The Top 10 Resume Writing Services: How To Select A Writer

There are hundreds of resume writing websites, and if you want to find the top 10 resume writing services, you need to look for certain characteristics. We’ve found that the best resume websites tend to offer the following items.

1. Professional & Full-Time Employees
Because you don’t actually meet a resume writer face to face, it’s easy for resume writing companies to simply hire a bunch of freelancers rather than constructing a team of professional, highly-qualified resume experts. Writing a resume is a highly specialized type of technical writing, so you need to select a site that promises that all of their resumes are written by professional, full-time resume writers. If possible, also look for resume websites that are members of a resume organization, such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC).

2. Actual Human Contact
When you order a resume with most writing websites, you simply email your information and a copy of your current resume (if you have one). Then the writer completes their task and sends you a final copy. This might be fine, but it can be beneficial for the writer to actually contact you via email and ask some pertinent questions, really delving into your work history and qualifications. Sadly, even among the top 10 resume writing services, we found only one site that contacted us to ask questions.

3. A Myriad of Services
A great resume service offers a bit more beyond resumes, truly providing you with all you need to prepare for a successful job search. For instance, many of the top 10 resume writing services offer additional services such as cover letter writing and career coaching and perhaps LinkedIn profile writing.

4. A Written Guarantee
Some of the websites we’ve seen, will state that they are one of the top 10 resume writing services – guaranteed. However, they might state this fact, but they won’t actually guarantee their services, they just kind of make a vague statement about how you are guaranteed to love their services. Be sure that the resume site you select, offers a tangible guarantee. For instance, a site might guarantee that you are hired within a set amount of time or they will re-do your resume for free or perhaps they promise you a refund if you spot any error on your resume. If a company won’t stand by its work, it is wise to search for another site.

5. Resume Samples
While viewing resume samples might not guarantee that your resume will be amazing, a website that won’t even show you a sample of their work is sketchy and should be avoided. Most resume sites will provide you with samples, either on their website or by request, but definitely be wary of a site that doesn’t provide multiple samples of their finished products.

If you are still uncertain how to pick one of the top 10 resume writing services, we can help. We’ve reviewed resumes from hundreds of websites and come up with a short list of quality options. In fact, our top pick,, was able to fulfill all of the qualifications listed in this article. We highly recommend using their website and taking advantage of some of their other helpful services.

ResumesPlanet: Is It The “Write” Fit For You?

The internet is ablaze with resume writing sites such as or, but while they all claim to be the best or one of the top resume sites, how can you really tell. At, we spend our days looking at professional resumes and identifying which companies provide the best and most consistent results. Unfortunately, after reviewing a plethora of so-called professional resumes, we were surprised by some of the issues we uncovered, including the following.

1. Careless Errors
It probably would surprises you to learn that a “professional” resume writer would make a spelling mistake or a grammar error, but sadly, we found quite a few samples that contained one or more of these types of errors. These errors can kill your chances of gaining an interview, and it’s frustrating to note that some of the “top” resume writing sites make these mistakes.

2. A Dull Format
Spending too much time on a trendy resume design usually is a mistake as it places the emphasis more on the look of the resume than the content; a really basic resume also doesn’t attract attention. A resume should look clean, polished and professional with just a bit of flair. We found several resume writing sites that produced resumes with acceptable content, but it just wasn’t attractive to the eye.

3. Dull Writing
The whole point of hiring a professional resume writer, such as, or another site, is that one assumes that the resulting resume will be dynamic and truly highlight your skills and accomplishments. Too often, we saw professional resumes that simply listed the skills, education and work experience without providing any other information or if they did, it lacked the finesse one would expect from a professional writer. Resumes need to contain the dynamic keywords that attract the attention of hiring managers as well as applicant-tracking software, and, sadly, few professional services managed to achieve this goal.

4. Great Website, Sub-Par Resumes
We found quite a few companies with fantastic and informative websites. They looked trendy and flashy, but while the resume site looked great, the resumes we received definitely didn’t inspire us. In fact, some of the best-looking websites produced the worst resumes. This is definitely a case when you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; or rather you shouldn’t judge a resume writing service by its website.

