will cost anywhere from $79 to $110. Generally, these cost a bit less than $100, and they are the least expensive option simply because the client doesn’t have a long list of professional experience, it’s simply easier to create these resumes, so they cost less.

Professional Resumes: Expect To Pay More Than $100
While some services might advertise a professional resume for $99 or less, typically these run about $115 up to about $150. This is the type of resume that is prepared for someone with a few years of industry experience, as well as for people changing careers or perhaps people who have professional experience but have taken time off to raise a family.

The latter two situations can be tricky because you either don’t have experience in a specific industry or you have a large gap in your work history. A seasoned resume writer can create a resume that showcases skills that all hiring managers want to see, regardless of the industry. This might include your leadership skills, communication skills, writing skills, organizational skills and others that are needed for most jobs in general.

The $200 Resume – Who Needs It?
Actually, quite a few people should expect to pay about $200 for a professionally written resume. If you are professional with many years of experience or someone seeking a high-level executive position, these resumes definitely cost more. Likewise, federal and government resumes also cost more, because this is a very distinct style of resume writing that requires a high level of skill.

The Most Important Factor
We’ve reviewed resumes from many different companies, and our top-rated companies charge about the same amount, give or take a few dollars. While we’ve definitely found that cheap resume companies produced cheap resumes, we also found a few pricey resume companies that produced terrible resumes, some even included multiple spelling errors.

So, what’s a job hunter to do? At Top 5 Resume Writers, we’ve reviewed resumes from dozens of resume companies and created a shortlist of the best options. Our top pick, Resume Writing Group, produced a dynamic, error-free resume that truly grabbed our attention. Our top three picks were all acceptable, but Resume Writing Group really stood out from the pack.

We know everyone is worried about what resume writing services cost, but a great resume truly can help you attract attention and, ultimately, find a fantastic job. We highly recommend Resume Writing Group for your resume writing as well as for other tasks, such as cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing and career coaching.

The Truth About Resume Guarantees

It’s been said that there are no guarantees in life, but we certainly see plenty of resume writing companies offering guaranteed resumes for sale. But are these guarantees all they are cracked up to be? Is this the best way to determine which resume company to use? Let’s break it down.

1. Resumes Should Be Guaranteed
If a resume writing company doesn’t stand by their work, this is a bad sign. In fact, if we might be so bold, we firmly believe that you should never buy a resume unless the company offers some sort of resume guarantee.

Typically, a lack of a guarantee indicates that this website is probably just churning out subpar resumes written by part-timers with little to no experience with resume writing. You definitely don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a resume sweatshop. You deserve a quality resume that will attract the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter.

2. You Must Read The Guarantee
While guaranteed resumes tend to be a good thing, it is crucial that you read the fine print of the guarantee. Sometimes it can be tricky to find the actual text that explains the guarantee.

Some companies will place it in their Q &A section, while others might actually have a tab that links to a guarantee page. A few companies hide their guarantee so that it can be very difficult for customers to find.

For instance, one several websites, we had to scroll to the bottom of the homepage, click on the site map and then search for guarantees or terms. Then we were able to find the actual guarantee.

3. Resume Guarantees Range In Scope
In some cases, a resume service simply will offer to revise your resume if you don’t get any interviews within a set period of time, usually between 30 to 60 days. Some companies will give you your money back, provided you adhere to a long list of rules and regulations.

For instance, perhaps if you are not hired in 60 days or you receive no interviews, they will refund the cost of the resume. Of course, be prepared to show proof as to where you sent resumes as well as providing a receipt for services from the resume company.

Which type of guaranteed resume is best? While sometimes people hire resume writers to simply provide them with an updated resume just in case a recruiter should call or a job opportunity should pop up unexpectedly, most resume customers are in the process of finding a job.

If the ultimate goal is to use that resume to help you get hired, perhaps the resume guarantee should speak to that. Perhaps it’s best to find a resume guarantee that states if you are not hired within a set period of time, the resume company will revise your resume at no charge or refund your money.

