Resume Services & 5 People Who Need Them

While it’s an excellent idea for everyone, from entry-level grads to high-level managers, to procure the services of a professional resume writer, some people need resume services more than others. If you fit any of the following criteria, we recommend that you hire a professional to create this crucial document.

1. People Who Struggle With Writing
If writing is a skill that you have struggled with or if you simply don’t have any real experience with writing, it is best to leave that task to a professional. Not only will professional resume services provide you with an error-free, flawless resume, a pro knows just what type of words to use to attract the attention of a hiring manager.

In addition, the best resume services will have more than one person go over your finished resume. Having multiple people edit and review the document ensures that your resume is the highest possible quality. Most people are not natural writers and many of us also are not natural spellers or grammarians, either. A typical word processing program is not a good enough tool to use when you are working on your resume, so professional resume writers and editors are the best option if you aren’t confident in your writing and editing skills.

2. People With Employment Gaps & Other Issues
It’s not unusual for people to have an employment gap of a month or a few weeks, but if you have larger gaps or several of them, this can be a bit tricky to explain. In addition, if you have held six jobs in the last 8 years, this also can be a red flag for employers, who typically prefer to see potential employees with lengthier stays at each work experience. While a resume writer won’t fib when writing your resume, the writer will highlight your skills and strengths, making these points the focus of the resume.

When you head to an interview, you will be asked about these employment gaps, so be sure to have practice an answer to that question. Employers do understand if you have taken time off from your career to care for family members, receive more education or perhaps something unique such as traveling the world. As long as you appear highly professional and possess the right skills and have a few excellent references, employment gaps aren’t always considered a problem.

3. People Changing Careers
If you are moving out of one industry and into another industry, you will need to alter your resume so that it reflects the type of skills needed in your new career. This can be tricky, and it can be tricky to show on a one-page resume how the skills from your old job will transfer to the new job. A professional resume writer can highlight the type of universal skills that all employers want, such as your ability to lead a team, think creatively or manage a variety of tasks.

4. People Who Don’t Know What To Include Or Omit
Often people include too little or way too much on a resume, but there is a balance that needs to be achieved. If you aren’t certain which items to include and which ones to omit, contact a resume services professional and let them decide. Professional writers know exactly what items hiring managers want to see and the items that are less important, and they can pack it all into a one-page resume.

5. People Who Aren’t Getting Interviews
If you’ve sent out dozens of emails, but have yet to score an interview, it’s probably time to let a professional review and rewrite your resume and cover letter. Perhaps your resume lacks the information that hiring managers want to see or perhaps your resume has errors or doesn’t use dynamic keywords. Some of the top resume services come with a guarantee that you will hired within a set amount of time or they will refund your money, so using a professional just makes good sense and you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a great new job.

If you do need professional resume services, the team at Top 5 Resume Writers has done all the groundwork for you already. We have reviewed hundreds of resume sites and created a list of the best resume writing services. We highly recommend that you consider using one of our top 2 picks, as these resume services consistently provide their clients with quality resumes.

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