We believe that if you are paying for a professional resume, the result should be as close to perfect as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about careless mistakes or a writing style that will put hiring managers to sleep rather than motivating them to call you in for an interview.

Before you select ResumesPlanet or another site, take a look at our comparison list. We’ve placed Resume Writing Group at the top of our list for several reasons. Not only did this firm produce an exceptional, error-free and stylish resume, this was the only company that actually contacted us to ask questions prior to writing the resume. The results speak for themselves – a job-winning and flawless resume that will entice hiring managers.

4 Resume Company Insider Secrets

When crafting a resume, it is essential that you create a document that will appeal to a hiring manager. But what does a hiring manager look at and what do these professionals want to see? That’s the big question, and as resume company professionals, we’ve learned a thing or two about what recruiters want. Before you send out a resume, take a look at our inside look into the mind of hiring managers and recruitment professionals.

1. Grab Their Attention
Did you know that the average hiring manager only spends about 10 seconds scanning each resume? In that short amount of time, you must grab the attention of this professional and encourage them to take a second look. This is one of the biggest benefits of using a professional resume company to create your resume. Professional resume writers know how to create resumes that captivate the reader and persuade them to read the document more thoroughly.

2. Know What Omit
As a hiring manager skims over each resume, there are a few items that immediately attract negative attention and will ensure that your resume doesn’t make it past the skimming over stage. For instance, if you include a photograph, more than 80% of hiring managers will toss out the resume. So, while you do want to put a photo on your LinkedIn profile, it’s something that you almost always should omit on a resume. If your email address appears unprofessional, this is another issue that will cause your resume to end up in the trash pile. If you don’t already have a professional email, be sure to create one immediately. Your personal email should never be used for business-related correspondence.

When it comes to work experience, be sure to list your jobs chronologically, beginning with your most current job. If you are fresh out of college, you can list part-time jobs you’ve held in the recent past, but if you are a professional with a few years of work experience, this info is not relevant. You also want to exclude your age and personal information such as marital status, etc. This is not relevant, and hiring managers typically are not allowed to even ask about these personal issues.

3. Know What To Include
If you were to poll hiring managers and recruiters, they would tell you that there are a few universal skills that they wish to see highlighted on your resume. These skills include your ability to communicate, both on paper as well as verbally, leadership skills, analytical skills, planning and strategic thinking skills and your ability to work as part of a team. Hiring managers want to see flexible employees that can work independently and can collaborate with others. Be sure that your resume demonstrates that you possess these top skills.

Obviously, there are many technical skills that you will need to possess in order to accomplish your various job-related tasks, but these universal skills are helpful in any industry. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a teaching position, an IT position, an engineering job or something else. Leadership, communication, analytical thinking and collaboration always will be appreciated. Be sure to quantify these characteristics with real-life examples.

4. Errors Are Resume Killers
If your resume features even just one misspelled word, you can rest assured that your document will end up in the trash pile. Grammar, syntax and style errors also make your resume appear sloppy and unprofessional. Likewise, if you include incorrect email addresses or phone numbers, you make it impossible for a hiring manager to contact you or any references you might have listed.

Hiring a professional resume company can ensure that your resume is stellar and error-free, but it is imperative that you personally check all phone numbers and emails. After all, a resume writer might be able to provide you with an amazing resume, but they won’t know if phone numbers, email addresses or website URLs are correct, so be sure to proof these items yourself.

Rather than your valuable time searching for the best resume companies, take a look at our short list of top resume writers. Choose one of our top picks and, not only will you be able to score a killer resume, you also can take advantage of some other services these resume companies provide. This includes cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing and even career coaching.

Resume Writing Companies & The Career Coaching Option

Whether you are an entry-level graduate or a professional with a few years of experience under your belt, everyone can use a bit of help from time to time. You might think that the only help resume writing companies can provide would be a great resume or cover letter, but many of these top resume services also offer career coaching, and the following people are the perfect candidates for a bit of coaching.

1. Recent College Graduates
This is an obvious example, but recent college graduates need to consider using whatever tools they can to find employment and career coaching services can be a huge boon. Of course, it’s not just about finding a job; it’s about find the right job. Career coaching will help a person polish their interview skills, but it’s also a chance for a recent grad to speak with an expert about the best career path to suit your skills and personality.