4. There Are Other Factors To Consider
While offering guaranteed resumes is positive, it’s not the only way to gauge the quality of a resume company. For instance, take a look at the samples provided on the website and if there aren’t any samples, ask for some. If the company won’t provide them, it’s probably not a great resume service.

Take a look at the prices the company charges for a resume. In general, if you find a cheap $29 resume, you’ll end up with a resume that isn’t worth $29 or perhaps it’s not even worth the cost of the paper on which it was printed.

Typically, an entry level resume will cost you about $80 and professional and upper-level management resumes will cost between $100 and $200 dollars. Government and federal resumes also can be around the $200 mark.

Also, be wary of services that promise you a resume in 24 hours or less. Often, you’ll end up with a less-than-awesome resume that just rehashes the information you provided. The writer really won’t take the time to think about a solid resume strategy, and that’s crucial if you truly want a resume that attracts attention.

Of course, occasionally time is of the essence. Rush services are available from many reputable resume companies, but you will pay an extra fee for this quick turnaround.

Additionally, see if you can find information about the resume writers. Many companies simply hire part-time stringers to write resumes and these individuals often don’t have experience with resume writing. Resume writing is different than many other types of writing, and it’s crucial that you use a company with full-time professional writers.

Our favorite service, Resume Writing Group, even has a page with short bios for each of the writers discussing their years of experience as well as their specific areas of expertise. After all, a resume for a nurse will look vastly different than a resume for an engineer or a bartender or a teacher.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we don’t actually write resumes. Our goal has been to find the best possible resume writing companies out there. With so many choices available, it can be tough for consumers to find the best option.

Our top pick, Resume Writing Group does offer guaranteed resumes and their resume guarantee is unique. If you use their resume and follow their advice, but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund your resume and give you an additional $100.

We took a moment to look at this “advice” and determine just what it entailed. We were surprised to find that it was an extremely helpful guide covering several pages. The advice provided not only will help you find the best places to send your resume, it also included tips to market yourself successfully.

Even if you don’t use Resume Writing Group’s guaranteed resumes (although we highly recommend it), definitely take some time to review their career advice section. There’s some valuable stuff in there, and if you are serious about your career, their advice truly can help you make the most of your job search.

7 Resume Must-Haves & 2 Huge Mistakes

For any given job opening, there might be hundreds of people submitting a resume. Hiring managers have little time to read each of these documents, which means your resume must have something that truly sets it apart from the pack, including:

1. Skills That Match The Job
Hiring managers spend about one minute reading each resume that they receive and they are looking for individuals that are a solid match. As far as resume must-haves go, this one is at the top of our list. It’s imperative that you customize each resume so that it fits the job description.

It’s never wise to send out one-size-fits-all resumes and cover letters. You need to personalize the resume so that it’s a match to the job description and personalize each cover letter for the job and the hiring manager. Do some research and find the actual name of the hiring manager or contact rather than simply stating, “to whom it may concern.”

Of course, it’s also important to actually possess most of the skills listed in the job description. Don’t list skills that you don’t actually possess. It’s never wise to lie on a resume. It’s just too easy to get caught in a lie and that reduces your chances of getting the job to 0%.

2. Dynamic Keywords
If you do a search for “dynamic keywords resume,” you’ll find tons of articles listing active verbs that you can use to describe your work experiences. Rather than stating that you “were tasked with” or “was responsible for,” it’s best to use words such as managed, developed, created, designed, collaborated and so forth. These are much more descriptive and to the point.

Additionally, don’t forget about our first resume must-have. When thinking about keywords, use some of the words you saw in the job description. If the hiring manager wants someone proficient in Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks, make sure that appears on your resume. Hiring managers are searching for these keywords, and if your resume lacks some important words, it might be overlooked.

3. Design Consistency
Too often, we see resumes where there’s just no consistent format and this is confusing for hiring managers to read. Each section of your resume should include a similar format, using the same typefaces, the same type of bullets and the same basic structure.

Don’t list job skills and achievements with bullets for one company and dashes for another. This just looks sloppy and weird. Unless you are describing skills at your current workplace, be sure to use past tense to describe your responsibilities. Don’t use four different fonts or different types of bullets. Keep everything clean, clear and simple so it’s easy for hiring managers to skim.