2. Professionals Wanting To Change Jobs
Many people mistakenly believe that a person who already has had a job or two doesn’t need career coaching, but these are often the people who need it the most. After all, if you’ve been working at the same job for several years, it’s been a while since you’ve had to interview and prepare for the job hunt. Career coaching services can ensure that your quest for a new job is as successful as possible and that you present your best self at interviews.

3. Military-To-Civilian Employees
If you are moving from a military job to employment as a civilian, career coaching can give you an extra edge. It can be tough making this transition, and a career coaching specialist can help you navigate the waters of civilian employment. Your career coach will help you learn how to connect the skills you learned during your time in the military to the skills needed by a civilian employer.

4. Career Changers
If you are moving from one industry to a completely different industry, career coaching can be an excellent option. Resume writing companies can provide you with advice as to how to answer typical interview questions for your new field, as well as providing you with some handy tips about what hiring managers in your new industry want to see. The top professional resume writing companies have extensive experience writing resumes for a myriad of job situations, and truly understand the unique aspects of specific industries.

What Is Career Coaching?
Many resume writing companies provide two levels of career coaching. Typically, all levels of career coaching include a telephone session with a career coach. During this phone call, your coach will learn a little bit about you and your career goals and then discuss strategies and interview techniques as well as discussing resume strategies. For a bit more money, you also can opt for the telephone interview as well as a written assessment. This written assessment can be a powerful tool as you can go back and refer to the information rather than trying to remember all that was said during your phone session.

Career coaching also can help ensure that you are choosing the best possible career path for your strengths and personality. A career coach can help you discover which types of jobs will be the best fit for you. Too often, people apply for too many jobs rather than focusing in on an area where they can really excel and enjoy their career.

In order to find the best career coaches, you’ll need to find the top resume writing companies, and this is where we come into the picture. We have reviewed hundreds of resumes and compiled a short list of the best professional resume writers around. Each of our top picks provides career coaching services, so when you purchase your resume; consider adding opting for some coaching, as well.

The Best Resume Services & How To Find Them

If you need a resume and want to hire a professional resume writer, there’s no reason not to hire the best resume service available. After all, your resume provides hiring managers with their first impression of you and a low-quality resume makes a terrible impression. But how do you find these amazing resume writers? The best resume services tend to have the following characteristics in common.

1. The Best Resume Services Provide A Guarantee
When a company or writer is willing to stand by their work and offer you a guarantee, this can be a good indication that the resume you purchase will be a good quality resume. Be sure to read the guarantee carefully, as there may be conditions attached to the guarantee. The best resume services, however, typically will offer to return your money if the resume has an error and sometimes they will even offer a refund if you are not hired within a set amount of time. If the work is not guaranteed, move on to another company.

2. Only Professional Resume Writers Are Used
Technically anyone can write a resume, but that doesn’t mean the results will be stellar. Resume writing is not like any other type of writing and it’s a bit of an art form, so don’t hire a service unless they only employ full-time professional resume writers. These shouldn’t just be freelancers trying to make a fast buck; these should be professionals with years of experience writing resumes for people in many different lines of work. The best resume services will employ writers capable of understanding what hiring managers need in many different fields from IT to nursing to education to accounting to public relations and much, much more.

Additionally, don’t select a service unless multiple people will be reviewing your resume. In addition to having the resume writer review his or her work, at least one additional editor should take a look at the resume before it has been passed on to you. As a side note, you might be tempted to select a cheaper resume service over a service that charges a bit more. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Spending a few extra dollars on a top-quality resume is always money well spent. There are plenty of great ways to save money, but purchasing a cut-rate resume is not one of them.

3. Quality Resume Services Provide Samples
A good resume service will provide you with examples of their previous work, if you request it. A great resume service will do that and post several samples of their work on their website. Don’t hire anyone unless they provide samples, and spend some time looking over those samples to see if these resumes are truly high-quality documents or just satisfactory. You need something that will set you apart from the other candidates for job. So be sure to look for resume samples that include dynamic keywords, active verbs, consistent style and, of course, no errors.

4. Additional Services Are Available
The best resume services don’t just help their clients with resume writing, they provide many helpful services. These typically include cover letter writing, which can be extremely difficult to write, as well as creating professional biographies, building LinkedIn profiles, writing thank you notes, career coaching, social media analysis and more. Once you find a great resume writing service, consider using as many of their professional services as possible. These services can be your ticket to success and earning a great new job.

Still, there are hundreds of companies out there offering “professional” resume writing and they all claim to be the best resume service. If want total peace of mind, however, we can help. At Top 5 Resume Writers, we’ve done all the work for you, reviewing a myriad of resume writing sites and creating a short list of companies that consistently provide the best error-free, dynamic resumes available. Take a look at our recommendations, and we strongly advise you to consider using one of our top picks.

6 Surprising Resume Writing Company Secrets

We all want a job that inspires us, but finding that amazing job can be tough and getting hired can be even more difficult. With so many people competing for open positions, you need to accentuate what sets you apart from the competition and these six resume writing company secrets might just provide you with the help you need to find a career that keeps you happy for the long haul.

1. Be Selective
Some people send a resume to just one or two companies, while others will send out hundreds of resumes. Your goal should be somewhere in between. You don’t simply want to send out tons of resumes and the just take whatever offer you get. You need to get to know the companies where you send resumes and you need to send resumes out for positions where you really can serve as an asset to the company. During the interview process, ask thoughtful questions that will provide you with information regarding whether or not you will fit well in the organization. If you truly want a satisfying, long-term career, you have to be a bit selective about whatever job offer you accept.

2. Do A Self-Assessment
Before you begin your job search, think about your strengths and weakness, and make a list of all of the attributes – the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have our faults, so take stock of yours and own up to them. Admitting that you need to improve in certain areas is only a bad thing if you take no steps to change your bad habits. During the interview process, you probably will be asked about strengths and weaknesses, and, when it comes to weaknesses, it’s a great idea to list a weak area and then express to the hiring manager how you are taking concrete steps to improve in this area.

3. Find The Hidden Jobs
While many jobs are posted online in fairly obvious and easy-to-find places, there are plenty of jobs that are not posted and you will sell yourself short if you don’t seek out these “hidden” job opportunities. Think about your contacts, and use these resources. They might have a friend of a friend looking for a person with exactly your skill set. They might have a friend who is a contact at one of the top company’s on your list. You also might consider enlisting the services of a recruiter, particularly if you are in search of a senior-level or management position. If you are just finishing up college, don’t forget to use the alumni association and recruitment offices at your school as there might be several opportunities available through this channel.

4. Utilize Social Media
Social media is a powerful tool, and most hiring managers will check your social media accounts before hiring you. The way you conduct yourself online is powerful so be sure to complete a social media profile of yourself before beginning any job hunt. Google yourself to see what appears on a quick search and consider using the services of a resume writing company. These firms often provide social media analysis services, and can help you eliminate any negatives and accentuate the positive.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, create one and fill it with relevant information. Build up your Facebook and Google+ profiles so that people quickly can see your job history as well as pertinent (and positive) information about you. Additionally, follow companies that fit within your career field as well as organizations related to your field. This helps you stay up-to-date with your industry at all times.

5. Use A Professional Resume Writing Company
We’ve been in the resume business for many years now, and we truly understand the subtle art that is resume writing. A professional resume writer understands the type of language and format that appeals to hiring managers, and, if you hire a quality resume service, you won’t have to worry about sending out a resume that contains careless errors either. After all, if a hiring manager spots a spelling error on your resume, it’s almost guaranteed that your document will end up in the trash.

Before you hire that resume writing company, take a look at our recommendations. We spend all of our time reviewing resume writing services and have compiled a short list of companies that consistently product top-notch resumes. Selecting these companies ensure that you will receive a resume that truly stands out amongst the competition.

Top Resume Writers Share 5 Things Hiring Managers Hate

We all know that hiring managers appreciate prospective employees that are on-time, polite and dressed for success, not to mention qualified for the job position at hand. But what do hiring managers hate? Our top resume writers have a compiled a short list of irritants that will make it difficult for you to earn that new job.