4. Quantifiable Skills
In the past, it might have been fine to simply list your job responsibilities but today’s hiring managers want to see what you can accomplish, not just a list of your typical tasks. For instance, rather than stating you “were responsible for employee scheduling,” state that you “Coordinated schedules for 25+ employees.” This provides a hiring manager with a scope of what you actually can do.

Instead of stating that you “managed a sales team,” state that you “managed a six-person sales team, increased overall sales by 15% per year.” This shows that you not only can manage a team, you can manage people and get solid results. Whenever you can quantify a skill, do it. This really sheds light on your qualifications, and hiring managers need to see what sets you apart from other applicants.

5. A Summary That Sells
It’s important to remember that hiring managers don’t exist to make your dreams come true. Their goal is to find qualified employees that are a great fit for their company. When writing your career objective think less in terms of what you want and more in terms of how you benefit a company.

A career summary or objective provides you with a huge opportunity to sell yourself in just one sentence. Read the job description carefully and compose an objective that truly demonstrates that you are a great fit.

6. Software-Friendly Format & Language
If you are submitting a resume online, chances are that it will be filtered through application-tracking software. This software makes it easier for companies to weed out people who aren’t really a match for a job position.

While you might think an amazing design and a touch of quirky language are resume must-haves, software doesn’t understand odd resume formatting nor will it understand odd language. If your resume features a fanciful design and includes verbiage such as “Jedi master” or “guru” to describe skills or job titles, the software program will not understand these weird margins and weird language.

When submitting a resume online, keep it simple. Use the same language that you find in the job description and keep the format plain and straightforward. Save your fancy and quirky resume for those times when you physically hand a resume to a hiring manager. Although, in general, a simple and professional look is usually preferable to a unique design, unless you are applying for an artistic type of job, such as a graphic designer.

7. Show Some Personality
These days, hiring managers aren’t just concerned with your qualifications, although that’s certainly a huge factor. However, they also want employees that will fit in well with the current workplace vibe. To help showcase your personality, adding a Hobbies & Interest section can be a smart idea, providing you go about this strategically.

For instance, if you just list your hobbies as reading, watching TV and going to restaurants and movies, this sounds more than a bit dull. It’s better to add hobbies such as running marathons, taking gourmet cooking classes, volunteering at a food bank or binge-watching a particular quirky show. Here’s two Hobbies & Interests for comparison:

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies & Interests
Long-Distance Hiking (Hiked Grand Canyon & John Muir Trail)
Playing Classical Guitar
Volunteering at Westside Pet Shelter
Blogging about my search for great Mexican food

The first effort provides no real details and lacks punch, while the second effort provides a hiring team with a glimpse of your personality. The long-distance hiking shows that you can work hard toward a goal. The volunteerism showcases your willingness to help others and work as a team. The blogging and guitar playing showcases your creativity. This section can be a powerful tool provided you use it wisely.

While these resume must-haves can set you apart from the competition, there are two huge mistakes that can greatly reduce your chance of getting interviews and getting hired, including:

1. Resume Errors
Even a single spelling error can cause a hiring manager to toss your resume in the trash. Make two or three errors, and you definitely won’t be getting called in for an interview. Unless they simply want to see, in person, the job candidate that thought it was a good idea to not edit their resume.

It’s not just spelling errors that can cost you a great job. Using poor grammar and syntax also can be a problem that indicates you may not really possess the attention to detail necessary to be a great employee.

While professional resume writers can ensure that your resume is free from spelling, grammar and syntax errors, they won’t know if you email address and phone numbers are correct, so this is information that you must double and triple check before handing out your resume.

2. Lack Of Preparation
A great resume can get you through the door and into the interview process, but that’s all it can do. Once you sit down in the hot seat facing the hiring manager, it’s all on you to make a great impression and that takes some preparation.

Dress for the part with well-fitting, ironed business-appropriate clothing. Trim you hair and make sure it’s tidy and neat. Carry a briefcase or professional bag filled with paper and pens for taking notes, as well as copies of your resume and cover letter just in case the hiring manager wants an extra copy.