1. Failing To Follow Directions
Read the job posting carefully. If it specifically says not to include a cover letter, then don’t send one. If the listing says all inquiries must be submitted by email, then submit your inquiries via email and don’t make a phone call. After all, if you can’t even follow these simple instructions, how likely are you to be able to follow more complex instructions once you get the job?

2. Making It Hard For Hiring Managers
Do you have a professional website, a blog, a LinkedIn profile or perhaps a social media account that pertains to your profession? Be sure to include this information on your resume so that hiring managers can take a quick peak if they wish. Mentioning that you have a website or blog but failing to include the URL or a link means that the hiring manager will have to search around the internet if they wish to find it, and hiring managers simply don’t have that time to waste.

3. Winging It During An Interview
Did a hiring manager just ask you a question you can’t answer? You might be tempted to simple make something up on the spur of the moment. This, however, would be a mistake as most hiring managers can tell that you are winging it and that you have no idea how to answer the question. You might simply remark that the question is a good one and you need a moment to think about it. Take a few seconds to think the question through and formulate a thoughtful answer. You can even think aloud as you do this, which allows the hiring manager to take a look at how you think and solve problems. Top resume writers also suggest that you practice your answers to typical interview questions prior to going on interviews to avoid these types of situations.

4. Keeping It Super Casual
The corporate atmosphere may be relaxed, but that doesn’t mean that you should be during the interview or within any correspondence with the hiring manager. Dress professionally, use proper and professional language, and ensure that all of your emails include a proper business format.

5. Careless Errors
This might seem obvious, but our top resume writers see careless errors all the time when they are given resumes to review. People often misspell words or use improper grammar or syntax, and this is something that really irritates a hiring manager. If you are sending out a multitude of resumes, be sure to double and triple-check that the company name is correct on each letter or packet you send out. For instance, if a manager from Company A sees the name of Company B on your materials, they will simply toss the resume and application since you couldn’t even be bothered to make sure where you were sending your information.

The best advice we can give you would be to use the services of top resume writers, and we can help you find these professionals. We’ve scoured the internet and reviewed hundreds of resume writing sites and narrowed down a list of the top resume writers. We highly recommend that you contact these companies and hire them to create everything from resumes to cover letters to LinkedIn profiles and more.

Top Ten Resume Writing Services Tips

The experience of hunting for a new job can be daunting to say the least, but if you follow our top ten resume writing service tips, the process can be much easier. We’ve collected these top ten resume writing services tips from some of the best professional resume writers in the business, and they’ve crafted thousands of successful resumes that attract the attention of hiring managers.

1. Hire A Professional
Number one on our list of top ten resume writing services tips is hiring a professional to create your resume and cover letter. Not only will a professional provide you with an error-free resume, they also know they type of language that attracts hiring managers. These managers only have a few seconds to skim each resume they receive, so yours needs to stand out and a stand-out resume is exactly what a professional can provide.

2. Double-Check Your Contact Information
While a professional resume writer can ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors or style errors on a resume, they can’t ensure that your contact information is correct. If you provide the wrong phone number or email address, it’s pretty tough for a hiring manager to contact you about an interview.

3. Practice Your Listening Skills
Often, people are so nervous during interviews (or busy formulating answers in their head) that they forget to simply stop and listen to what a hiring manager says. Bring along a notebook and jot down some key points that the hiring manager mentions during the interview. This information might help you formulate thoughtful questions or provide you with valuable information about job requirements, the company culture and other important details.

4. Know Who You Are Contacting
Many people will simply send out resumes to dozens of companies without really understanding the job position or the company. If you see a job posting that looks promising, read the post carefully and then learn a little bit about the company to ensure that this is the right fit for you. Job hunting is not just about scoring a job; it’s about finding the best employment fit for you.

5. Gain Some Knowledge
Along the same lines as the last tip, before you head out on an interview, study up on the company and, if possible, some of the key players in the organization. Understand the company goals and mission and think about how your skills can benefit the company. Think about how your strengths and experience complement these company goals or needs and highlight this information during the interview.