Be a few minutes early to the interview, turn off your cell phone and remember to make eye contact and truly listen to the hiring manager. Jot down a thoughtful list of questions to ask regarding day-to-day responsibilities, company culture, goals, etc. Be sure to practice your answers to typical interview questions again and again until you are comfortable.

Lastly, never walk into the interview room without knowing a thing or two about the company. Research the company’s mission statement and any recent articles about the company. If the company has a blog, read a few of the blog posts. Research the hiring manager so that you know a bit about this person. If you can do all of this, you will walk into the interview feeling much more confidently and are likely to make a better impression. All the resume must-haves in the world won’t help you if you walk in late and unprepared.

To ensure that you’ve included all of these resume must-haves and aren’t making any huge mistakes; it can be smart to hire professional resume writers. Who should you pick? There are tons of companies out there, and we’ve reviewed resumes from many of them. Take a look at our top pick, Resume Writing Group. We believe they can provide you with a stellar, job-winning resume that will help you land a fantastic new job.

Resume Writing Company Tips: 5 Worst Job Hunting Mistakes

The job-hunting process is never without some stress and anxiety, but job seekers can make it easier if they avoid some common mistakes. We’ve talked with representatives from our top-rated resume writing company, and they’ve shared a few of the worst gaffes job hunters can make.

1. Lying On A Resume/Interviews
While we highly recommend using a professional resume writing company to create your resume, it’s crucial that the information you provide to these writers is correct and true. It’s just too easy for a hiring manager to discover the truth, and it’s easy to understand why someone would be hesitant to hire you after you’ve been caught in a lie.

According to hiring managers, some of the most common lies people tell include lying about their level of education or the college from which they graduated or lying about work history.

For instance, if you were fired from a job, you might consider lying about it during an interview. A better idea would be to own the truth and describe why you were fired and spin the situation so that you focus on what you gained from the experience. If you were fired due to incompetence, you might express what steps you’ve taken to improve.

If you were fired because you didn’t get along with your boss, you might talk about how you’ve worked hard to improve your communication skills and conflict resolution skills so that you can be a more effective and valuable employee from this point forward. Resist the urge to talk trash about your boss and co-workers. If it truly was a terrible situation, simply state that it was a difficult situation, and that you are looking forward to working in a positive, energetic environment where you can truly contribute to the company.

People also often lie about their abilities and skills. You might state that you are fluent in a foreign language, when you really only have conversational skills. You might also lie about proficiency with various computer programs. If these programs or the language are essential for the job position, it’s quickly going to become apparent that you don’t possess the needed skills for the job and you could end up fired for these falsehoods.

If you don’t possess all the necessary skills, but still believe you are a great fit for the job, stress that in your cover letter and at job interviews. Discuss the steps you mean to take to ensure that you are up to speed and why you still would be a great choice for the job. This approach is always preferable to lying.

2. Sending Out Impersonal Resumes & Cover Letters
When you send out a resume and cover letter, these should be customized to include the skills listed in the job posting or for the job position. Additionally, the cover letter should be addressed to the hiring managers, so you really need to take the time to find the name of this person.

Sending out a cover letter “to whom it may concern,” definitely doesn’t impress a hiring manager. When you research the position and research the hiring manager or hiring team, this shows that you truly care about your job search and that you aren’t just sending out hundreds of cookie-cutter resumes to tons of different firms.

3. Limiting Your Search To Online Postings
While you certainly will find some great job opportunities posted online, these are just the tip of the iceberg as to what truly is available. Many jobs are never posted, which is why it is so important that you keep building your personal network.

Get that LinkedIn page built and start connecting with friends, co-workers and other business associates. Attend business meetups or join a group relevant to your industry. Keep in mind; networking is not just about what people can do for you; it’s also about what you can bring to the table and making valuable connections.

For instance, imagine that you are at a business function and an executive from a company where you might want to work approaches you and engages in conversation. Perhaps they mention that they will be visiting your hometown, and want some restaurant recommendations. This seems like a fairly unimportant conversation, but if you provide some valuable tips and advice and are friendly and personable, this person will remember you and if a job opportunity comes up; your name might spring to mind.

In addition, if you have several years of professional work experience, it can be smart to talk with a professional recruiter about your job search. Recruiters often have the line on some great job opportunities that aren’t posted online. Companies often will hire a recruiter to find a short list of great job candidates.

4. Failing To Prepare For Interviews
A resume writing company can provide you with a great resume and cover letter, and this certainly can help you score job interviews. However, if you fail to prepare for each interview, this can cost you many opportunities.

Our resume writing company experts have provided us with tons of interview advice, some is fairly easy and some requires a bit of work. The easy components include ensuring that you wear neat, clean and appropriate business attire. Get a haircut and look your best as this sends a positive message to hiring managers but also helps you feel more professional and serious.

Additionally, bring a business tote or briefcase and fill it up with a few pens, a tablet for taking notes and a few copies of your resume. Turn off your phone or leave it in your car, and ensure that you arrive five minutes early for the interview. Showing up late makes a terrible impression, and it’s better to show up 30 minutes early and waste some time in a coffee shop around the corner than to show up frazzled and even one or two minutes late for an interview.

Those are the easy components of the job interview; the harder elements require a bit more work. Before you head to any interview, research the company thoroughly, so that you understand the company goals and mission. It’s also wise to try and research the hiring manager if possible to learn a little bit about the person who will be conducting the interview.

Furthermore, you also need to practice answering interview questions. Practice making eye contact and practice how you sit, as well as working on thoughtful answers to typical interview questions. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel during the interview process.

If you have some tricky issues that you might need to explain, such as being fired or a gap in employment or a difficult work experience, spend extra time preparing some good answers for these tough questions. A good resume writing company might provide career coaching services, and it can be smart to invest in these services, especially if you are new to the workforce or you simply feel like your skills need a bit of polishing.

5. Sending Out A Low-Quality Resume
Previously, we mentioned that it’s a huge mistake to lie on a resume or fail to customize a resume, but those aren’t the only issues that turn off hiring managers. Depending on which survey you read, at least 60% of all hiring managers will throw away your resume if it contains careless errors or typos. You might be a fantastic job candidate, but that one spelling error can kill your chances of getting an interview.

Hiring a resume writing company can ensure that your resume doesn’t contain spelling or grammatical mistakes and that the resume features a consistent, easy-to-read format. However, you do need to double-check your contact information. After all, a resume writer won’t know if your email address or phone number is correct.

It’s also wise to create a professional email address just for your job hunt or business dealings. About 30% of hiring managers admit that they passed over job applicants that either had an inappropriate email address (example: funnygirl29@hotmail) or used the email for their current workplace.

The first issue shows that you don’t take yourself seriously enough to have a professional email address while the second issue showcases that you have no qualms about using company emails and company time to search for a job elsewhere. Neither will inspire a hiring manager to contact you for an interview.

Avoiding these five mistakes can truly help increase your chances of finding a great new job. If you want to get started on the process, the first step is creating that resume and cover letter.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we’ve compiled a short list of options to help you select the best resume writing company. Our top pick, Resume Writing Group, produced a dynamic, error-free resume that we feel will truly attract the attention of a hiring manager. We highly recommend that you select their service when you purchase your professional resume.

How To Find The Best Resume Writers

If you are getting ready to start looking for a new job, polishing up your current resume or creating a new resume probably are at the top of your to-do list. You might be debating whether or not to write your own resume or hire the best resume writers. With so many choices out there, it can be tough to determine which resume company offers the best service, so we’ve provided you with a few helpful tips.

1. Skip The Cheap Companies
There are plenty of services out there offering $29, $39 or $49 resumes and, on the surface, this seems like a great deal. But, as the saying goes, you tend to get what you pay for and this is definitely true when you opt for a low-cost resume.

Generally, you’ll find that quality entry-level resumes start at around $85 and go up to about $100 and sometimes more. For a person with professional work experience, you can expect to pay at least $100 for a professionally-crafted resume. Resumes for top-level executives or very specialized fields probably will pay even more.

While a high price tag doesn’t always ensure quality, a cheap resume is almost always not worth the price tag. We’ve reviewed resumes from many websites, and the cheaper sites are almost universally a bad idea.