6. Design A Resume For Robots & Humans
These days, many companies use applicant tracking software to weed out potential employees from those that aren’t a good fit. This software will look for specific keywords and you need to make sure that these keywords are found in your resume. However, it’s a balance as you also want a resume that doesn’t simply look like a page of target keywords, as this will fail to impress a hiring manager and simply looks awkward. This is another reason why we recommend using professional resume writers as they can strike a balance between appealing to a human hiring manager and to the tracking software.

7. Change Up Your Resume
While a professional resume writer will provide you with a top-notch resume, you may need to tweak this document a bit when sending it out. While the original document might be perfect for some companies, you might need to add or omit some information for other companies. Tailor your resume to fit each job posting and company before you send it out.

8. Show Some Personality (But Not Too Much)
Imagine the following scenario. Two candidates interview for the same job. Both look and sound professional, answering questions with all the proper responses. One candidate is polite and ticks all the right boxes, but doesn’t really show any personality, while the other candidate has a bit more enthusiasm and vivacity. Hiring managers are definitely looking for people who have the qualifications they need, but they also are searching for people that fit well into the company culture and they are trying to gauge this during your interview. So, show some enthusiasm for the job and the company, but not too much. If you come off as too loud or obnoxious, this also sets the wrong tone.

9. Don’t Be Too Aggressive
There’s nothing from with showing initiative, in fact employers love to see people with creativity and enthusiasm. However, they don’t want someone who calls again and again after an interview. They also don’t want someone asking if they’ve got the job immediately after the interview. Nor do hiring managers want someone who walks into an interview and states, “this is why you need to hire me.” You want to come off as confident, but not pushy and arrogant.

10. Be Sure To Say Thank You
The final tidbit from our top ten resume writing services tips is to be sure to follow up and send a thank you note after the interview. Your note should be short, but thoughtful and perhaps could include any follow-up information you might have forgotten to mention during your interview. If you aren’t quite sure what to write, many professional resume writing services can write thank you notes for you, in addition to all of their other resume-related services.

Aside from offering you these top ten resume writing services tips, we also can recommend some of the top professional resume writers. Check out our list and select one of our top choices to ensure that you send out the highest quality resumes and cover letters.

Resume Services & 5 People Who Need Them

While it’s an excellent idea for everyone, from entry-level grads to high-level managers, to procure the services of a professional resume writer, some people need resume services more than others. If you fit any of the following criteria, we recommend that you hire a professional to create this crucial document.

1. People Who Struggle With Writing
If writing is a skill that you have struggled with or if you simply don’t have any real experience with writing, it is best to leave that task to a professional. Not only will professional resume services provide you with an error-free, flawless resume, a pro knows just what type of words to use to attract the attention of a hiring manager.

In addition, the best resume services will have more than one person go over your finished resume. Having multiple people edit and review the document ensures that your resume is the highest possible quality. Most people are not natural writers and many of us also are not natural spellers or grammarians, either. A typical word processing program is not a good enough tool to use when you are working on your resume, so professional resume writers and editors are the best option if you aren’t confident in your writing and editing skills.

2. People With Employment Gaps & Other Issues
It’s not unusual for people to have an employment gap of a month or a few weeks, but if you have larger gaps or several of them, this can be a bit tricky to explain. In addition, if you have held six jobs in the last 8 years, this also can be a red flag for employers, who typically prefer to see potential employees with lengthier stays at each work experience. While a resume writer won’t fib when writing your resume, the writer will highlight your skills and strengths, making these points the focus of the resume.

When you head to an interview, you will be asked about these employment gaps, so be sure to have practice an answer to that question. Employers do understand if you have taken time off from your career to care for family members, receive more education or perhaps something unique such as traveling the world. As long as you appear highly professional and possess the right skills and have a few excellent references, employment gaps aren’t always considered a problem.

3. People Changing Careers
If you are moving out of one industry and into another industry, you will need to alter your resume so that it reflects the type of skills needed in your new career. This can be tricky, and it can be tricky to show on a one-page resume how the skills from your old job will transfer to the new job. A professional resume writer can highlight the type of universal skills that all employers want, such as your ability to lead a team, think creatively or manage a variety of tasks.