2. Look At The Work Samples
Most reputable resume companies will provide one or two work samples on their website. If they don’t, you can contact the company and ask for a sample. If the company refuses, this is a huge red flag, and you definitely want to move on and select another resume company.

Obviously, if the sample provided is less than stellar, you will want to select another company. It’s important, however, that you look beyond the resume design and really take a look at the content. Flashy designs can look amazing, but if the content is blah or doesn’t read well, this is really all a hiring manager cares about.

The best resume writers are more concerned with provided dynamic content than with a hip design. You always can transform the document’s design, what you are really paying for is quality content so keep that in mind as you look at the work samples.

3. Don’t Be Persuaded By A Great Website
We’ve reviewed resumes from many resume companies, and some of them had some amazing and attractive websites. The important thing to remember is that the website’s appearance has little to do with the quality of the product.

After all, the people who built the website are not the same people writing your resume. The website was designed by someone else, and while it might look lovely, you won’t be sending a picture of the website to the hiring manager. Never judge a resume company by its cover, so to speak, because, as we stated in the last point, the content of your resume is all that is truly important.

4. Read The Fine Print
The best resume writers tend to offer a guarantee with their work, but you need to read this guarantee carefully to ensure that you really understand what the guarantee requires and includes.

For instance, our top resume pick is Resume Writing Group offers a unique guarantee. If you use their advice and resume but are not hired in 45 days or less, they will refund the cost of your resume. To increase your chances of finding a great job, this company provides several pages worth of advice on the best ways to find great companies and how to market yourself.

If, however, you find companies that do not offer any type of guarantee, this is an indication that you have not found the best resume writers. After all, if they don’t stand by their work, do you really want to give them your money?

5. Check Out The Writers
There are literally dozens of resume writing companies out there, and many of them hiring part-time freelancers to create resumes. These are not really the “best resume writers,” because they tend to lack experience in resume writing, which is unique to other types of writing.

It’s important to select a company that has a full-time resume writing staff. A few of the best companies will even provide you with short bios for the people on their staff. If you can’t find this information anywhere on the website, it can indicate that the staff is constantly changing, and this definitely can affect the quality of the product that they provide to their customers.

Additionally, take a second to check and see if the resume company belongs to any industry organizations such as the National Resume Writers’ Association or perhaps the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. These organizations set standards for resume writing and they also provide continuing education for professional resume writers so that they can keep improving their craft and keep up with changes in the world of resumes.

At Top 5 Resume Writers, we’ve researched many of the top resume writing companies and compared their services. To do this, we hired multiple companies to provide us with a professional resume for a “mystery shopper.”

We gave the same information to all of the resume companies and then reviewed the results. We found that most of the companies didn’t really write a great resume, they just listed the information the client gave them without sprucing up the text or strategizing how to present the job candidate to their best advantage.

Even worse, many of the companies presented us with resumes that contained multiple spelling or grammar errors, or both! This was a bit of a shock, to say the least, especially since it’s one of the main reasons why people hire a professional in the first place.

In the end, we found a few options that provided us with decent, error-free resumes and one clearly produced the best results, so they earned our top spot. Here’s why we selected Resume Writing Group as our choice for the best resume writers:

• Their resume was error-free.
• The writer didn’t just rehash the basic information, there was an obvious strategy regarding how items were worded and organized.
• The writer actually contacted us to ask for additional information and we appreciated this high level of customer service. (By the way, Resume Writing Group was the only company that took this extra step.)
• The resume was edited by the writer and an additional person, a professional resume editor.
• Resume Writing Group offered competitive rates. Their rates for entry-level resumes are some of the best you will find.
• Their work was guaranteed.

We truly believe that Resume Writer Group will provide you with the best resume writers, but if you do decide to use another service, we highly recommend that you use the advice listed above.

Professional Resume Writer Reviews: Which Service Is Best?

If you need a resume, our professional writers’ reviews can help you determine which company provides the highest quality resume. After all, there are hundreds of resume services out there, and it’s tricky to know which one will truly provide you with the best product.

That’s why Top 5 Resume Writers is here. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, sifted through the mire and found the best resume companies out there.

Our Selection Process

In order to ensure that our professional resume writer reviews were as accurate as possible, our team created a “mystery shopper,” and we provided the same information to each resume company and ordered one of their standard professional resumes. We sent resumes to an assortment of resume companies, and then sat back and waited for the results.

Our Resume Review Criteria

1. Is It Error-Free?
Obviously, the first factor we considered was accuracy. Many hiring managers say that they’ll toss a resume with just one careless error on it, so a single spelling mistake can kill your chances of gaining an interview. Sadly, many of the resumes we bought contained multiple errors.

2. Is It Well-Organized?
Surprisingly, we paid for some very poorly designed resumes. Some featured a different typeface for each header, or they listed items chronologically in one section and in reverse chronological order in the next section. Some listed too much information and ran onto a second page, which typically isn’t a good idea.

A hiring manager wants to be able to scan each section quickly, so you need to label each section clearly and keep the style consistent throughout the resume. Otherwise, it’s just hard to read, and if the hiring manager becomes confused by your resume’s organization, they’ll just toss it in the reject pile.

A few tried to charm us with clever designs and fun typefaces. In some cases, the design was confusing and in other cases, the design was great, but the content was horrible, so it didn’t really matter how carefully each font was selected if there were grammar and spelling errors in each section.

3. Does It Contain “The Right Stuff?”
In general, a resume should never run longer than a single page. For very high-level executives, a second page might be needed, but for most people, a one-page resume is ideal.

This means that for your resume, professional writers need to know which items to include and which to omit. For instance, some of them added the line, “references available upon request.” This should never appear on your resume. It takes up valuable space, and obviously you’ll be expected to do so. Don’t state the obvious.

Some of the writers would include skills or certifications that were not needed for the jobs their clients sought. Or, perhaps they included skills that everyone has such as using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You should never list skills that pretty much all people possess.

Some spent too much time crafting a career objective and wasting five or six lines of type discussing what the job applicant wanted rather than focusing on the skills the job applicant possesses and how these skills would benefit a company.

Hiring managers understand that you have objectives and that those objectives are important to you. However, hiring managers are far more concerned with fulfilling the needs of the company than with your personal goals, so it’s not awesome if a resume writer provides you with a massive career objective section.

4. Is It Dynamic & Quantifiable?
Hiring managers need to understand your skills and accomplishments quickly, but it’s important to provide truly quantifiable examples of your work experience.

For instance, perhaps you managed a sales team successfully. A hiring manager will want to know the size of the team and whether or not you met and exceeded goals. Rather than stating you, “were responsible for managing the company sales team,” or even that you, “managed the company sales staff,” you could transform this to read – “Managed 10-person sales team, met or exceeded sales goals in 2017, 2018 and 2019.”

This doesn’t take up a ton of space, but it conveys your abilities to the hiring manager. It allows them to see how many people you managed, as well as your success at leading this team.

During our review of professional resume writers, we found that many services just relisted the information we gave them, basically using the exact verbiage we gave to them. A great resume writer will take the information you have provided and ensure that it is beautifully written and that your qualifications are clear.

How Much Should You Pay For Resume Services?

While you might be out there searching the web for affordable resume writers or even “cheap” resume writers, we didn’t really factor cost into our decision.

There are a few resume companies out there that promise a great resume for just $49 or even $39 dollars, but we haven’t included any of these services on our shortlist. Typically, a quality professional resume will cost between $90 and $250, depending on your level of work experience.

An entry-level job hunter with no professional experience might only pay $90 to $100 for a resume, while a professional executive with more than 20 years of experience might have to spend double that amount.

In general, a cheap resume probably won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. A resume is an investment in your future, and this is an area where you don’t want to cut costs. Still, you also want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, which is why we encourage you to select one of our top picks.

Now that you understand how we select our top picks, you can bypass that search for professional resume writer reviews, and head straight to one of our top picks. Resume Writing Group, our #1 choice, even backs up their work with a unique guarantee. If you use their resume and follow their advice, but aren’t hired in 45 days or less, they’ll refund the cost of your resume and give you an additional $100.