4. People Who Don’t Know What To Include Or Omit
Often people include too little or way too much on a resume, but there is a balance that needs to be achieved. If you aren’t certain which items to include and which ones to omit, contact a resume services professional and let them decide. Professional writers know exactly what items hiring managers want to see and the items that are less important, and they can pack it all into a one-page resume.

5. People Who Aren’t Getting Interviews
If you’ve sent out dozens of emails, but have yet to score an interview, it’s probably time to let a professional review and rewrite your resume and cover letter. Perhaps your resume lacks the information that hiring managers want to see or perhaps your resume has errors or doesn’t use dynamic keywords. Some of the top resume services come with a guarantee that you will hired within a set amount of time or they will refund your money, so using a professional just makes good sense and you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a great new job.

If you do need professional resume services, the team at Top 5 Resume Writers has done all the groundwork for you already. We have reviewed hundreds of resume sites and created a list of the best resume writing services. We highly recommend that you consider using one of our top 2 picks, as these resume services consistently provide their clients with quality resumes.

The Professional Resume: 5 Things Your Writer Needs To Know

While we create thousands of fantastic professional resumes throughout the year, these documents don’t simply materialize out of thin air. Before a resume service creates your resume, a writer will spend some time talking with you as well as acquiring some crucial information, including the following.

1. Your Contact Information
This one seems pretty obvious, but including proper contact information is crucial. In fact, this is the one bit of information that you really need to review. After all, while your professional resume writer knows how to create a resume free of spelling, grammar and syntax errors, they won’t know whether or not your contact information is correct, so double and triple check this information. After all, if you phone number is off by so much as a digit, that could kill your chances of scoring that great new job.

As a side note, ensure that your contact information is professional. Don’t use a personal email address with a quirky name (cutegirl26@gmail, for example), use a straightforward, professional email address, such as kellysmith@yahoo or something along those lines.

2. Your Educational Background
If you are fresh out of college, or just one or two years into your professional career, include your high school information. However, if you’ve been out of school for quite some time, a professional resume writer really only needs to know about any college degrees you possess. You also should include additional training you have received, such as specialized certificate programs, which might be needed for the jobs you seek.

3. Your Employment History
Again, if you are fresh out of college or trade school, feel free to include the part-time jobs you have held. While these may not speak to your ability for the jobs you want, they do showcase your responsibility and work ethic. However, if you are professional with a couple of years in the work force, these part-time work experiences are less relevant.

If you have gaps in employment, be sure to explain these gaps to your resume writer. Also, if some of your work experience includes a volunteer position or an unpaid internship, these still might be valuable additions to your professional resume. Your writer can look at all of your employment history and determine which jobs and work experiences will be the most relevant items to place on your resume or in a cover letter.

Additionally, be sure to provide your resume writer with job descriptions as well as job titles. For instance, if you worked as a manager, describe your work tasks and how many people you managed. If you worked as a health care provider, explain your daily responsibilities and how many patients were under your care. If you were named as the top salesperson in your division for three straight years, be sure to mention it. Your resume writer will transform this information into dynamic statements showcasing your abilities and achievements.

4. Provide Additional Qualifications
If you have special certifications that are relevant to the jobs you seek, be sure to provide your resume writer with that information. You also need to provide the writer with a list of skills, such as the types of software programs you can work with or perhaps the type of equipment you can use, etc.

5. Your Ideal Profession
Professional resume writers create resumes based upon the jobs for which their clients will be applying. Provide your writer with the types of job position you are seeking, so the writer can tailor the resume for that specific job, including the types of dynamic keywords that catches the eyes of hiring managers. Not only do hiring managers simply skim quickly over resume looking for these specific skills and qualifications, many resumes are run through software programs known as applicant tracking software. Your resume needs to include the type of verbiage that will make you a good match for a specific job.

Your professional resume writer may or may not include all of the information that you provide. Typically, it is recommended that your resume be restricted to one single page and no more than two pages, so some information may be omitted. However, providing as much information as possible makes it easier for the writer to truly understand all of your qualifications and create the best possible resume.

If you need a professional resume, take a look at our recommendations. While we aren’t in the business of writing resumes, we review hundreds of resume building sites and have created a short list of resume services that consistently provide excellent results.